Happy Homemaker Monday, End Of March

I toyed around with alternate titles for this post. End of Days? Nah. Horror Story Continues? No, way too depressing. Decided to to stick with the facts. It’s the end of March this week. A new and hopefully better month starts on Wednesday.

As our stay at home days continue, I’m personally trying to stick to somewhat of a modified routine. Still didn’t do much over the weekend. It was the weekend! Still going to plan my week. Even if my week looks a bit different than normal.

And definitely still going to join in with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom for her Happy Homemaker Monday link ups. Feeling especially blessed for those small connections.

Before we get on to the categories, yes, I hopped back over to Word Press. There are functions here I love and dearly missed over on Blogger. I’ll re-evaluate all this closer to time for me to renew everything. Right now, I needed the familiar.

On to…


Woke up to a little gray cat meowing incessantly to go out at much too early a time beautiful sunny blue skies. Feels like Spring today. And it’s supposed to stay that way for a bit. No chances of rain until Friday! Hopefully, things can dry out a bit.

How I Am Feeling This Morning 

Energetic and ready to take on the day.

On My Mind

The virus, of course. How school for J is going to look. Especially how I’m going to keep him accountable. I’m probably just nervous because he was in one of those teenager moods last night. None of our coursework is mandatory but he still needs to make an effort.

Thinking I didn’t get enough for the next two weeks when I broke down and did some grocery shopping last week.

My work. Still not sure if they are open or closed. Need to find out for sure (I was technically scheduled to work a couple shifts this week, I’m guessing I won’t be but certainly don’t want to just not show).

On My To Do List

  1. Pay the rest of the bills (I should have done this all at once, not sure why I didn’t)
  2. Find out about my work
  3. More laundry.
  4. Clean off the kitchen table
  5. Work on some blog posts
  6. Sign up for a virtual series on Native Gardening

On My Breakfast Plate

Apple cinnamon oatmeal (instant) and coffee

On My Reading Pile

Finally finished 11/22/63 by Stephen King! Now, I’m working my way through The Wild Trees: A Story of Passion and Daring by Richard Preston.  It’s all about the redwoods. The redwood forest is on travel bucket list. And I also have The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu from the library (e-book loan) to start.

TV Viewing

We watched the season finale of Deputy last week which felt a lot like a series finale. Made me sad since it’s quite rare for my husband and I to both enjoy a series. Hoping it comes back! Now we’re watching something called Hunters on Amazon Prime about Nazis living in America in the 1970’s and a Jewish team of super hero types hunting them. It’s different. As far as movies, I only watched one movie over the weekend: I Can Only Imagine. Made me cry, quite a bit.  Other than that, news and bits and pieces of shows and movies. Nothing stands out.

On The Menu This Week

Time to start doing a fridge/freezer deep dive. And especially get us all on track with eating meals at somewhat the same times. Is it just us or is anyone else way off schedule with all this?

MONDAY: Hawaiian pulled pork BBQ sandwiches with pulled pork from freezer, maybe sweet potato fries?   (Lunch: Twice Baked Potatoes, salad, grapes)

TUESDAY: Taco salads, yellow rice (Lunch: Tomato soup and grilled cheese, apple slices)

WEDNESDAY: BBQ chicken (freezer), asparagus (Lunch: Single serve deep dish pizza, courtesy Red Baron, salad)

THURSDAY: Fish sticks, leftover asparagus (if we have some), crunchy coleslaw, baked potatoes (Lunch: On your own choices of leftovers from dinners)

FRIDAY:  Runza burgers, chips  (Lunch: Peanut Butter and honey on toast, celery sticks, grapes)

From The Camera

Looking Around The House

It’s not awful, you can tell we’ve all been home but it’s missing those signs of everyone running everywhere. The couch is eerily kind of empty of backpacks and papers. The kitchen table, however…

needs a bit of work.

Chore I’m Not Looking Forward To Today Or This Week

Not exactly a chore but I’m not super excited to talk to my high school freshman about school work.

To Relax This Week I Will

Read my book, go outside to soak up the sunshine, listen to music

On My Prayer List

The country. The World. The medical professionals. A good friend traveling to another area in the country (for work, she’s a nurse). A wall of protection around all our friends and family and all of you.

Quote For The Week

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. (John Wooden)


What are you going to do with your week ahead?

Five On Friday: A Trip To The Grocery Store

I knew I’d need to go to the store eventually. Almost went yesterday but G talked me out of it. However, today came down to a basic equation…

Dinner plans for tonight: turkey hot dogs, onion rings, and homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Except….no hot dog buns. Oops!

Hmm…I bet there’s an easy recipe to make my own on-line. I found one! And it was even one that didn’t take yeast. Cause we’re out of that as well. Here’s the one I found in case you want it for future needs: Homemade Hamburger Buns in 20 Minutes.

Great! Except not enough flour to make the untested bun recipe AND homemade chocolate chip cookies. In the battle between untested hot dog buns from scratch and homemade chocolate chip cookies…

Do you even have to ask what the decision was?  We needed a few other items besides hot dog buns and/or flour so I journeyed off to the grocery store for the first time in roughly a little over two weeks. Not gonna lie as scary as it was to be out among people, it felt wonderful to be in a different setting seeing some different faces.

Here are Five Random Thoughts I Had During My Trip:

ONE: People Still Aren’t So Great At Social Distancing 

Part of the problem, I think, is it’s busy in the store. Not terribly (I checked the Google real time thing before I left) but still busy enough that social distancing does take a bit of effort.  I tried my best but sometimes I couldn’t figure out how to be the suggested distance from someone and still function or the other person wouldn’t be trying. Mostly I just turned my head the other way when it occurred. I guess breathing the air on the opposite side is better than nothing.

I did find myself wishing I had one of those special microphones the local morning news created. A 6 foot PVC pipe creation. No comment for whether it would be to keep the correct distance or whack people over the head. However, moving on to item number two….

TWO: People Are Still Caring And Friendly

I overheard someone with concern in their voice telling an older couple about the special hours for the at-risk people to visit the store. The cashier and I had a friendly exchange about my frozen spaghetti sauce from a local restaurant. And an extra day brightener for me, running into a former preschool parent who remembered me and shared how well her daughter was doing in Kindergarten (now at home kindergarten, of course).

THREE: The Oddity Of What People Buy 

Still plenty of “nature’s medicine” available at my local store.

Thankful to be still be able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. I’d been craving a salad. Along with homemade chocolate chip cookies, yes.  Want bananas? Oranges? Broccoli? Sweet Potatoes? Asparagus? You’re good. White Flour? Nope. Thankfully, I did find the last random small package of the stuff, an odd brand. Pancake mix? Limited choices.

Mostly though my local store was well-stocked. I didn’t check the paper goods aisles, however, as we weren’t in need.

FOUR: Prices Have Gone Up!

The last time I visited the store, just prior to the Pandemic paranoia, junk food was abundant and fairly cheap. I’d been buying smaller bags of Gardetto’s snack mix (and calling it the Chex mix of the 90’s) in an aisle where it along with regular Chex mix and Bugles in roughly the same sized packaging were selling 4/$5. Now, just one of those bags is selling for $3.19. What?! Glad it’s not my first choice for comfort food.

I picked up jelly beans, a couple of candy bars, and my apparent comfort food choice, saltwater taffy. Also, want to clarify since I opened the bag before taking the picture, I didn’t hand pick this. The taffy was bagged up and sealed as opposed to the typical select your own option usually offered.

FIVE: The World Went Back And Forth In Feeling Normal And Surreal

Going to grocery store: Normal

Seeing people with masks and gloves every other aisle: Surreal

Filling My Cart With Our Regular Groceries: Normal

Waiting My Turn To Unload Groceries On Conveyor Until Cashier Sanitized Everything: Surreal

Taking Groceries To Car And Loading Them In Trunk: Normal

Starting Car And Hearing More Pandemic News: Surreal


And yes, I used hand sanitizer while in the store and after getting into my car. Then, washed my hands upon my arrival home and again after putting away all the groceries.

Have you been to the grocery store lately? How’d your trip go?




Quick Comfort Snack

And it’s not a dessert! There’s an odd one coming from me.

Wait, is that celery? Yes, it is. Do you like celery? We’re a divided house when it comes to this one.

G and I like it. J and my husband, not so much. G usually dips it in peanut butter. I typically just eat it plain. Did you know that celery supposedly boosts your immune system?

Every Thanksgiving, my mom would set out a dish of the filled celery you see above. Hers was a lot prettier than mine. I loved this appetizer and still do. It’s super simple. This is a comfort snack for me because it reminds me of Thanksgiving time as a kid.

I’m sure by now you’ve guessed the celery is filled with cream cheese. However, not just cream cheese. Cream cheese mixed with a dash of garlic salt.

My  Bunco hosting plans (it was scheduled for Saint Patrick’s Day) included serve this as one of the all green foods on the table. Even had ideas of dying the cream cheese green

If you’ve not bought it before, do yourself a favor and pick up a tub of whipped cream cheese. Genius invention. For the amount of celery pictured above I used about 1/8 teaspoon to maybe 6 tablespoons (didn’t measure) of whipped cream cheese. This is very much a too taste kind of snack.  Start small on the garlic salt. A little goes a very long way.

What are some of your non-sweet comfort snacks?

What’s Going On Wednesday: Pandemic Postings

I’ve decided to post my thoughts about the pandemic and the what’s happening in this area each Wednesday. Every day would be too much for me personally, so once a week I’m sharing my thoughts about it all and what’s going on with us.

It’s still blah outside but I hear from our local weather people the sun is coming. Today even.

In a bit of shock about how quickly the number of cases of Covid-19 rose in our state.

(Can we just take a minute and agree that’s a dumb name for a pandemic virus? As is the Corona virus…thirsty? Sars-Cov-2. So many names. Part of me feels like if they’d called it Sars-Cov-2 instead of all this other mumbo jumbo perhaps people would’ve been more inclined to listen. Then again, what do I know? “That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet.” Still be the same virus?)

Last week when I posted we were at around 13 cases in our state. This week the number stands at 272. School is now out until April 24 and our county as well as several surrounding ones (basically the KC metro area) is on lock-down. I think until April 24 as well.

What We’re Watching

G and I were discussing the psychology of it. Now that we have loads of time to watch stuff, I don’t have any desire to watch anything. Though I am keeping up with Little Fires Everywhere. New episode today. Maybe I’ll find a movie later. Just not really in the mood.
Still watching the birds.  J agreed to help me come up with a plan to raccoon-proof the suet feeder sometime later today. Sneaky thing’s been getting into from the top somehow. I’m sure the fellow below didn’t eat through two suet cakes in one day.

Music Choices

Found a great Disney jazz album on Amazon music called Everybody Wants to Be a Cat.And J put on some Legend of Zelda jazz he found on You Tube for me yesterday. The Disney acoustic guitar tunes didn’t do it for me…just personal taste. Today, I’ll probably finish listening to the movie scores…can’t remember the exact title.
Turns out in regards to the first title, I think I am a cat. I don’t mind being home so much but all these other people? They’re cramping my style!

Other Random Thoughts And Tidbits From The Week

I went with my husband to Home Depot on Monday night just before all the lock down stuff started.

He needed work stuff and I needed bird seed and garden supplies. Can’t quite describe my shock at the number of people not doing the social distancing thing in the store. I was doing my best to avoid all people. We checked out in the garden area where there were no people. And used hand sanitizer in the truck and washed our hands the minute we got home.

J made chocolate chip muffins for breakfast this morning. I offered and he suggested he could just make them himself.

Just from a mix but it was nice to have someone else making breakfast for a change. Also, makes me think about Easter. I’m going to miss hosting Easter Brunch this year. I just don’t think I can in good conscience do it. Not to mention April 12 is still right in the middle of our lock down. Going to have to think outside the box for Easter this year.

Our very minimal Spring Break fun yesterday was simply to have Root Beer Floats for dessert after dinner.

I told G the next dsystopian novel I become stuck in better darn well be one where we can leave the house. He said this is just level one of a video game and the big boss battle will be in December. Let’s hope that’s wrong!

This stuff’s been my friend lately. Last night was the first night I really tossed and turned in a while…probably from not doing enough yesterday.

I find I tend to get crankiest in the early afternoons and evenings. Not sure why. Maybe just run down from staying inside at home all day? Definitely going to go outside and soak up some sunshine if it shows today.

Remember back in January when we were all thinking about our word of the year? I picked the word “Home” SIGH. Don’t even get me started on the irony of that one.

How are you holding up during this pandemic?

(NOTE: My apologizes if I sent you this post twice today. After giving it some thought, I’m going to stick with Word Press for a bit longer. This is the same post as the one on blog spot.)

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