Since This Morning

The snow still falls. However, my day looks a bit different.

Going in to work for just a couple hours here in a bit. Teacher had a sub cancel so asked if I could fill in so she could still go to her appointment. I’m glad to get out a bit.

Maybe I’m a bit like my dad. I can remember winter storms with advisories not to drive and he’d be on his way to the store for this or that. Roads aren’t bad today (yet). Hope they stay that way.

Miss seeing the preschool kids. This is the pre-primary class, not my favorite age but still fun to be around for short spurts. Can’t wait to hear what they say about all this snow.

And Friday, I get to go and help with the Halloween party in my preferred classroom. No parents allowed in the building because of Covid so I get to go have fun. I’m sure they’ll put me right to work. It’s also pajama day. I don’t have any Halloween pajamas so I’ll have to think what I want to do. Buy some? Make due with what I have and add a Halloween shirt? Decisions.

Not much else happening so far today. Managed to clean the house a little, can see the kitchen table. Read a bit of my book after lunch. And chased birds around outside (from inside the backdoor and living room windows) with my camera.

Snow really brought them out: cardinals, my house finches, sparrows, tufted titmice, and the downy woodpeckers. The dark-eyed juncos and my favorite little white-throated sparrow even made an appearance.

What kind of Monday are you having?



Happy Homemaker Monday, Checking the Calendar

So did everyone have a nice Christmas? What? Oh, it is still October (for one more week). Well, I’m a bit confused over here as it’s 28 degrees and snowing this morning.

Can’t say it really puts me in the mood for Christmas though it does have me thinking about the holidays. Wondering (like everyone else, I’m sure) how different they’ll look this year.

Let’s move on to planning the week by joining in with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom and the other lovely bloggers who link up with her over there.

The Weather

Already discussed the weather this morning. Winter weather advisory (why not a fall weather advisory?) with snow giving way to rain for the rest of the week. Then, Halloween is supposed to be sunny and almost 60 degrees. I guess I’ll just wait my 5 minutes until the weekend for better weather.

How I’m Feeling This Morning 

A bit scattered. Woke up early but not working, feeling a bit off from not working all last week. Plenty to keep me busy around here.

On My Mind

The rest of this year. J’s school. His wonderfully kind and compassionate teachers. Met them during conferences via zoom last week. Interrupted only once by the little gray cat. Trying to come up with a plan to better structure his online weeks (current one is not working so well).

On My Breakfast Plate

Back to the boring usual breakfast: Chobani flip yogurt (key lime) and coffee. Plus two vitamins.

Right Now I Am

Sitting in the basement, working on this post, listening to the wonderful sound of the heat kicking on for us. Watching to see where the little gray cat decides to nap for a bit (We’ve already discussed that she’s a cat and shouldn’t want out on a 28 degree, snowy day.).

On My Reading Pile

Read some good ones over the weekend. Finished Boundless Ambition and found it probably the most engaging of the 5 books in the series. Looking forward to book 6 when it arrives. Also, read a spooky one. The Haunting of Brynn Wilder by Wendy Webb contained just enough spookiness for me. Realized I’d previously read and enjoyed another of her books, Daughters of the Lake about two years ago.

And now, in a complete turn around, I’m working my way through a set of cozy mysteries by Kate Bell. All very short, I’m on the third book after starting the series on Saturday afternoon. Decided I wanted to read Halloween books to lead up to the holiday and these fit (I don’t do scary much). Current one is Chocolate Covered Murder: A Pumpkin Hollow Mystery. Pass the crackers because these stories are cheesy! Still enjoyable enough.

On Today’s To Do List

  1. Clean the house!
  2. Sort the bills, might even pay them!
  3. Finish this post
  4. Plan for upcoming holidays (and J’s birthday)
  5. Start making Halloween treat bags for Saturday

On My TV

Started watching Fargo last week. Husband says it’s too slow but I’m enjoying it. Already on season 3.

On The Menu This Week

Went grocery shopping yesterday. However, still stumped on my menu. Should note we didn’t follow the plan last week at all.

MONDAY: Probably leftovers. We (meaning my husband) grilled pork chops yesterday. *J has a baritone lesson at 6:30*

TUESDAY: Spaghetti for them. However, I’d like to try this recipe from our local morning news.

WEDNESDAY: Maybe bacon wrapped chicken? Sweet potatoes. *I have a hair appointment at 10:00*

THURSDAY: Cabbage roll soup (recipe clipped from magazine). Keeping a frozen pizza on standby just in case.

FRIDAY: Chicken tacos

From The Camera

Looking Around The House  

Perhaps there is a reason clean the house is number one on today’s to do list. Kitchen table tells the story. 

New Recipe I Tried Last Week Or One That We Really Enjoyed 

Made this banana cake last night. Used a white cake mix instead of yellow and didn’t frost it (husband isn’t a fan of cream cheese.). Still undecided, J and I are the only ones who tried it so far. Seems like it’ll be a good cake to go along with a cup of tea in the afternoon.

To Relax This Week I Will

Read my books and magazines, start a “Netflix” fire, pick up my camera, make myself spend some more time outside (I didn’t get outside nearly enough last week). 

Something I Want To Share

Counting down to the election and the end of those obnoxious ads (mostly that) with me? J came down here and found me fussing at Facebook over the weekend. While discussing things, I showed him Ballotpedia (one of my favorite sources for election stuff, lets you preview the ballot) and we stumbled on this site: PredictIt.

It’s basically a market for shares on future events. Interesting stuff. Basically, the higher the share price for that event, the more likely it happens.

Can’t wait to check back on this after the election. Interesting to see no matter how your politics run. Also, a tab for world events so not just limited to U.S. stuff.

On My Prayer List

Family, friends, strangers. A return to civility. A healing of the world from this virus. A happy and healthy holiday season for everyone.

Quote For The Week  

We don’t have to agree on anything to be kind to one another. (Unknown)


What’s happening in your world on this last week in October?

Stuck in Vacation Mode

Stuck in vacation mode describes last week. After arriving home from Arkansas, I’ve done very little. 

J didn’t have school Friday so that added to the lazy week vibes. Having trouble keeping track of the days. And my computer. Both kids occupied it for quite a while yesterday.

So my plans to clean and share a bit of Halloween decorating didn’t quite happen. I cleaned minimally. Put up just a few decorations. 

And then, mostly read my books. Watched a couple of seasons of Fargo (during the course of the week, not all in one day!).

Still stuck in vacation mode describes the start of my new week. I did manage to at least go to the grocery store and grab us some “real” food as opposed to the junk in the pantry. Hard to yell “eat an apple!” if their aren’t any apples in the house.

No idea why my local grocery store thought the middle of a pandemic might be a good time to rearrange things. Added a bit to the annoyance of the trip, they may as well pull up the one way signs on the floor. I’ve about had enough of people being irate with me when they’re going the wrong way in the aisles. 

Still try to be nice in reply. Takes a bit of restraint sometimes.

Thankfully, most people (around here) resort back to being nice once you gently remind them by being nice first. 

Not much else going on today. Football game in about 10 minutes. Grilled pork chops for dinner (I’m not cooking but I might make some cake mix cookies for dessert). Chance of snow tonight.

Fall is really here, I think. Not quite ready for winter.






Birds Spotted Last Weekend

Had a post all set to publish while we were away last Saturday. Not sure, exactly what happened but time to simply move on to the current one where I can hit the publish “now” button.

Last weekend, we were in Arkansas. Thought I’d spot more birds than I did. My husband lured me on the trip with a thought that I’d be seeing lots of birds to photograph.

I went along with the idea but of course, you don’t see many birds when riding on a ATV. And we were with a group of friends and their family so weren’t exactly setting our own pace. Saw lots of beautiful scenery, just not a lot of birds.

Thought I saw a kingfisher fly by during one stop. However, we never stopped long enough to wait for the birds like bird watching really requires.

My bird watching happened mostly in the early morning or late afternoons down by the part of the Buffalo National River running behind our cabin. Unfortunately, I didn’t see many birds there either. They always seemed to be slightly out of camera range.  Or flying away as I spotted them.

Think the image below is of a blue heron if I remember correctly. We spotted a couple each day,  just out of camera range, of course.

I took most (maybe all) of these photos with my old bridge camera as it had the better zoom lens. Did I mention the day I finally had the most time to spend with the camera also happened to be gray and gloomy? Many silhouette pictures to follow.

The pros among you might be able to identify the birds in the images. I didn’t have many guesses without better views.  Hopefully, you’ll still find the images interesting.

A Bird I Knew

I did identify a red bellied woodpecker high in the tree tops. He blended so well I didn’t even realize he was there until he moved!

Again, not the best photos as I was stretching the zoom camera lens on the gray skied day. These photos are of the tippy top of the tree.

There was another bird in the tree as well. Maybe another young red bellied woodpecker? Hard to tell as their were more branches and a bit more motion from this bird.

Here’s a further out photo showing them both (looking more closely, I now spot 3 birds) in the tree:

Birds Spotted This Week

Once we arrived home, I admit to not picking up my camera much. It’s pretty much just been a lazy week where I’ve felt stuck in vacation mode. So, to break up the monotony before I simply “tell” about the birds I’ve spotted. Here’s a somewhat in focus photo of a different winged creature I spotted in Arkansas:

On our way there and home, I spotted several hawks. And we crossed over Truman Lake, easily spotting the big group of pelicans each time.

Just before we crossed over into our own county, I glanced out the window as I’d been doing counting hawks and went: Whoa! There’s a bald eagle sitting in that tree!

At home, in our backyard, we’ve seen the usual. Along with a blue jay under the feeder one day.

However, Thursday morning I spotted my first white-throated sparrow of the season. And yesterday, J asked me what kind of bird was on our deck. Got up to look and interestingly enough, with snow in our forecast (not happy) for early next week….a snowbird’s arrived.  Interesting timing for our dark eyed junco don’t you think?

The feeders ran out while we were away (and I was out of food), fixed that yesterday so hopefully, next Saturday, I’ll share better bird pictures and maybe some of our returning guests.

What birds did you spot last week?

Joining in with The Bird Depot hosted by Anni over at I’d Rather B Birdin’.





Missed a few of my 31 days over the weekend. So I’m trying to get back into the swing of posting every day now.

Not too much going on around here so far this week.

Today’s plans involve cleaning up the house and laundry. Started watching Fargo on Hulu yesterday so will probably continue that as I fold the clothes. Note to self: do not watch true crime (it’s not really true crime) tv shows late at night.

Counting down the days to Halloween, no more political ads, and Christmas. At a loss this year on what to get the teenagers for Christmas. And J’s birthday falls right between Halloween and Christmas (as does Thanksgiving, of course). He never asks for anything so that always makes it tough.

Weather’s still weird. Cold and rainy until today. Windy and warm until tomorrow. Hoping to get a walk in at some point today. Depends on how much I want to do around here. Seems like this is going to be my only (kind of) home alone day this week. I say kind of because G is home but he’ll be sleeping until afternoon probably (no class for him today).

Haven’t really picked up my camera since we returned home so I’m still sharing random pictures from our trip. Doesn’t this little puddle look a bit like a heart?

Maybe once I’ve cleaned, I’ll get out some Halloween decorations (yes, I’m behind on that one) and take a few photos to share. Seems all the neighbors decided to decorate for Halloween this year. I need to up my game a bit.

What’s going on in your world today?

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