Five Senses Saturday

Can you believe it is Saturday and the last day of January already?  I feel like it was just Monday yesterday!

In my Five Senses Saturday posts, I share my experiences of the week through my five senses.  Overall, it’s been a good although busy week.


Wednesday was an absolutely beautiful day with a beaming sun and temperatures hitting 72 degrees!  I was at work but drove over to a local park on my break to soak up some extra sunshine.  I did post a picture of the beautiful sunny sky over on my Instagram account.  Some day soon, I plan to figure out how to upload pictures from my new fancy phone onto my blog.

While driving into the park, I saw a woman walking along the trail practicing her bagpipe.  It is certainly not something I see everyday.


The very best thing I heard all week was the following from a 5-year-old preschool boy:

“Ms. Jean, have you got married yet?”

I told my husband he better watch his step since I had other options out there ;)

I did not hear the sound of the bagpipes as I was in my car.

I also heard my Katy Perry Prism CD as we had a riveting (not really) discussion on our way to dinner last night over what song from it she would sing at the Superbowl this weekend.

G thought Roar but then changed his mind to agree with my husband who thinks Dark Horse. I think she’ll sing This Is How We Do.    J didn’t have an opinion although he was singing along with Dark Horse and stated he disliked This Is How We Do since it “just repeats the same thing over and over.”


The smell of baking cinnamon rolls wafting through the lower level of IKEA on Sunday worked its magic and I brought home the 8 for $4 container of the loveliness.

Ikea Cinnamon Roll

IKEA Cinnamon Roll

I wish I could share the smell with you all!

In a complete turn on smells, I also smelled cheese-scented trout bait and power bait (again, for trout) that I shared with the preschoolers on one of my afternoon line times.  Some of those children actually liked the smell of the stuff!  I personally, do not.


The cinnamon rolls at IKEA were delicious in the store!  Unfortunately, they did not reheat to the same level of deliciousness at home.  I ate the ones I brought home anyway though.

We ate dinner at the Olive Garden last night to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday.  I thought my dinner of eggplant parmesan and spaghetti tasted rather bland.  G’s shrimp scampi (called something else on the menu) had more flavor but he didn’t care for it as he hit the garlic/butter/lemon portion of the dish.


The cover of a book I picked up in Sam’s Club yesterday titled:  Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick.   I quickly put it down after thinking of all the sick people who probably picked up the book.  Secret to staying well:  Don’t touch books with titles about staying healthy during cold and flu season!

I also touched a piece of slightly damp sidewalk chalk as I drew pictures (a sun and fish) on the sidewalk during outdoor time at preschool.

FEELINGS (Sixth Sense):

I was disappointed that I had to fore-go my monthly Mom’s Night Out with friends on Tuesday evening so that my husband could attend a visitation.  I opted to stay home since J was sick and the visitation was about 45 minutes away.  Of course, I felt sadness for our friend.

I felt happy most of the week as well as tired.  I love the preschool and the kids but the days do tend to be as exhausting as they are energizing!


What things set off your senses during the week?  And more importantly, what song do you think Katy Perry will sing during the halftime show of the Superbowl?  (I don’t really care who will win but I’ll probably cheer for Seattle just because they are in same division as the Chiefs.)





Small Projects for Small Project Day

I started 3 small projects on Tuesday night.  The small projects I did took only a small amount of time.  I am not sure why I was putting off some of these small projects for so long.


Today is another work day so I’m just quickly going to show you the 3 small projects.  I plan to finish the final one while watching The 100 later tonight.

Here are my three small projects:

  1. I finally hemmed J’s pants!  Fusible web is a wonderful invention for those of us who cannot sew.

    small projects

    Miracle tape!

    I no longer have to worry about trying to roll them up so they’ll stay and he won’t trip on them.  This project which I’ve been putting off for way too long actually took all of (ahem) 30 minutes to complete.

    small projects

    My small “sewing” project took up a small part of our messy kitchen table.

    My original plan was simply to hem two pairs of track type pants but it went so well I went ahead and hemmed two pairs of regular pants as well.

  2.  This picture is a bit embarrassing as I didn’t even realize how large the pile had grown until there was a clothes avalanche on Monday morning.  Here is my bedside table before:

    small projects

    I’m not sure how this happened.

       This is clearly the project I plan to finish tonight and show the after very soon.

  3. My other small project was simply to fill a couple of bags for a charitable organization that is coming tomorrow.  I almost forgot I had set it up when they called.  The bags are mostly outgrown clothing and a few items from my bedside table since my husband had found some pants of mine in a tub downstairs.  New pants would have been really exciting had they not been pants from when I was about 25 and not exactly the same size I am now.

What small projects are you working on today?

Happy Homemaker Monday: A Work Week

The plan was work on this post plus get a few others scheduled today since I’m knew I was working on Tuesday and Wednesday plus I am now on “standby” for Thursday (I love how official that sounds…).  However, the phone rang bright and early, too early this morning and I ended up working all day today as well.

With that one phone call, it meant my week started with no plan in place.  I need to fix that right now.  Thank goodness Sandra from Diary of a Stay At Home Mom and Laura from        I’m An Organizing Junkie inspire me with their Monday link-up posts!

Our Weather

I’ll try to put this gently for any friends in the Northeast.  It’s beautiful here!  It is supposed to be sunny and in the high 60’s tomorrow.  In January.  In Missouri.  Sometime after Wednesday, the temperatures are supposed to drop off again but I’m going to savor every sunny, 60 degree second that we get.


Our family just finished dinner, I pretty much walked in the door and went straight to the kitchen to make dinner (Tacos to the rescue!) and am now sitting here doing this instead of cleaning up the mess. My feet hurt and I’m wondering what I’m going to do for tomorrow’s afternoon line time. I’m also thinking what a great day it was there today.  The kids were just wonderful!

To-Do List Items

  1. Work on the blog
  2. Hem J’s pants (oops, didn’t get around to it last week)
  3. Pay bills
  4. Clear another small area like I did for last Wednesday’s small project
  5. Buy reeds for G’s clarinet

Menu Plan for the Week:


I’ll just go ahead and state it that this menu is pretty basic since I’m going to be busy this week and probably not going to want to cook much.  We have a visitation (just found this out) to attend on Tuesday evening so I’m keeping that night super simple.  Simple is not always a bad thing and I did think last week as I was cooking our simple cabbage and sausage dinner that cabbage is rather pretty:

Okay, technically it is coleslaw mix with red peppers added but still pretty.

Okay, technically it is coleslaw mix with red peppers and onions added but still pretty.

MONDAY:  Taco salads except I’m the only one who had a taco salad, J had nachos, G had burritos, and my husband had some kind of re-fried bean/taco dip that he created himself.

TUESDAY:  Egg Rolls and Noodles from Hy-Vee or frozen pizza

WEDNESDAY:  Hamburgers and French Fries

THURSDAY:  Chicken Strips (carry over from last week)

FRIDAY:  Olive Garden to celebrate a family birthday

Books and Television:

I finished reading Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire last night.  I didn’t think it was as good as Wicked and found it rather hard to follow at times.  I’ll go ahead and read the last book in the trilogy,  A Lion Among Men,  since I already have it.   Probably not going to be watching much television this week although I did manage to catch the season finale of Resurrection last night.  It was just scary-good enough to give me bad dreams.  The one show I’ll try to catch is The 100.  If I have any Netflix time later in the week, I may go ahead and watch season two of Doomsday Preppers.

From the Camera:

I’m going to share an old picture because honestly, we just didn’t do much last week.  Yesterday we finally went to the new Ikea that opened up over in Kansas (more about that later) and my husband drove us through the plaza on the way.  They don’t turn off the plaza lights until mid-January so he was trying to do something nice.  Unfortunately, the lights were already off.  It’s still a gorgeous area if you have the slightest appreciation of architecture but I didn’t take any photos.  Here’s one from a time we did go see the lights:  Thanksgiving2012 027 Plaza Lights on Thanksgiving 2012

Thoughts for the Week:

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!  (Psalm 107:1)

Be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.  (Maya Angelou)


Blog posts and comment replies may be a bit slow this week as I’ll be spending the majority of it running around at preschool.  Now, I’m off to figure out a line time activity because I’ve learned very quickly that preschool line time is one place where you want to have a plan.  What are your plans for this week?

Five Senses Saturday

I started this last week just as a different way to sum up the previous week.  I use my five senses to give a summary of our week just to do something fun and hopefully a bit different.

It’s been a fairly low-key week around here.  We didn’t do much but really that’s okay.  It is nice to have a week that is a bit slower-paced once in a while.


The sun!  Most of the week it was shining brightly and is supposed to be today as well.  The weatherman just said it should hit 57 degrees by this afternoon.  Is it really January?   I may go take another crack at washing my car today.  We washed it last week and then a certain little cat decided to walk across the hood with wet, muddy paws.

A spot that stayed clean in the kitchen for more than 5 minutes thanks to my actually completing a small project on Wednesday:


A clean spot!

A clean spot!

If you want to see a few other things I saw this week, I’ll be posting them to Instagram.  Now that I have a fancy phone, I’m able to post photos a bit easier.  You can follow me on Instagram here if you’d like.


A few things I heard this week that made me smile were….

“Look! It’s Ms. Jean!!”  when I worked at preschool on Thursday.  It makes my whole day when the kids are excited to see me walk in the door.

Horrible words by my teenager about the song, Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard. 
He has no appreciation of my beloved ’80s music.  I threw back an idle repercussion that he might soon find himself riding the bus if he was going to say such vile things about my music.

“Unless it is chocolate or pumpkin, it is disgusting” from J about the orange chess pie I baked yesterday in honor of pie day.  I didn’t think it was disgusting but it wasn’t my favorite.

“You do not need to be watching this”  from my husband as I was watching Doomsday Preppers on Netflix.  However, I make up my own mind about what I watch.  While I am not planning to stockpile food and weapons any time soon, I see nothing wrong with being prepared but maybe not to the extent to have enough on hand to feed us all for the next 20 years.  I just started watching the show but I’m concerned that none of those people seemed to be stockpiling coffee.  And they call themselves prepared?


I’ve had a bit of a stuffy nose this week so didn’t smell much.  I did smell the blood oranges as I sliced and juiced them for the pie I baked yesterday.  I also, unfortunately, smelled the funk of my teenager’s room before my stuffy nose settled in to stay.


I tried a red velvet cake created with a Diet Dr. Pepper at Bunco and frosted with some sort of Cool Whip frosting.  I usually do not drink diet pop (I used to but the artificial sweeteners scare me and sometimes give me headaches) or eat Cool Whip (it is just such a bizarre food to me….I feel better about the chemical components of my Rediwhip stuff in the can….).  Overall, I’m not a huge fan of red velvet cake but I did like this version.  It seemed moister than most red velvet cakes I’ve tasted in the past.


I felt a bit of pain when I cut my finger on my Norfolk Island Pine as I was moving it back indoors from its outdoor “vacation” on one of our nice weather days.  That’s the thanks it gave me!


Happiness at seeing the sun and all our nice weather plus getting to spend a day at the preschool (although I was feeling a bit under the weather and would have passed if they could have found someone else…).  Gratitude that J was able to spend the night with a friend last night.  Frustration that I’m already 3 days behind on my 31 Days to Clean Challenge.  Determination to correct that today.

What things set off your senses this week?

Candy Hearts Candle: Please Don’t Eat My Home Decor

Have you seen the Candy Hearts Decor ideas over on Pinterest?  I really like Candy Hearts this time of year and usually cringe when I see those projects where they are glued to Styrofoam balls to make cute little trees or wreath forms for the front door.  What a waste of perfectly good candy hearts!  Have you seen the ones where they surround a candle with the candy hearts?

If you haven’t seen those ideas, just hop over there for a minute and search for it.  Hey, while you’re over there, you can follow me here.  Just please come back and read the rest of my post.

Earlier this week I was over on Pinterest, procrastinating cleaning the house planning ahead and getting Valentines ideas for my 10-year-old son and found a selection of Minecraft Valentines (They are pinned to my Holiday board if you are interested).  One was a printable to wrap around the smaller boxes of candy hearts.  The other was a printable to stick a sucker in Steve’s hand.

I showed the ideas to J and he very logically choose the one that required the suckers as he didn’t think the candy heart boxes wouldn’t fit through the slits on Valentine’s Day boxes.  He didn’t want everyone to have to take off the lids.  Later, I was at the grocery store and came across the small boxes of candy hearts on sale!  I completely forgot he’d decided on the other choice and promptly bought 25 boxes (note: only 5 packages).

Excitedly, I started to show him the boxes later and then, I remembered.  Oh yeah, we aren’t making this one.  SIGH.  Well, they are candy hearts so it’s not as if they will go to waste around here.

candy hearts

Candy hearts on sale!

I simply put them away to wait until someone asked for sweets.  I wasn’t too tempted by these because Tart candy hearts don’t really appeal to me.  There are just some candies that they shouldn’t change.

I forgot about them, until I was working on my small project from Wednesday and found these:

candy hearts

Fall decor from 2 years ago.

I decided to decorate a bit for Valentine’s Day using the candle.  The glass full of fake leaves went downstairs.  I cleaned out the glass bowl, wiped off the candle, and opened a lot of small boxes of Tart candy hearts (I test-tasted them and decided they really were awful enough to waste in home decor.), and made this:

candy hearts

My candy hearts candle

It now sits on the kitchen table (which was clear at the time of this creation) bringing a bit of Valentine’s Day cheer.

candy hearts

Another view of the candle

Unfortunately, my son didn’t think the tart candy hearts tasted awful.  He’s been eating my creation causing me to utter the words (more than once):  Please don’t eat our home decor!

When those words didn’t work, I had to do the unthinkable and give up my secret stash of the “good” candy hearts.

Are you a fan of candy hearts?


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