Happy Homemaker Sunday Night (Monday)

Thought I’d get a jump on my weekly planning post. I work all day tomorrow so won’t be around until Tuesday most likely.

It’s been the kind of weekend where I look up and the hours have passed. Just now I realized somehow instead of 6:00PM, it’s almost 8:00! And not because I’ve been especially busy. Been rather lazy all day really as it was dark and rainy outside (still raining).

Later I’ll go back and link up with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom. Let’s see what the week ahead holds.

The Weather

We’ve cooled off and it’s currently 54 degrees outside and still raining. Yesterday it was 85 degrees and sunny so this is a bit of a change. I don’t see a predicted temperature of above 75 for the coming week. However, that could always change. No more rain the rest of the week either.

How I’m Feeling This Morning Tonight

A bit tired, a bit grumpy (Leftover from a small dispute with my youngest son about the a/c. Clearly, we’re not turning on the a/c when it’s 54 degrees out. I’m so unreasonable as to suggest he could just open his window. Ha!).

On My Mind

Mainly thinking about how I really don’t want to get up early tomorrow. Trying to decide when and if I’ll go to the store this week. Debating if I’ll do a 31 days post in October (need to decide soon!). If I do, think it’ll simply be a casual thing where I just post a little something every day and not try to conform to any type of theme. My theme might be the lack of a theme, just day to day tidbits from my rather unexciting life. Selling it well aren’t I?

On My To Do List

Some of these may look familiar

  1. Grocery store at some point
  2. Sort out Internet hosting
  3. Camera homework
  4. Still have bulbs to plant (I bought more, that’s why)
  5. Letters to write
  6. Clean the house (always)
  7. Get out October/Halloween decorations (maybe)

On My Breakfast Plate

Coffee, toast. Then later, instant cinnamon roll oatmeal. Back to boring yogurt tomorrow.

On My Reading Pile

Still plugging away at He’s Not Lazy: Empowering Your Son To Believe In Himself by Adam Price. Took a break last week and quickly read The Price of Time by Tim Tigner. Quick, enjoyable mystery as long as I didn’t think too hard about the silliness of some parts of the plot.

On My TV

We’ll watch the Monday night football game, of course. Husband’s been watching Black Sails on Hulu. I can’t get into it much. It’s as if someone said, you know let’s see if we can stretch out those Pirates of the Caribbean movies into a long series. He tells me there’s some plot about them looking for gold. I don’t know, it’s one of those historical type shows he likes.

Personally, I’ve been watching Keep Cooking and Carry On with Jamie Oliver. A dangerous one as I think I might be able to make the stuff he cooks. Somehow even the things he makes with ingredients I dislike look appealing to me.

On The Menu This Week

Might be an interesting one depending on when I get around to the store…

MONDAY: Not sure. Probably leftovers (we had enchilada chicken and rice today) or something scrounged up from the freezer *I work 8-5* *J has a baritone lesson at 6:30*

TUESDAY: French toast

WEDNESDAY: Lasagna soup

THURSDAY: Husband’s choice, unless I get inspired and throw something in the crock pot *I work 12-6*

FRIDAY: Something easy, maybe a fend for yourself kind of night

From The Camera

Looking Around The House

I think it’s time to start a round of decluttering.

New Recipe I Tried Last Week Or One That We Really Enjoyed

On a whim, last Monday I made the spicy potato soup Schotzy mentioned in her blog.  Three out of four of us liked it enough to give it a make it again vote.

To Relax This Week I Will

Go for a walk with my camera, clear some clutter from the house, read, spend Sunday morning with a magazine.

Something I Want To Share

The documentary I watched last week inspired me to take a tiny bit of action. I disabled the Facebook app from my phone. Now, if I want to check it, I have to come down here to the desk top computer. I find I’m not missing it all that much.

One other thing I did is borrow a new tradition. This post over on How To Hygge The British Way made me think about how I could have my own Sunday morning magazine time to replace the days of casually reading the newspaper I’ve been missing.

So this morning, I woke up and read through all the September magazines. Moving forward, I’ll probably focus on just one or two magazines. Today was different as I needed to clear out the old ones and the weather was rainy day perfect. I even tore out pages interesting to me and made an old school paper and pen list of books and websites to check out later.

On My Prayer List

Friends, family, strangers. A healthy and peaceful fall season for us all.

Quote For The Week

And all at once, summer collapsed into fall. (Oscar Wilde)


Are you ready for October?

Gold and Green on the First Day of Autumn

For the first day of fall, I decided to take a walk. Ventured off to the same old “secret” park in search of blue birds. When I first arrived and for a large portion of my walk, I saw not one single bird! Thankfully, all the late summer/early fall wild flowers were busy blooming so I enjoyed the views. I wished I’d not been so lazy to as only carried the camera with the zoom lens attached. Endless areas of goldenrod and daisies and other wildflowers I couldn’t begin to name.

Stumbled across all my usual backyard birds. Chickadees, cardinals, and Carolina wrens. Enjoyed the pursuit of the blue birds but the closest I came to finding any were the busy (and noisy) blue jays.

Ready to call it a day, I turned the corner only to be startled by a fellow walker coming from a different direction than I normally venture. Asked where that trail went, connected to the soccer fields. Didn’t realize the trail connected. So as he went on his way, I extended my walk a bit.

So glad I did! Didn’t realize the bridge went over a little stream before going beside the youth soccer fields.

The turkey vultures started circling but I kept on walking…

And stopping on the bridge again as I returned, I spotted a little group of gold finches.

Zoomed in closer to see them and discovered a green mystery bird joining in the fun!

It’s Not Easy Identifying Green

My first thought: Whoa! I’ve never seen a green goldfinch before! Second thought: Did someone lose a pet bird?

There simply aren’t a lot (any I’ve ever noticed) of green birds around here. After a rather unsatisfying result on the phone’s bird app. And searches in my bird book and on-line, I’ve narrowed my results down to some type of warbler. What do you think?

Maybe a pine warbler? Please, tell me this isn’t a gold finch. I don’t think so because the beaks are shaped different. The bird app wanted to say an olive warbler but the coloring doesn’t match. There were some old abandoned Christmas trees gathered in an area not far from here so I guess they could count as the pines? The goldfinches in the trees and not on the ground seemed to be hanging out on elms.

My camera battery died just as I found this group of birds. So only one more look. I really am at loss here. And wanting to go back and look for this bird again.

Other Birds Spotted This Week

I went ahead and put out a second bird feeder this week. Haven’t seen any new birds in the backyard but between the fledgling cardinals (noticed it was a family of four, mom, dad, and a brother and sister), doves, and sparrows the feeders were emptying fast. Wanted to give the poor little house finches, chickadees, and nuthatches an equal chance. The tufted titmice are still around as well. And I hear blue jays high up in the oak tree. And crows flying over head sometimes.

Mr. Hummingbird still finds it warm enough to hang out and guard his feeder. Gives the sparrows a bit of a wary eye. They ignore him but he’s ready for a fight should they try for his food. And the red-bellied woodpeckers are visiting a bit more often.

What birds did you spot this week?


Joining in with the Bird Depot hosted by Anni over at I’d Rather B Birdin’.


Happy Homemaker Monday, Goodbye Summer!

Today is the last day of summer. 

It’s been a bit of an odd one with the pandemic cancelling so many events and things we’d normally do. Called one of my older brothers yesterday as I’d realized it’d been much too long since I’d talked to him. Normally, we would have had at least one random get together on my side by now.

My sunflower finally bloomed!

Hoping next summer finds us doing all the usual things once again. Swimming at the pool, going on vacation (without masks and virus worries), eating too much greasy, sweet food at fairs and festivals, and having random get-togethers, parties, and holiday celebrations with friends and families (again, without virus worries).

Time to embrace the next season. At least this one calls for a bit more being at home under the blankets, drinking tea, and enjoying coziness. So it might feel a bit more normal. (Minus the things I’m already missing like sitting on cold concrete bleachers watching the band on the football field, going to band competitions each weekend, and the general sense of routine that band practices and school schedules force upon us. On-line school doesn’t tend to do that. Hooray for an in person week this week at least!

Time to plan the week with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom. And first we look at our local forecast.

The Weather 

Ironically, the last week of summer here was rather mild and fall-like and the first week of fall is going to warm up again into the mid 80’s. Typical Missouri weather. Chance of rain overnight Saturday into Sunday. We need the rain, I just don’t want to see any on Wednesday night.

How I’m Feeling This Morning

As if my to do list is longer than the hours in the day. Annoyed at the crickets serenading me down in this basement. Wish they’d find their way back outside. A bit tired as I didn’t sleep great except for a few early morning hours on the couch (went out there to “discuss” the incessant meowing to go outside with the cat).

On My Mind

The long to-do list for today (this entire week?). A bit of a longing for simpler times. Yesterday morning, I was scrolling through my phone and my husband was looking at things on his tablet and I was thinking of how we used to spend Sunday mornings leisurely going through the newspaper (when it was actually thick and full of content and advertising fliers, probably pre-internet days). I miss personal connection instead of just seeing political opinions and cutesy quotes shared on social media. Seems like there is so much “noise” everywhere lately.  And yes, I could unplug from all of it and do consider it from time to time.

On My To Do List

Includes quite a few things I didn’t do last week…

  1. Finish up the laundry
  2. Grocery store/Target run
  3. Finish paying bills (just a few)
  4. Clean house
  5. Need to sort out internet hosting. Expires in October but the renewal fee is considerably higher than if I were a new customer. Going to have to call and/or change companies. Ugh.
  6. Sort out training schedule with work. See if I can opt out of two days of it.
  7. Water lawn (new grass seed) garden, and flowers
  8. Camera homework
  9. Write/mail a letter (or two)
  10. Finish planting bulbs along side of house

On My Breakfast Plate

Flip yogurt (peach cobbler), coffee, and vitamins.

On My Reading Pile

Read an interesting one I’d downloaded quite a while ago called A Man by Keiichiro Hirano. Japanese novel. Interesting premise (man dies and wife discovers he was going by the identity of another man, lawyer tries to figure it all out for her) but the book went down quite a few existential rabbit holes that I found a bit distracting.

Not sure if maybe it lost something in translation or it’s a norm for Japanese novels. The only other Japanese novel I’ve read was Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami. I preferred that novel.

Currently, I’m reading He’s Not Lazy: Empowering Your Son To Believe In Himself by Adam Price. I’ve already found it helpful though it’s a bit like reading a textbook. Plan to find something a little lighter to read during J’s lesson tonight.

On My TV

Chiefs football. Go Chiefs! Not sure what we’ll watch this week.

On The Menu This Week

MONDAY: Something easy. Might decide after I go to the store. Probably going to involve baked potatoes as a side or maybe that shall be our main dish. Loaded baked potatoes. *J has a baritone lesson at 6:30*

TUESDAY: Enchilada Chicken in the crock pot (from a spice mix I picked up at the grocery store)

WEDNESDAY: Turkey sausages and hash browns *J has a band performance 7-9. We have tickets for the 7:00 PM performance. They had to break it into 3 shows for number compliance*

THURSDAY: Husband’s choice *I work 12-6* *J might have band practice 6:00-8:45, not sure*

FRIDAY: OUT (pizza coupon?) *I work 7:00-3:30*

From The Camera

We drove over to Manhattan, KS this weekend so my husband could pick up a purchase (He bought a new ATV for hunting season). Here are a few pictures from the Konza Prairie scenic overlook. 

Looking Around The House

Needs some TLC.

New Recipe I Tried Last Week Or One That We Really Enjoyed

No picture but I did make my favorite apple chip cake. Made the full 13 x 9 pan this time as well.

To Relax This Week I Will

Work out in the yard, go through the September magazines while drinking a cup of tea.

Something I Want To Share

Last week I watched a really interesting documentary on Netflix called The Social DilemmaOne of those really makes you think kind of shows. Probably what got me longing for the simpler times of the past. Realizing it is a kind of propaganda of its own sort (I did find myself mumbling correlation does not equal causation once or twice but more or less agree with almost every point made) I highly recommend watching it.

Certainly makes you think about how much of your time and attention you’re allowing companies to sell to advertisers. Social media is not free to use. You’re paying for it with your time and attention.  I’d like to watch it again with my husband (he came in late to the program while I was watching it and fell asleep) and kids to discuss it all.

On My Prayer List

Our HHM host, Sandra and her family for their loss of her mother-in-law, that all were safe from a house fire we drove by on Saturday, family, friends, strangers. A return to civility and kindness. And of course, an end to this pandemic and the continued good health of all reading this.

Quote For The Week

autumn quotes




Fledgling Cardinal

Posting my bird-watching post late again. We took a little road trip yesterday and I hoped maybe to have an exciting bird or two to share. However, nothing. So, back to plan A and the few shots of the fledgling cardinal from the backyard. There’s a group of them hanging around but I seem to have caught only the one in my (presentable) photos.

For whatever reason, I didn’t do much bird-watching last week. And now that it’s a new week, I can not even tell you what I actually did do last week. I do remember being a bit frustrated trying to take photos with the new camera and moved it into auto for most shots or sometimes something called guide mode.

Well, enough chitchat. I know you’re here to see bird photos. 

Mostly, they hang out around the bird feeder in the back yard. Though I do sometimes see them in the neighbor’s front yard trees as well.

If they are on or near the feeders, they tend to fly off as soon as I open the backdoor. However, I managed to catch feeding time one day by sneaking around from the front door over to the backyard.

They have distinct chirp and I can always tell when they are out there. I do hope they’ll stick around for a while longer.

Other Birds Spotted This Week

In addition to the cardinals hanging around the bird feeder, the house sparrows returned to clean me out of seed in an annoyingly fast fashion.

Mr. Hummingbird continues to man his sentry post around his feeder from early morning until late at night. I’ve spotted the blue jays in the oak trees again. And our regular house finches, chickadees, and titmice still arrive each late afternoon and evening for a bite to eat. As does the nuthatch.

I hadn’t seen them regularly for a bit but I’m seeing more of the red-bellied woodpeckers again. Even saw one on the regular feeder as opposed to the suet feeder one afternoon! The downy woodpeckers are also still hanging out on the suet feeder.

The doves are still out there and refusing to associate with the little gray cat. The cardinals won’t play with her either. No idea why.

Don’t worry she was in the middle of taking a bath not licking her chomps after a tasty “chicken” dinner.

One late morning, I looked out and saw a small yellow bird on the ground. A new to me looking bird that I instinctively thought some type of vireo but the bird app on my phone suggested a sedge wren. Only there for an instant so I’m not sure. Hope it means the migrating birds are on their way back through our area. This morning my husband said he heard an owl out in the backyard in the early morning (before daylight) hours.

Yesterday, we mostly saw turkey vultures and a few hawks as we drove the highway on our day trip (well, we went and picked up something my husband bought and came home, not exactly a day trip though it took all day).  What birds did you spot last week?


Joining in with the Bird Depot hosted by Anni at I’d Rather B Birdin’.


Cleaning Countdown To Fall: Week 4

Oh, it’s almost here! Fall arrives next Tuesday! This is the last full week of our countdown cleaning. I got a little derailed this week and so my countdown post is again just now going up mid-week.

Hopefully, you used Monday and yesterday as catch up days. I know I had (still have) a lot of catch up cleaning to do.

The cleaning tasks for this week are not my favorites. And they very well get pushed into next week. I find it much easier to clean without everyone home. A tall order in the middle of a global pandemic.

We’ve (hopefully) cleaned up high, and at eye level plus cleared some surfaces. And made some space in the refrigerator. So that leaves the bottom.

Week 4: Look Down!

Ugh, do we have to do this? Yes! It’s time to face the floors.

MONDAY: Catch up day. I spent it outside and attempting homework for an on-line camera course. Suffice it to say I need more practice. Or a younger brain. Or maybe both.

TUESDAY: Another catch up day. I worked half a day and I’m not sure I did anything cleaning related. I did do a bit of laundry at least.

WEDNESDAY: Confessing that I spent the day catching up on something from way back in week one. Finally, cleared out and cleaned the inside of the refrigerator. 

Hoping it stays nice for at least a few days. I don’t even want to go to the store because it’s so clear. Of course, the family might object to such a strategy.

In case you are trying to keep up (or have long since passed me in this cleaning race, more likely): Today’s task is the baseboards! Wipe them down. I know ours are probably a disgusting dusty mess.

blurry image of a wheel bug spotted outside

And a small hint: Since I find this the time of year for bugs to venture inside, I like to rub around my baseboards with a little peppermint or tea tree oil to repel them.

THURSDAY: Bathroom floors! Or a bathroom floor. Our bathrooms are small so I can easily knock them both out without too much hassle. Time for a deep clean.  Hands and knees with the bathroom cleaner or steam mop or whatever works for you.

FRIDAY: Kitchen floor! And any other hard flooring surface (SIGH, that’s our living room as well). Another deep cleaning day.

We don’t have very much carpeted area in our home but give yours a deep clean if you feel so inspired.

Bonus Task

Since we’re winding down, let’s think about those cozy days ahead. Pull out all the fall throws and give them a good wash. Then if you are somewhere with cooperating cool weather, take a nice afternoon nap under a newly washed blanket.

Alternate plan: do something fall-related that makes you happy!

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