My Valentine Surprise Package

A few weeks ago, I took a deep breath and sent off an e-mail.  Add me in to the names for the Valentine’s Day package exchange.

Shortly after, I had my person’s name and began to assemble a package. Hoping, of course, they would like all their surprises. Not really thinking too much about what would arrive in my own package.

Last week, my package of Valentine goodies arrived. Colletta who blogs over at Colletta’s Kitchen Sink (and who hosted the exchange) had my name.  We were to include a list of our likes and dislikes when signing up for the exchange. I didn’t feel like I really put that much…favorite color (green) and would prefer no white chocolate (it’s not real chocolate you know and I don’t care for it).

Based on such limited information, I’m not sure how she figured out such perfect things for my Valentine’s Day box. Get ready for a bit of photo overload as I share what I got in this lovely box: 

First though…the cute card she forgot to put in the box: 

The card arrived in the mail on the same day and pretty much at the exact same time as the box!  Shall we open the box?  Wonder what’s inside….

The first surprise….was a beautiful crocheted shawl and in my very favorite shade of green! How did she pick my favorite shade of green? I love it!

Then, Valentine’s Day themed socks. I love fun socks and am excited to wear these to work!

And then..a super cute Valentine’s Day box!

Opened that box up to find these handmade coasters inside:

Let’s take a break for a cup of tea!

Wait, what about a little treat with that tea? Like one of the last couple of items in my box….

A few Hershey’s Kisses! Can’t go wrong with (real) chocolate! A small handful went great with my tea.

And finally, the last item from my fun Valentine’s Day box: Some fun stickers!

Such a fun box! I’ve always hesitated to do these types of exchanges being naturally a bit skeptical but this was lots of fun and I can only hope the recipient of the box I sent was as happily surprised as I found myself.

Thank you again for such a wonderful box, Colletta! And for hosting such a fun exchange.

Happy Homemaker Monday, Spring Fever

I didn’t wake up with a fever (thank goodness!). However, I did wake up with an awful case of spring fever! These milder days between the winter weather make me so ready to be out in the yard. I’m ready for some green grass on the ground and green leaves on the trees!

Taking a break from a morning of running J to school, chopping vegetables, and a *tiny* bit of cleaning to put together my weekly planning post. Joining in as always with Sandra from Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom.

The Weather 

Beautiful Monday last week followed by a very cold, snowy Wednesday!

Honestly, even as I gripe about having spring fever, not bad for February. Mostly in the low 40’s all week. A chance of something on Wednesday, rain, snow, or both depending on the TV channel. I see a 47 degrees for Saturday. Sold!

How I Am Feeling This Morning

Pretty good and motivated to get lots done today. I think I must have slept pretty well as I woke up just before the alarm today.

On My Mind

The many things I’m hoping to accomplish today. What our Valentine’s Day is going to be (my husband has to work late all week including Friday). A bit of panic about this week starting the 2 week countdown to my long-term substitute teaching time at work.

On My To Do List

  1. Wash J’s bedding (started!)
  2. Clean and chop up vegetables in fridge DONE
  3. Clean out fridge/freezer
  4. Go to grocery store (weekly thing though I’ll have to shift this back to Sunday nights soon)
  5. Clean off the top of this desk, sort through some bills and papers (pay bills)
  6. Schedule some blog posts
  7. Vacuum basement
  8. Valentine gifts for my husband and the boys (nothing big…probably just some candy)

On The Breakfast Plate

Apple cinnamon oatmeal, two sausage patties (left-over from Saturday’s breakfast), and coffee

On My Reading Pile

I finished Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate last week. And I loved it! Been a while since I read a book where I lost track of everything around me. Also, read one called Bad Memory (Jessica Shaw, #2) by Lisa Gray. Also enjoyable, especially the bits of late 80’s nostalgia sprinkled throughout the story. Now, I’ve started on The Book of Ichigo Ichie: The Art of Making the Most of Every Moment, The Japanese Way by Hector Garcia Puigcerver and Francesc Miralles.

TV Viewing

Hoarders. Yes, still.

On The Menu This Week

I want to try and maybe plan some double meals this week so I can freeze things for busier days.

MONDAY:  Chicken sausages, rice (or left-over spaghetti/meatballs) *J has a baritone lesson at 6*

TUESDAY: Tacos or maybe taco salad *making a double batch of taco meat* MNO for me

WEDNESDAY:  Steak bites, baked potatoes *I work 7:15 to ?10 maybe*

THURSDAY:  Copy Cat Chik-Fil-A sandwiches *J has pep band*

FRIDAY:  Roast in the crock pot *J has pep band*

From The Camera

I ended up working quite a bit more and longer hours than expected last week (a teacher had the flu) and falling quite short of my “pick up my camera every day” goal for 2020.

My new candle scent for February.

A second blooming for the amaryllis!

Looking Around The House

Did I mention I’ve been watching lots of episodes of Hoarders? It looks pretty good. Also, my husband’s birthday was Saturday so I cleaned for that.

Chore I’m Not Looking Forward To Today or This Week

Got the big hassle out of the way over the weekend (rescheduling jury duty…SIGH). I’m not too excited to start sorting through all the papers on this desk today but I will be excited for a clean space again.

To Relax This Week I Will

Read in my book, have a cup of tea, and probably binge-watch some more episodes of Hoarders. 

On My Prayer List

Family, friends, my co-workers and the students at my school.

Devotional/Bible Verse/Quote For The Week

I read something very hurtful on Facebook earlier this week. And it made me quite angry (and sad). The temptation to type this particular bible verse in all caps was very great. I didn’t, choosing instead to take a deep breath (or 10) and ignore it.

However, the verse is a great reminder for everyone (including myself).

And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?  (Matthew 7:3)


What’s on your agenda for this week? Do you have spring fever as well?




Happy Homemaker Monday, Happy Day After The Superbowl!

Guess what? The Chiefs won the Superbowl!

Such a great game. And so fun to just listen from the kitchen and hear how it sounded so almost like Arrowhead stadium there. Our city is just a little excited about things. Last night sounded like a wonderful combination of New Year’s Eve and Fourth of July merged into one.

And yes, we may or may not have added to that noise. (Celebration noise so loud it showed up on The National Weather Service Radar.  Schools have already started closing so teachers and kids can attend the parade on Wednesday.  Our local superintendent was on the first ones to cancel declaring a “red snow day.”

Now, it’s time to sleepily plan the rest of this week. Joining in as always with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom.

The Weather

It’s been absolutely beautiful. I even had the windows open for a bit yesterday. However, the forecast tomorrow is for snow overnight into Wednesday. We had a lovely spring preview but winter is returning for this week. Aside from today when we are supposed to hit 60 (!), the rest of the week is in the 30’s with some snow tomorrow.

How I Am Feeling This Morning

In a good mood but TIRED! I went and worked just for few hours from 7 until 10 this morning. Glad it wasn’t a full day or even really a half day.

On My Mind

Starting at the end of this month, I’m going to be doing a long-term substitute position for roughly 8 weeks. Thinking about the things I need to do to make sure things go smoothly around here.

On My To Do List

Brought this category back. I need it!

  1. Get birdseed
  2. Go to grocery store
  3. Pay a few bills
  4. Look into getting a few more work clothes
  5. Figure out what we’re going to do for my husband’s birthday (Saturday)
  6. Get my husband’s birthday present (he wants a Superbowl shirt)

The Breakfast Plate

I had a strawberry cheesecake flavor of the Chobani Flip Yogurt. And coffee.

On My Reading Pile

I read a novel called The Lady In the Lake by Laura Lippman which didn’t do much for me and a short Ted talk book called Judge This by Chip Kidd which was fun and enjoyable. Yesterday, I started in on Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate.

TV Viewing

Hoarders still. My husband can’t stand it though. I watched a few episodes of Flea Market Flip with him. And we finally got around to watching The Bohemian Rhapsody movie. Loved that one!

On The Menu This Week

Did I mention I need to go to the grocery store? And I’m not sure what exactly happened last week (I did work a lot more than planned) but we only ate one of our planned meals and not on the day I planned it.

MONDAY: Honestly, probably left over pizza and salad maybe. *J has a baritone lesson at 6:30*

TUESDAY: Pulled Pork Sandwiches (from freezer) *I work 3-6* *J has pep band at 6*

WEDNESDAY: Chicken sausages and potatoes, rice *NO SCHOOL for J and I’m not working!* *I have a hair appointment at 9 unless it gets rescheduled*

THURSDAY: BBQ chicken (planning on throwing it in the crock pot), baked potatoes *J has pep band at 6*

FRIDAY: No idea. (Depends on what husband wants to do for his birthday on Saturday)

From The Camera:

Looking Around The House:

I put up a little Valentine’s Day decor and cleaned a tiny bit but it still needs picked up and cleaned a lot.

Chore I’m Not Looking Forward To Today Or This Week

really need to clean out the cat box. Yuck-o but it must be done.

To Relax This Week I Will

Today’s answer is leaning toward take a nap! Read my book and pick up my camera are the other two options. And spend some time outside today soaking up the sunshine.

On My Prayer List

Some friends, family, and preschool students who’ve been sick with the flu. All those dealing with illnesses. The safety of the people in this city (and the K.C. Chiefs) as they celebrate the big Superbowl win.

Devotional/Bible Verse/Thought For The Week

How’s that cliche go? Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words…


How are you spending your first week of February?



Home Love Plans For The Last Week Of January

I must admit all my kitchen clearing has left me feeling a bit accomplished. Even if I didn’t get every single thing on last week’s list completed. I made great progress! And we almost have our kitchen table back. If only we could keep that surface clear.

My husband took the big box of kitchen item donations to the thrift store on Sunday. And I took this little box yesterday. (Note, the gumball machine is actually from G’s room. He wanted the space back on his dresser.) 

Last Week’s List:

  1. Clean out final cabinets, the two under the sink. I don’t think this should take long as it’s mostly storage of cookie sheets and a few cleaning supplies. Not a lot of room there.  DONE
  2. Clean out last kitchen drawer. It’s a true junk drawer and I’ve been avoiding it. DONE 
  3. Clean out all the freezers. Upstairs, the deep freeze downstairs, and see if anything is lurking in the extra fridge freezer (we mainly use the extra fridge for water, drinks, etc). Almost Done. Upstairs Freezer is done. 
  4. Wipe down front of all the cabinets and appliances. Ha! Not even close. Yet.
  5. Look into getting cushions for the kitchen chairs. I looked into it but am still deciding whether I want cushions. So, I guess….DONE

This Week’s List:

  1. Decorate small white tree for Valentine’s Day
  2. Clean off small shelf above and below rolling pin. Funny I thought I had it on the list last week. Guess not.
  3. Clean off front and sides of refrigerator
  4. Tackle top of the refrigerator *shudder*
  5. Sweep and mop kitchen floor


As happy as I am with my kitchen progress, I admit I’ll be happy to switch my focus to a new room for the month of February. I’m still deciding on my February focus. Our bedroom is still in a bit of a remodel status so I’m not sure I want to go that route. Most likely, I’ll start in on the living room as well as the office/teenager hangout space in the basement.


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