A Bird In The Bush…

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed this sparrow as I arrived home from work. He sat on the wire running through the neighbor’s evergreen tree.
 Turning his head from side to side.
 I stood and watched for a few minutes before grabbing my camera. The sparrow continued to intently turn his head side to side, listening. Once I returned with my camera, he looked at me curiously. 

Then, he tweeted a few times and hopped back into the depths of the evergreen tree.

I did see a few other birds this week but not during convenient picture-taking times, mostly robins and downy woodpeckers at home.  Some cardinals and a flock of geese flying overhead at work.

And of course, sparrows.

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Finding Hygge Hidden In The Laundry Basket

My week started with a muddy coat on Monday.  No choice but to throw it in the washer on gentle cycle and hang it to dry.

All week, when I throw on my coat, the wonderful scent of fresh laundry captures my senses. (And gives me slight pause to wonder if I needed to wash my coat well before the mud puddle incident.)

Today, I worked a half-day, came home and tackled our over-flowing laundry. Seriously, out-of-town Saturday, lazy day Sunday, and work plus evening activities Monday and Tuesday….lots of laundry waiting!

I started with my “hidden” pile of gentle cycle, hang to dry clothes. My husband helps with the laundry, probably stays more on top of it than me. However, he’s not a label reader. If it’s in the basket, it goes in the washer and then, in the dryer. Not all clothes are dryer friendly so I keep a pile aside out of the laundry baskets.

After smelling my coat the last 2 days, I knew I wanted to wash all the hang to dry laundry today. Mostly work t-shirts, a vacation t-shirt, a pair of J’s black dress pants, and my dress from the wedding we attended.

I use our shower rod to hang the clothes for drying. Makes the bathroom smell great! Why not outside?  Honestly, birds. I like to bird watch but I don’t want their poop on my freshly cleaned laundry.

How is it Hygge?

  • I had to take my time, waiting on the washing machine, picking the right hangers.
  • The scent of clean laundry is one of my favorites, adding to the atmosphere of our home and bringing me pleasure.
  • Taking the time to appreciate and have gratitude for the comfort of clean laundry made a usually mundane task somewhat enjoyable.

I did not expect to find hygge hidden in the laundry but it was there. And it was just about as nice as finding the occasional spare dollar in the dryer!

Living The Hygge Manifesto May Mean Not Posting Every Day…

This may sound like an excuse for not keeping up with my current 31 Days series…

Perhaps, it is an excuse. I’m busy. True. My time management is certainly not the best. Right now, I’m trying to squeeze this post in before running off to play Bunco.

The plan: answer a few blog comments and write this post. What happened so far….I may have wasted too much time reading a little “saga” on a neighborhood site. Couldn’t even tell you why I read it. Dog problems between neighbors and griping about the city, not even in our neighborhood. And I’m a cat person. Go figure.

Back to this post….

I started to write another post after my Happy Homemaker Monday post last night. However, I ended up snuggled under a blanket, finishing a cup of tea, and watching a 9:00 PM television show with my husband. Didn’t want to spend all night on the computer.

Oh yeah, hygge is about being cozy, comfort, and being present. Sometimes the blog posts suffer for that.

(Also, unexpectedly called into work again today! And working a half-day tomorrow. Hoping it will be my catch up afternoon…)


Happy Homemaker Monday, The It’s Been A Long Day Edition

Not a bad day. Just a long day. Second week in a row of a Monday where they called me into work. I like working. I don’t like 6:00 AM phone calls so much.

Okay, I often work on Monday. What made today a bit of a long day you ask?  Fire drill day. One of our (barely!) 2-year-old kids decided to lay down in a wet muddy part of the playground (the kind we block off with cones…). My coat is in serious need of a washing now.

And I went to parent-teacher conferences for J right after I left work. I left my muddy coat in the car while I went in and talked with teachers at the middle school. Time to make a plan for the rest of this week. We’ll see what happens…

As always, joining in with all the other fabulous bloggers who link up with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom.

The Weather Outside

Cold! Could we get fall back? Thirty four degrees on an October morning with a high in mid 40’s? No thank you. It snowed in the north part of our state. Much too soon for that nonsense. Thankfully, it jumps back up into the mid 50’s and 60’s for the rest of the week. Sunny days, too!

On The Breakfast Plate

I had the usual for work days: a Chobani flip yogurt and coffee.

As I Look Outside My Window

Blinds aren’t up back here so nothing to interesting. However, I did notice a blue bird perched on a wire outside the car window as I left the middle school.

Right Now I Am

Working on this post while waiting for the chili to finish simmering on the stove.

As I Look Around The House

Surprisingly, not awful. I would like a day to give it a proper clean…

On Today’s To-Do List

  1. Work
  2. Go to parent-teacher conferences at the middle school
  3. Pick up library book on hold
  4. Grocery store
  5. Blog posts

Currently Reading

I’ve fallen a bit short in this category. Stalled out on reading Spark Joy, glanced at a few magazines yesterday.

On The TV Today

Maybe an episode of Twin Peaks on Netflix, The Voice, and hoping I remember to watch Manifest (completely forgot it last week but I was at the grocery store)

On The Menu This Week

MONDAY: Chili (G already ate left-over pizza, worked out well since he doesn’t care for chili)

TUESDAY: Tacos maybe chicken enchiladas…*I have bunco*

WEDNESDAY: Pork chops, sweet potatoes *I work 8:15-12:30*

THURSDAY: Maybe fish? *I have to pick J up from school*

FRIDAY: OUT *We’ll eat at the football game* *I work 8:30-4:45*

What I Am Creating At The Moment

Working on my Write 31 Days series, A Month of the Hygge Manifesto

New Recipe I Tried Or Want To Try

The last recipe I pinned was for a cinnamon tea cake. Maybe I’ll give it a try this week.

Favorite Photo

I finally broke down and bought the $3 coffee mug I’d been eyeing in the grocery store for weeks… 

Quote For The Week

My muddle puddle loving preschool student made this quote come to my mind:

“And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.” (Shanti)


What’s on your agenda for the week ahead?

A Weekend Of Togetherness

Just a random photo from a warmer fall day…

Mentioned this series to my oldest son. And how I found myself struggling with writer’s block quite a bit on it.

Tried explaining the concept of Hygge to him. Hard to explain something as you’re still grasping to understand it yourself.

“No wonder you’re having a hard time. We’re never home on October weekends.”

It’s true. Sort of. We were home Friday night. And all day today, we lounged about the house.

However, yesterday we drove all the way to the western outskirts of St. Louis for a band competition. And drove back home last night. We got in the door just shy of 2:00 AM.

Forgot my camera, too!

Next weekend, we’ll be on the go as well. Thankfully, closer to home with a football game and a parade.

Not sure if Hygge is possible on a road trip. Maybe?

We did start a belated tradition of eating at Waffle House for lunch every time we went to a competition. Those pecan waffles, oh my.

Can’t get much closer together than all being in one car. (Of course, my oldest son, the band member, rode in the bus with the band.)  And we do all prefer to stay home and hang out together after a very long Saturday.

I’m sitting here tonight wrapped in a blanket scarf as I type this, it’s cold outside (chance of our first freeze tonight!) and I’m ready for bed. Please, forgive the short post.



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