Organizing Our Art Supply Cabinet

I’m participating in the Organizing Life Challenge from Jordy Liz Blogs.  I missed week one so I’m just jumping in with the second challenge to organize a single cabinet.


I was going to simply organize a kitchen cabinet.  However, I decided that would be too easy (not that it doesn’t need to be done!) and shifted my focus to our art supply and cookbook cabinet. 

It functions as a place to house crayons, papers, and other project materials with a single shelf dedicated to the few cookbooks I keep (I have repeatedly pared these down and seldom use them but cookbooks are hard for me to send on their way.).  Somehow it morphed into looking like this:   

So I pulled everything out and was a bit taken back to find it actually held all this: 

Got Glue?

I had no idea that pencils, glue sticks, and crayons were capable of reproduction!  Time to get to work thinning the herd, I think!  Where to start?  Instead of starting by deciding what  to keep in this cabinet, I decided it would be more practical to start with an empty trash can.  Be gone dried out glue sticks!  I filled the entire trash can with outdated artwork (No, I do not keep ALL my kids’ artworks, homework papers, and scribbles), pens and pencils that no longer functioned, and other odds and ends that must have been important enough to be kept at some point but no longer. 

I also exterminated one plastic (whew!) spider

Amazingly enough, not much in this cabinet belonged elsewhere (a toy in one of the bags was quickly put into garage sale status with the boy’s blessing,I chucked a tennis ball  into the back yard, and relocated some office supplies to our desk.). I think this cabinet was mainly about excess…excess amounts of pencils, crayons, and markers plus various other art supplies (think back to school supplies x 2 kids x 3 years for one kid and x 7 years for the other…and the unused supplies returning at year-end.)  I spent a good chunk of my organizing time sorting…good crayons from the broken crayons which were reserved for a future craft, sharpened pencils from unsharpened pencils (I threw away quite a few pencils that worn way down and missing erasers.  We will not be buying pencils at back to school time this year and may be donating additional supplies to the teachers.), and markers, pens, and Lego pieces (?!).   I also fired up the label maker and labeled the bins.

Ready to see the after pictures?  I can hardly believe it is the same cabinet!

I have cookbooks!

Closer view of the top shelves

Closer view of the bottom shelves

 I was very excited about our newly organized cabinet and then, I found this on the kitchen table:

An entire bin I forgot to sort!

 Am I the only one who finds items AFTER the organizing and sorting is supposed to be finished?  I’d write more but I have sorting to do.  Crayon, pencil, marker, broken crayon…..



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13 thoughts on “Organizing Our Art Supply Cabinet

  1. Jordy

    Oh my goodness – this is incredible! I, too, am amazed of how much stuff can actually fit in a small space once I pull it all out. This is incredible and I am sure craft time will be MUCH more fun now. I also love your blog title – yet you’re organized after all! Thanks for joining in and I hope you come back for the next seven weeks!
    Jordy recently posted..Organizing Life: A cabinet.My Profile

  2. Jean Post author

    Thank you! I’m hoping to complete all 7 weeks; I love the simple organizing ideas.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! We did a minor art project last night and it was very nice to be able to easily locate all the supplies.

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  4. Deanna

    Great job with the organization! It certainly looks like a completely different cabinet.

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