For the Love of Lego!

I’m convinced Lego people are plotting to take over the world. They plan their attacks in plain sight and instead of sending out scary guys like these two,Lego Hero Factory Guy

they send humble blocks out to attack our bare feet in the darkness. Ever stepped on a Lego? It hurts! 

Of course, every single package comes with a set of instructions.  When you have a Lego lover in the house before you know it, random Lego instructions are all over the place!   Need the instructions to build a Lego set purchased 3 years ago?   You’ll find them on the floor right in front of you!  Need the instructions to build a Lego set purchased a week ago?  Good luck with that!  Anyway, that’s how it was working at our house.  I should also mention that if you happen to know the set number, you can go to the Lego website and download the directions to any set for free.   Of course, unless you are okay with your child building their Lego set at your computer space, then you’ll want to print the directions.  Depending on the set, that could use up a lot of paper…..40 pages to build a Lego truck was using up too much paper and ink!  I decided the Lego instructions needed to be put in one, organized place.

Last year, I bought some expandable files at the Dollar Spot in Target.  They are great!  I immediately put one to use to house Lego instructions. 

Expandable file from Target for Lego

It worked well for a while but it was still hard to find the instructions in it without taking all the instructions from one section out.

Lego instructions on floor

I’d like to say we are a family well trained in putting things away but alas we are not.

 It was time for a new system! The first thing I needed to do was admit that it would be okay to pay more than a dollar for something to organize nothing but Lego Instructions.  I decided my sanity was worth it and who doesn’t like a trip to the office supply store?   I decided the boys needed something easy to use, expandable, and portable (I’m not sure why Lego projects happen all over the house but they do).   I came home with a portable file box and hanging folders.

The top will be great for those tiny extra pieces that always seem to end up lost!

Hanging File Folders.

Now, all the Lego instructions are neatly filed in their folders and easy to find with plenty of room to add new folders.

As an added bonus, I discovered that those smaller green Lego building plates fit in the file box!

Now, if I could just figure out a good way to contain all those random Lego pieces that attack our unsuspecting feet in the night!  Any ideas?

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6 thoughts on “For the Love of Lego!

  1. Beverly

    I am impressed that your kids want to do Lego projects according to instructions. Yes, it is well worth the time and money to organize things that will make your life easier

  2. Deanna

    That’s a great organizing concept for those instructions!

    The extra lego pieces could be stored in one of those fabric grocery bags either hanging off of a chair or doorknob. Since it seems like it’s a fairly common occurence, it wouldn’t be out of line to have that bag hanging around all the time 🙂

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