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I always have great plans when we’re invited to a potluck occasion.  Of course, they never really come to fruition.  Aside from realizing that complicated dishes take some preplanning, there is also the last minute scramble for a dish to place my more humble offerings upon.  I am funny about taking my breakable dishes out of the house.   I also know that with kids sometimes when you are attending a party, you simply need to leave and you need to leave now!  You can’t spend that additional 5 minutes trying to decide whether to leave your food, asking the hosts to place your food in something so you can take your plate, or searching for the foil that was covering the dish when you started.  This is especially true if you find yourself leaving the event early.  I’ve also been known to forget my dishes.

We had a potluck occasion last Saturday.  I had planned to make this terrific hummus recipe but our day didn’t go quite as planned and before I knew it, I was making the mad dash for the grocery store to quickly pick up the 2 ingredients for my new standby dish of glitter grapes!   Then, I started the mad dash through the kitchen cabinets for a suitable presentation platter for the grapes.  I found this lovely gem:

Halloween platter

August may be a bit early for a Halloween platter!

I do love these Melamine type platters as they are durable and just cheap enough (if purchased at the party or dollar store; an internet search to spell the work correctly revealed you can spend a lot of money on these platters as well!) to not worry too much about losing.  Obviously, a Halloween themed one wasn’t going to do the trick  in August!  Aluminum foil to the rescue! 

Foil about to cover Melamine platter

Let’s see if this trick will “foil” anyone!

Foil covering melamine platter

I know I did a “ghostly” job here

 I covered the entire dish in foil to hide the seasonal pattern.  Not as pretty as the Halloween pattern but now the focus could be on my grapes! 

Glitter grapes ready to go on my new “silver” platter

I did end up leaving my dish at the party that night.  However, I could have retrieved it and simply peeled off the foil and used it again.  I think you could even if you were crafty and creative (which I’m not as you should have already guessed by the rather sloppy job I did on covering the platter—I can attribute some of that to being in a hurry but not nearly enough!) you could cover the platter in foil, get out some seasonal stickers, then cover it again in plastic wrap so that no one ends up eating a sticker!  One platter works for all your potluck occasions and if you do lose it, break it, or forget it, the cost isn’t as great as if it were a cherished dish and you won’t need to waste time tracking it down either. 

Please take a minute and dish out the scoop in a comment below on what you bring to potlucks and what dishes you use to get it there.  Then, be sure and visit Frugal Friday over at Life As Mom for many other frugal tips!

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