Do-Over Day

Ever feel like you need a do-over?  That describes my morning except morning turned into afternoon and now night and I still need a do-over and our day is not quite done. Would you like to join my pity party which is admittedly a bit on the paltry side?

 I didn’t sleep well last night.  I woke up to listening to G coughing and coughing until I gave him some medicine and sent him back to bed. J woke up fine but in a foul mood.  “Eat your cereal RIGHT NOW or I’m going to throw every Lego in this house in the trash!” may or may not have been uttered.  I struggled most of the morning to make a post about menu planning meaningful and interesting.  Let’s just face it there are only so many ways you can say we’re having spaghetti AGAIN in a lyrical fashion.  The other blog post about my great hall/linen closet organizing project is still stuck swirling in my brain half-finished just like the project itself.

We ran out of cold and cough medicine which meant a trip to the drugstore because G wasn’t up for going all the way to Target (Drat!  Am I a bad mom for even asking?), followed by a quick stop to return a lost library book (finally!), and then a stop at one of my former favorite Chinese restaurants for lunch.  I thought that since G and I hardly ever get to spend any time together, we’d have a nice lunch out (amazing how he was up for that one!).  It was fairly pleasant until G pointed out a creepy crawly on the wall near our booth.  Um, I’m free of my Chinese food craving especially from that restaurant for the rest of my life possibly.  My stomach suffered the rest of the afternoon from real symptoms most likely caused by the imaginary images of the restaurant kitchen that kept floating through my mind.

The day had a few bright spots:  I did get to spend most of it with G.  J behaved wonderfully during my 4p.m. meeting which turned out to be surprisingly productive.  I guess that was a good thing as it felt like the only productive thing that happened all day.  I guess there’s still a bit of time but really I feel like what I need is a do-over. 

Gone With The Wind

photo credit twm1340 on Flickr

 I am going to simply admit defeat for today. I think sometimes it really is okay to let Scarlett O’Hara be our guide.   “After all, Tomorrow is another day!” 

So, while I wait for my hall/linen closet post to form into complete sentences (oh, and for me to figure out why the pictures saved to an entirely different place in the computer and how to retrieve them),please let me know are you a fan of Gone with the Wind?  I honestly don’t know that I’ve ever sat and watched the movie beginning to end but I do think a dress made from curtains (and to be the same size as Vivian Leigh) would be divine!  If you are thinking of a famous Rhett Butler line in regards to this post, frankly…well, that’s okay, too. 

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9 thoughts on “Do-Over Day

  1. Christie

    I have seen the movie. Once was plenty for me. Make sure to private message me and tell me which restaurant you went to so I can be spared the same experience! Immerse yourself in a project and get your mind off the bad stuff…then you can blog about it and entertain the rest of us!! Haha

    1. Jean Post author

      I am in the middle of quite a few projects that I’m hoping to blog about in the next couple of days 🙂 I’ll message you the restaurant name but just know that once I tell you I can’t UN-tell you.

  2. Raquel@2dayswoman

    Ah, yes, I have these days rather a lot lately. The funny thing is; as soon as I wake up in the morning, I can already tell it’s going to be one of ‘those’ days…strange?
    Creepy crawlies on the wall would put me of for life as well, Eeeww, my stomach turned just reading it LOL.
    Hope the cough is better and you’re getting some sleep 🙂
    Raquel@2dayswoman recently posted..Can Money Buy Happiness?My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! It’s funny how sometimes we can just kind of tell it will be “one of those days” isn’t it?

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