Rolling Out a New Linen Closet Look, Part 1

Sadly, what really started me rolling on this make-over of our hall/linen closet was a scary scooter accident by J.  The kind the scrapes both hands and skins a knee and causes blood curdling screams (the ones that let you know your child is actually alright) of “I NEED A BAND AID! NOW! HURRY!  I NEED THREE BAND AIDS!”  Not a single Band Aid could I find.  

Band Aid Bin

Poor Mr. Bump was empty!

Isn’t that the cutest container for our Band Aid stash?  Unfortunately, THIS is where he lived:

I think the original idea of the shelf here was about organization.

I, of course, took everything out of these shelves thinking it would be a quick Saturday morning organizing project.  I had an idea of what I wanted to do here with the bottom shelf reserved for first aid items, the second shelf for home items (think Scentsy wax squares and candle holders), the third household hand soaps, and the top items filled with items we don’t need as often like sunscreens and insect repellant.  Here’s what the shelf looked like yesterday:

We do have a Band-aid!

We ended up buying a giant box of bandages in a quantity too large to fit in the Mr. Bump bin.  The box, of course, didn’t fit on this bottom shelf.   As you can see, we really aren’t going to run out of pain relief medicines any time soon.  Those giant bottles (my husband likes to buy things in bulk.  I do not) did not fit in our newly organized medicine cabinet

Of course, I didn’t stop at those 4 little shelves.  What fun would that have been?  I tackled this as well:

So it’s a hall/linen/whatever we feel like shoving in there kind of closet!

It turned out to be a rather large job that is still in progress.  Here’s how it looked like yesterday:

It looks better but I’m not finished.

I still need to organize our VERY pared down toiletry collection with some labeled bins.  When I roll out Part 2, I’ll share a couple more before pictures with you as well as my thoughts on rolling vs. folding.  When was the last time you loved on your linen closet?  Does it just hold linens or does it hold a menagerie of madness like ours?

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10 thoughts on “Rolling Out a New Linen Closet Look, Part 1

  1. Hannah

    I grew up with a linen closet and sadly thought that every house and apartment came standard with one. I was wrong. My linen closet is an open wire shelf that fits over the toilet. If I don’t keep it organized, things fall into the toilet which is quite unpleasant. Which means at least it’s organized, I guess…
    Hannah recently posted..A Typical ConversationMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      It would be an adjustment to go from having a linen closet to the wire shelf. I’m sure my stuff would always be spilling into the toilet if that were the case! As it is, we’ve had toothbrushes and the soap fall into ours–yes, quite unpleasant.


    I need to do that, too, but I don’t want to. It’s a lot of work and it doesn’t stay organized long enough to be worth it. Plus I can’t seem to do it by myself. I look at the closet and don’t know where to start. Last time my daughter was here and I made her help me. All she actually did was keep me company. Somehow, having someone available, makes it possible for me to do it. I know – weird.

    Your closet is looking much better! Gotta know where those band-aids are!!! recently posted..Mexican ChickenMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I think that is why I took so long to start getting ours organized. It seemed like an overwhelming job. I think it is always nice to have some additional input and company when organizing.

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