Meal Plan for First Week of October

We have a pretty basic menu plan this week for a fairly average week.   I’m pretty sure I don’t have one meal planned that isn’t a repeat from a previous week.  However, I do NOT have tacos on the menu this week or any other variation of Mexican food.  I just need a break from the tacos.   Last week was a busy blur and so I’m excited for a bit of a calmer week ahead.  Of course, we were supposed to have a fairly calm weekend this past weekend with 2 mostly clear calendar days that somehow ended up being more exhausting than when the days are super scheduled.  Does that happen to anyone else?  Here’s what’s cooking at our house this week:



Spaghetti, Salad, and Bread.


 Sesame Pork Ribs in the slow cooker  


Ham Steaks and Baked Sweet Potatoes


BLT’s on Texas Toast and French Fries  


  Beef and Brocoli, Noodles or Rice

 Since last week was such a busy blur it meant that our meal plan went up in the air like a poof of smoke.  The grilled chicken wasn’t too bad but of course, not everyone liked it.  At the suggestion of my husband, I ended up simply serving tacos on Wednesday night instead of the soup.  It was nice to have one night where everyone ate without complaint.  HOWEVER, ONE DAY I WILL MAKE MY SOUP!   By Thursday, we were letting a clown serve us dinner instead of anything happening here.  Friday was another overwhelmingly busy day and since I felt under the weather with no soup to soothe myself, I did what was necessary.  I ordered the kids (and myself) pizza!   We mostly lived out of the freezer over the weekend until I made it to the store on Sunday afternoon.

How did your menu planning go last week?  Was it Soup(er) unlike mine or did you have a few curves in your week as well?   Either way, go check out Menu Plan Monday over at for lots of inspiration!

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12 thoughts on “Meal Plan for First Week of October

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks! I like to keep them in the rotation because BLTs are one of the few meals we ALL like 🙂

  1. Deanna

    Well, I will say I was feeling quite proud of myself this past week assisting the freezer in properly functioning. It’s taken on a life of its own, and honestly, I have absolutely NO idea how there is still relatively no space in it considering I’ve been taking bits and pieces out of there, sometimes BIG containers, and yet….. UGH!

    Out of the cabinet I got the two cups of coconut which made DELICIOUS cookies – Jamaican Style Macaroons. The whole house agrees they are a HIT, but definitely not a replacement for regular macaroons. I also got some chocolate chips out, though they were fairly new.

    The freezer relieved itself of the container of ice cream, a container of tomato sauce, a small baggie of frozen strawberries, 5 chicken breasts (I know, not much contribution), a package of ground turkey, 5 1/4 cups of mashed bananas.

    The fridge relieved itself of a container of tomatoes, a partial block of cheese, a dozen eggs, three partial loaves of bread, a jar of cherries, though the juice is still there in the jar and I’m going to make the girls a drink treat, a jar of simple syrup grape flavored (made icees), a claussen jar of pickles (you know that’s a huge jar), and some other odds and ends.

    I also worked on some additional items that didn’t get finished, but I have my mind set on them, the past best by date Bisquick, the past best by date corn meal, and I think that’s it. Also finished was the little bit (2 tbsp.) shortening. YAY!

    This week with Chad out of town Jenna and I will be working some in the freezer also.

    We have the Market Day rice dish that I add chicken to, we have the corn bread that I’m going to make some concoction out of – I’m thinking diced cooked chicken, corn bread, some corn kernels, some cheese, and a little spice – probably cumin and chili powder, and then something for juice – maybe vegetable broth.

    Then there’s the tiny bit of refried beans that I will use to make quesadillas with the couple week old shopping trip tortillas.

    I have peas in the freezer, and I know I have a pasta recipe that calls for peas in a light cream sauce type thing.

    I am certain we will be dining out at least one day this week (some restaurant will feed either both kids or just Josie free).

    In addition, two recipes found themselves OUT the door, and one found its way in the door 😉

    1. Jean Post author

      Wow, it seems like you are really making progress clearing the freezer and fridge out over there. Way to go! What’s the difference between Jamaican style macaroons and regular ones?

    1. Jean Post author

      I thought that things would be calmer and then I took a second look at our calendar! Our life is simply busy right now.

    1. Jean Post author

      So that’s not just a thing at OUR house? I get tempted to plan it every night sometimes just to see…

  2. Chava

    Thanks for stopping by! Your menu looks great! I cannot say how many times ramen noodles and frozen food/pizza have helped me lol!

  3. Christie

    Days that I work I need EASY dinners because my brain is fried. I worked today, and I actually thought ahead and laid out hamburger last night. We are having hamburger steaks, fries and string beans. It is easy and everyone loves it. Win-win. PS- I LOVE blts!! We can all come over that night, right?! 😉

    1. Jean Post author

      You can all come over ANY night 🙂 I think we’re already changing the menu though and moving BLTs to Friday since the Chik-Fil-A flyer came home. I completely forgot about that!

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