Throwing in the Towel on the Linen Closet Organization

You may remember I started organizing my linen closet back in ahem August.  If you don’t remember, don’t worry.  It feels like it was a long time ago to me as well!  I guess this is part 2 of my post on rolling out a new linen closet look.  I think this project might be the case in point of my being “so not organized.”

Phase 1 Update:  Relishing the Rolling; A Review

I have stuck with rolling the towels since I completed the first part of the project.  I do like the whole concept of rolled towels.  It works well for everyone except our 14-year-old cat who finds rolled towels not as comfortable whenever she tries to sneak in the linen closet and nap.  The rolled wash cloths are fun although when my husband helped out with some laundry, he folded them.  If someone helps out with laundry, LOVE however they chose to help and go with it. 

Folded and rolled wash cloths can co-exist peacefully!

A few folded wash cloths mixed with rolled ones aren’t going to wreak havoc on any attempts at organizing around here.  One other observation on the rolled wash cloths is that if you should put them in closet horizontally, they have a tendency to randomly roll off the shelf.

A few of the “roll aways”

I also rolled our extra bed sheets and pillowcases.  That works okay.  It is still just as much work as folding the sheets and pillowcases but since I despise folding sheets and pillowcases and have a tendency to just shove that stuff in the closet, this did make them look slightly nicer although not by much.  You can see a photo of the rolled sheets in the some of the pictures from phase 2 below.

Phase 2 of the Linen Closet Organization:  Taming the Toiletries on the Shelf!

I really needed to tackle the toiletries, household supplies, and toys (what?) on the shelf in the closet.  I cleared the shelf completely out:


A clear shelf is like a blank slate!

A small fraction of the hodgepodge hiding in our linen closet shelves.

I started labeling my plastic bins from the Target Dollar Spot (I choose to go with these as opposed to pretty material covered baskets for two reasons:  1. I’m cheap  2. If something tips over and spills, I want to easily clean it up!)  I gave each of us a bin with the items we use most often or can never seem to find in the closet.  My 7-year-old only has lip balm and a comb in his but that is okay with me.  It will fill up soon enough with deodorants and the obnoxious Axe cologne sprays–no rush!   I returned the newly sorted, labeled, and filled bins to the empty shelf: 

Now we can all just grab a basket and get our things instead of having to empty out half the closet just to find our stuff!

I did repurpose one of our plastic bins that you see on the far right in the photo for our shared toiletries like cotton balls, toothpaste, and lightbulbs.  Lightbulbs?  I have no idea but I had the feeling they would be a q-tip kind of thing so I left them in the closet.  The plastic Target bins are labeled with our names and I did go back later and slap a “toiletries” label on the repurposed clear bin.  I’m just waiting for one of my boys to ask about the toiletries label!  I have high hopes this will work well for us.

This is where I am throwing in the towel on this project.  It is for all of my purposes DONE.  It isn’t beautiful but we can get what we need out without things falling on our head (although we may still get hit in the knees by the occasional runaway wash cloth) and that is a beautiful thing is it not? 



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      Thanks! Yes, my boys have outgrown Ernie (and others) but yet I keep the towels around. They still function for us 🙂

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