Organizing a Fondue Party for Three

I thought it might be fun to share some pictures of our Fondue Party from Monday night.  I planned the fondue party as part of our weekly menu because my cheese-hating husband was out-of-town.  We all decided that we sadly were not really fans of the cheese fondue (maybe I need a different recipe?  I found it very bland!  I used mild Cheddar…perhaps sharp cheddar would have made a difference?).   Two of us found the chocolate fondue phenomenal while my younger son proclaimed it “too chocolatey”  I am almost sure I gave birth to that child but statements like that make me wonder! 

First I had to take care of the contents of the kitchen table(again!)

See all that stuff that looks like trash toward the left? My recycle bin runneth over. Literally.

My recipes are ready to go!

Calories in spilled chocolate chips do not count!

Can’t go wrong with a recipe that calls for chocolate chips or can you?


Chocolate Fondue Cooking

Some Cheese Fondue

For Those That Fon-Don’t or more correctly Fon-Won’t

What’s a party with out some fun food plates and playing around with your food a bit!

The Aftermath wasn’t all that bad!

I don’t have a proper fondue pot so we just used smaller bowls to hold our fondue (and ranch dressing) for the dipping.  I doubt I’ll be investing in a fondue pot any time soon.  The fondue party was fun even though we had a fon-won’t among us (any guesses WHO that would have been?).  J’s party dinner party fare consisted of ranch dressing as opposed to the cheese.    G and I loved it the chocolate fondue.  Tasted like liquid fudge to me (and I poured some of that liquid fudge over a bowl of ice cream yesterday).     J  had strawberries and whipped cream for his dessert instead.   I was quite proud of myself for not letting the whole  thing with him being a fon-don’t turn into one of those “We are going to do this and have fun because I SAID SO!” kind of times.  I was not quite as proud when my husband called and basically learned I’d fed his offspring popcorn, apples, broccoli, and bread for dinner (I did make them eat some peanuts for protein but admittedly, the dinner table looked a bit like a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving rather than a proper family dinner).   So do you Fondue or Fon-don’t?  And if you Fon-don’t, do you like Fondant? 

Linking this post up to Wordless Wednesday (although clearly I used LOTS of words) over at 5 Minutes for Mom.  Go check it out!

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8 thoughts on “Organizing a Fondue Party for Three

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks! We did eat a regular meal (although it was breakfast a dinner time) Tuesday night.

  1. Shannon

    I’m allergic to cheese but I looove chocolate 🙂 We’ve done chocolate fondue a few times and my daughter loves chocolate fountains that are at some restaurants.

    As far as fondant…yuck. But I here there is a a great homemade recipe out there I might have to try 🙂
    Shannon recently posted..Travel Check ListMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      My kids always love those chocolate fountains as well! I’m not a huge fondant fan either although it does make some cakes look pretty (not cakes that I MAKE lol).

  2. Christie

    I do chocolate fondue fairly regular for dessert when we have friends over. YUM! I won’t touch cheese with a ten foot pole, so that won’t happen here! Ick. We do everything from pound cake, marshmallows, fruit, pretzels, even animal crackers in chocolate. I have 2 fondue pots for the record…. In case you need to borrow.

  3. Raquel@2dayswoman

    I love the idea of a chocolate fondue, my kids will love it AND it’s healthy when dipping lots of different fruits :-)Must try this. We have a fondue pot at home as it’s very popular in Holland (brought my ‘traditions’ half way across the world) We put oil in the pot and ‘fry’ meat, chicken, fish etc. in it.
    Love that first picture of your dining table; looks a lot like our one 🙂
    Raquel@2dayswoman recently posted..How Much Would You Spend On A Great Pair Of Shoes?My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh, now that sounds fun to do with meat in a fondue pot and would most likely be a hit around here!

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