Saving Money By Not Settling

I was in Target today.  I seem to be in Target a lot.  Please note:  Being in Target all the time is NOT a good way to save money.   I ran in there to pick up a few everyday things plus soccer snacks (which were on sale!) and somehow found myself in the decor aisles. 

I have been in need of a new magazine basket for some time now.  Ours was in bad shape and I finally threw it out.  I could have gone out and bought a “make-do” basket somewhere but didn’t really want to do that.  The last time I was in Target (which may have just been on Wednesday!), I wandered into the decor section.  I stopped by  Seagrass baskets that had a sale sign in front of them but of course, no price tag.  Wouldn’t it be nice if everything the stores do not bother to price really was free?  A quick walk over to the price checker assured me these were NOT the baskets on sale.  The basket I picked up cost $20 which I really wasn’t ready to shell out.  I had too many cat concerns.  I’m still not sure if our new kittens would view a seagrass basket as a giant scratching surface?  Even though the basket would have worked, I opted not to settle for it.

I walked out of the store on Wednesday vowing to think it over along with  two more choices that I would have ultimately been simply settling on.  Here is the link to one of the other choices.  I couldn’t find the other one on-line.   I was back in the store today and decided to go think it over in the aisles again.  I turned the corner and saw THE ONE sitting on clearance on an end cap.  How did I miss this beautiful bin on Wednesday?  I actually said “I LOVE IT!” out loud in Target as I turned the corner.  I was alone and Target was rather empty so no odd stares (not this time anyway).  I picked it up.  I looked at the other choices one last time.  One was not big enough at all.  One was still in the running as a cat toy although I’m thinking it might find a place as a Christmas book basket (a post about our Christmas book basket is in progress).   The last choice no longer appealed to me at all.  THIS was the one.  I bet you’d like to see my choice:

I love the character of this wood crate that will become our new magazine basket.

The best part is that it was CHEAPER than all the other choices.  I waited until I found exactly what I wanted (even if I didn’t know exactly what I wanted until I saw it!) and could get it because I had not already spent the money by settling for something else that I didn’t truly love.  This is actually a little bit bigger than our old magazine basket and I was very excited to start loading our magazines in it.  They were sitting in a rather unorganized pile in our bedroom ever since I threw the old magazine basket out and that certainly wasn’t a pretty sight.  I put some of our magazines in it and took a picture:

Don’t the magazines look happy?

I realized the new bin was big enough to also easily accommodate the daily newspaper!  I also noticed that the new issue of Architectural Digest has Nate Berkus on the cover so I made an exception and put a November issue front and center.  By the way, I find all of our magazines subscriptions for free on-line.  What we read varies based on what deals I come across.  One last picture of our new bin:

Magazines are newspaper are easily accessible and waiting to be read.

By not spending money on the things you only sort of want, when the things that you truly love do magically appear (and don’t you just love it when they appear on the clearance end caps in Target?  I know I do!) you have the money available to buy them.  I also do not like to do returns at stores–I shudder at the thought–so I really like to make sure I get exactly what I want the first time with no chance I’ll find something I like better later.  Sometimes this means waiting but I don’t mind (actually, I do mind but I can be a bit stubborn tenacious if it is important to me).  I once chose to sit on the floor and have only one chair in my first apartment for about 2 months until I found the perfect couch.  I was living on my own at the time–I don’t think my husband could have handled it 😉  I planned to buy a couch (I was young and single in the pre-internet days) and so that just gave me additional time to save more money until I found the exact one I wanted.

What about you?  Do you ever settle or do you hold out until you find exactly what you want?

Be sure to visit Frugal Friday over at Life As Mom for more money-saving tips and ideas!

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7 thoughts on “Saving Money By Not Settling

  1. Catherine

    Love the crate! It would look so good in my living room… But after many costly mistakes (I am a recovering « container addict »), I now try to temporize by using a cheap container that I already have before buying any new box or basket I think I need. Most recently, sorely tempted by a clever first aid case, I used a simple paper bag for a while to see if we could at least keep band aids and aspirin tablets in one place in my home (answer is no, and the first aid case will probably not help). Conversely a large flower pot holder has been temping as a magazine basket while I was looking for « the one« , but as such has totally won me over!

    1. Jean Post author

      I love the idea of a flower pot holder as a magazine basket! It would really work well for someone like myself who can keep magazines alive much longer than I can plants.

  2. Beverly Meyers

    I have done both too. Right now I really want a reading chair in my office but not have been able to find “the one”.

  3. Deanna

    Being a thrift store peruser, I often ‘settle’, though surely by looking around my house I haven’t actually settled as the majority of whim purchases are still lollygagging around 😉


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