A Roast in Every Crockpot

A commenter on my menu plan a couple of weeks ago (Yay!  I had a comment–I love comments–hint, hint 😉  asked how I fixed my roast.  I shared my “recipe” briefly in a reply but thought I’d go ahead and do a full post about it today.  We’ll probably have roast and BBQ sandwiches again next week when it has cooled off again (I’ve been sending my children to school in shorts!).   Maybe the weather is nice and truly fall-like in your area.  Before I share my roast “recipe” (I don’t know that I’d truly call it a recipe.  This is just how I fix it), a disclaimer:  I am not the world’s best cook and my children like about 40%  maybe of what I fix for dinner.  They don’t eat this as roast but rather as BBQ sandwiches.  It’s a great meal to stretch out over 2 or more days (and BBQ sandwiches are a great sports practice night meal).

Ingredients:  Roast, potatoes, carrots, pepper, paprika, garlic (or if you are out of garlic, garlic salt), and minced onion.  Bacon grease is optional but I think it enhances the flavor.  I don’t use salt when I am browning the roast in bacon grease.

I like to use this kind of roast:

I use a 3-4 lb boneless chuck roast.

I always plan to have bacon for breakfast on days when I’m cooking a pot roast because I brown all sides of my roast in the bacon grease before putting it in the crock pot.  You can do the same thing without the bacon grease and I have but you may want to add some sort of liquid to the pan so as not to burn your pan.  Not that I’ve done that or anything, of course.  Now, go re-read the part up top about me not being the world’s best cook.

Basically, I put my roast in the pan with the bacon grease and sprinkle it with my spices.  Use any spices you like but the ones listed up top are my favorites.  Especially the paprika, I think paprika is such a nice spice! 

I sprinkle all the spices on my roast, then turn it over and do the same on the other side before turning on the burner.

Be careful if you are using bacon grease (I kept my boys away during this part when they were younger):

I find using 2 forks to manuever and turn over the roast works well.

Add the roast that you have browned on ALL sides to the circle of friends (carrots and potatoes) that are hopefully waiting in the crock pot.  I usually pour about 1/3 cup of water over the roast also.

I like to sprinkle the vegetables with paprika normally but forgot this time around.

The cooking time is going to depend of course, on the size of your roast.  I usually just set my crock pot for 8-10 on low and check it around 4-5p.m.  If it’s done, I switch it over to keep warm.  It should look like this:

You are ready to enjoy roast, carrots, and potatoes for dinner! 

My husband or myself would eat this but not our boys!

Unless you are a picky 7 or 11-year-old boy.  Then, you must wait for your mom to make the roast into this:

Someday I shall retire our Spiderman plate. Not today though.


I like to serve these on toasted buns like pictured above but the meat is also good on plain sandwich bread.  Here’s how to turn part or all of your roast into BBQ sandwiches that even the pickiest of children will (usually) eat:

Start with your favorite BBQ sauce and know upfront that you will probably be using pretty much the entire bottle if you are using most of the roast for this.

Add your favorite sauce to a clean, dry skillet:

Looks like ketchup but it is BBQ sauce, I promise.

Turn the burner on low and slowly heat the sauce.  While the sauce is heating, use two forks to begin shredding the amount of pot roast you intend to turn into sandwiches.  Then, add the shredded roast to the top of the warmed sauce.

Shredded roast on top of warmed BBQ sauce.

Use a fork to continue shredding the roast while mixing it into the warmed BBQ sauce.  You can also add more BBQ sauce on top of the roast before you begin.  I sometime add it as I go along as well.  This recipe is very adaptable in that you can make your sandwiches as saucy (or not) as your family prefers.  Clearly my boys like things on the saucy side!

I usually add a little extra sauce before I begin to shred and mix the meat together with the warmed BBQ sauce.

The final BBQ sandwich filling will look like the picture below.  I then simply let it simmer while I toast the hamburger buns in our broiler.  I usually serve these with frozen french fries which I’ve started in the oven earlier.

BBQ sandwich meat ready to go!

I’d say this meal is almost as popular as taco night around here although not quite.  It’s easy to adjust and I’ve been known to make smaller versions on the filling for those of us that might prefer this sauce:

The other sauce may be the “boss” but I think this Gates sauce is the best!

 We usually eat sandwiches again the next day for lunches if I make this meal on a weekend night.  The filling also freezes very well.  It’s great to have a Ziploc bag of this in the freezer for those nights when you don’t feel like cooking.   Those are the kind of nights when I let them have potato chips instead of french fries and I’ll call a pickle a vegetable if you will.  Really though, why is a pickle made from a cucumber not a vegetable?   If you don’t know that answer either, just let me know what BBQ sauce you favor.

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    1. Jean Post author

      I never cared for roast myself until I started making it this way. I probably eat it more often as a sandwich along with the boys though.

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