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I have Spring fever today (or would we call it fall fever?) because it’s warm, windy, and beautiful out there.  I’m also meeting friends for lunch later.  The editor rejected today’s blog post and since I haven’t the desire to work on a re-write, I’m simply going to share some tips and tricks that help me sometimes seem organized.  The funny thing about this post is that the tips and tricks are not organized and completely random.  

A Completely Unorganized Random List of Organizing Tips and Tricks

This planner fits in my purse. The bigger style I bought previously did not.

Buy a planner that fits in your purse!  It is helpful to not lose the planner prior to putting it in your purse.  Has anyone seen my planner?


I had a lovely picture of my id cards here but then realized ALL our info was quite visible so here is a small corner of the card.

I’m not sure if this applies everywhere but we live in a state that requires us to carry proof of auto insurance.  I used to throw my id cards in my purse and never take the old ones out.  I was once pulled over for exceeding the speed limit (just barely!) and requested to show the id card.  After I pulled out about the 6th expired card from my purse, the kind policeman gave me a warning (and a speeding ticket!) and sent me on my way.  However, he shared this tip with me first:  Keep your current insurance card in your glovebox!  That way you always have it with you when you are driving. 


October breakfast and lunch calendar for the elementary school

The breakfast and lunch calendar that comes home from school is a great cheater way to get ideas for meal planning.  My boys generally choose not eat at school although G has been buying a school lunch occasionally this year.  Here is how rare that was up to this point.  I think I put $20 in his lunch account in elementary school and when we checked it at the beginning of middle school, he still had $12 in it!  I do not think I have ever even bothered to fund an account for J.  I do though use the calendar the school sends home to plan breakfast and get new lunch ideas for when the boys are off school on breaks.  Dinner planning is hard enough.  I don’t mind letting someone else do the breakfast and lunch planning.


Post the recipes you use most often inside your kitchen cabinets.

This one won’t work for anyone with glass cabinets obviously and may not be for everyone but it works well here.  I had a lot of recipes that I like that are on-line but since it was a bit inconvenient to run back and forth between the kitchen and our computer (I’m back in the dark ages of a desktop over here), I found myself constantly printing out the same recipes.  I’d put my piece of paper on the kitchen counter, spill something on it, need to throw it away, and then have to print it out again the next time I was preparing the recipe.  One day I simply taped one of our popular recipes inside a cabinet door.  Problem solved.  Recipes do need to be repeat worthy on a large scale to warrant a coveted space on the cabinet door.


A reminder I keep in my kitchen!

Everyone knows the KISS rule, right?  Keep It Simple, Silly!  Why is this one so hard to follow?  It really is the best organizing tip and trick out there.  Less is more.  I’ll be honest and say I struggle with the concept and so keep this Christmas decoration up year-round as a reminder to myself.  Also, I like it and it matches my kitchen. 


It is time for me to go meet my girlfriends for lunch at a local Mexican restaurant.  I hope I can keep that idea that less is more in mind as the chips and salsa arrive at the table and I certainly hope you found something useful in my completely random, unorganized mess of quick and simple organizing tips today!

*I’m linking this post to Supermommy!..Or Not.  Go check out all the great tips in her 31 Days of Tips to Simplify your Life series.

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6 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Organizing Tricks and Tips

  1. Cathy

    I love that star with “simplify” in it! I need one of those to remind me to keep it simple too.

    I have always kept my insurance cards, and registration in my glove compartment but I still forget to take out the old ones. I was embarrassed a few months ago when I left my car at the dealership to be worked on. They gave me a loner car but needed proof of my insurance and the helpful mechanic ran out to my car to get it for me. He had to go back twice because the first card he brought back was an old one.

    I love the recipe tip and plan on using it cos I keep reprinting the same recipes over and over too.
    Cathy recently posted..Cleaning with Denture Cleaner TabletsMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I hope the recipe tip will work for you! It also saves me from having to continually boot my boys off the computer so I can get to the recipes 🙂

    1. Jean Post author

      It was great seeing you as well! Thanks for always working out the arrangements so we can all get together.

  2. Deanna

    I have that very same star and, like you, I keep it up year round.

    Also, GMTA, I tape recipes, in addition to tips, inside my kitchen cupboards. I’ve got the how to replace block chocolate with cocoa, the Trader Joe’s pancake recipe, the popcorn ‘recipe’, in addition to a couple of other helpful hints 🙂 FUN!


    1. Jean Post author

      What a great idea to tape the helpful hints inside the cupboards as well! I love that one.

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