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My boys have been home on a fall break from school since having a half-day last Thursday and are still here with me today.  I love having them around but I’m looking forward to a few days that are back to a normal routine plus having the computer all to myself again later this week!  We did better than I thought the last week with our menu plan.  The bacon wrapped chicken was such a huge success that even the picky 7-year-old rated it a “6” and ate it all.  Of course, that meant we had no leftovers to serve on the night I set aside for serving leftovers and the plan went downhill from there.  I’m trying for a fun Halloween/pumpkin theme in the meals this week.  We’ll see if it happens.


Steak Soup (carried over from last week).  Jack O’ Lantern Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for the boys (basically, I use triangle cookie cutters to cut a face in the bread).   We will probably also spend part of today making these pumpkin pretzels that I found on Pinterest. 


Jack O Lantern Stuffed Peppers, Skeleton Cookie Cake (Sugar cookies cut into bones put together with a skeleton head.  I’m planning to send the leftover “bones” in their school lunches on Halloween.)




Dinner at relatives.  They’re serving Pizza.  I usually take a dessert/thank you gift of some sort for their hospitality.  I have no idea yet what I’ll be taking them this time.


Porkchops and baked potatoes





I also plan on making sure that the breakfasts and lunches this week are protein packed to counteract some of the sugar!  I honestly don’t worry much about all the candy though.  We usually have Halloween candy left at Christmas so I know they won’t make themselves sick eating it all in one or two nights.    If you celebrate Halloween, are you planning any special meals for the week? 

I’m linking up to Menu Plan Monday over at and Menu Monday over at Health Branscoms.  If you need some ideas and inspirations, go check them out and I guarantee you’ll find some!



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