Two Quick and Easy Halloween Treats

A New Twist on Pumpkin Pancakes!

I really wanted to make the Jack O’ Lantern stuffed peppers last night but we had a chance to move G’s clarinet lesson up to 6p.m. and that meant I needed a quick dinner to prepare and serve the boys.  I still wanted to do something with a fun Halloween theme though.  We decided on pancakes for dinner and after a failed attempt at making them into pumpkin shapes, I had an idea!  We have a cookie press in the shape of a Jack O’ Lantern that I’ve never used on cookies.  Honestly, I have no idea how cookie presses work.  Do I stamp the cookies before I bake them or after?  It had been used mostly as a play-doh toy for us.  Maybe I could stamp the pancakes? 

Jack O’ Lantern cookie press that doubles as a great Play-Doh toy!

I stamped the warm pancakes and it was just enough.  I had my Halloween theme without a lot of extra work and the boys were happy with their simple “normal” food for dinner.  We also had no problem getting out the door early enough to make the 6p.m. clarinet lesson.  The lesson is usually at 7:30p.m. so the time was quite an adjustment and also put us in rush hour traffic thus the need to eat a simple dinner so we could leave the house early. 

A Skeleton Cookie Cake!

 I made Halloween cutout cookies with the boys last night.  Halloween cookies are a lot more fun (and less pressure!) than Christmas cookies.  I also made it easy on myself by using this:

We mainly cut them into bone shapes so we could make a skeleton cookie cake.  I made one with J when he was barely in preschool and thought it would be fun to do it again.   Here’s a picture of that one:

We gave it a pumpkin head–less scary that way!


It occurred to me as I was assembling this that a really quick way to make this without having to bake would be to purchase some Scooby Snacks and use those bones!  I’m not sure what head you would use doing that though.  Maybe a bought sugar cookie?    Really though homemade (from a mix! Ha) is more fun and not that hard.  Finally, I must share what strange children I have.  Last night while making the cookies, they asked for a snack.  Did they want cookies?  Nope.  They wanted pickles!

The Halloween Treat of Champions!


Both my strange boys are now home from school so I must go convert them into Ninjas for tonight.  I hope everyone reading has a safe and happy Halloween! 



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