My 100th Post!

Wow, I can’t believe I made it to 100 posts on this blog!  I think there is probably some tradition for what you are supposed to do with a 100th post like list random things about yourself or something like that.  I’m too lazy to do the proper research so I’m just going to do what I want to do.  That always (ha!) seems to go well for me.  So without further ado, here is the topic of my 100th post:

100 Random Things I’m Thankful for This Moment

Note: These are in no particular order and of course, I hope it goes without saying that I’m thankful for God, my family, and friends–they better know that!

  1. My Readers!  I am so excited that I have people who take the time to read my blog because I didn’t know when I started if anyone would take the time to read this.  So if you are reading my blog today, thank you!  I really appreciate you taking the time out of your life to read my random thoughts.
  2. That an English teacher somewhere at sometime taught me that it was wrong to end a sentence with a preposition so that I would have to add “This Moment” to the topic title up there.
  3. Coffee
  4. Leftover Halloween Candy
  5. Children who are generous with their Halloween Candy (It’s my blog and I’ll brag about my kids if I want!  J tired of trick or treating early and I was very concerned he was sick.  He wasn’t.  Count that as a bonus thing I’m thankful about.  It meant that his brother ended up with more candy.  In the car, on the way home, his brother was already without being asked sharing his candy with J.  Both were going through their bags and forwarding us things they didn’t like or things they knew were our favorites.)
  6. Fridays with a Free Schedule
  7.  This silly, furry, little gray kitten named Chelsey:

    She doesn’t look like any trouble at all does she?

  8. A husband who is not afraid to climb a ladder and rescue silly, furry, little gray kittens named Chelsey from tall trees! 

    First he saved her from this tree.

    Then he saved her from this tree. See those “eyes” way up there?

  9. A silly, little Siamese kitten named Chase, who is a troublemaker but thankfully smart enough to stay on the ground!

    Chase asleep.

  10. This grouchy old cat named Maui, who made me realize several years ago that I was actually a cat person.

    She is very slowly accepting the “pests” we’ve brought into her home.

  11. Friendly people.
  12. Summer
  13. Soccer Season
  14. A cluttered kitchen table
  15. Having boys 
  16. Living in America (I think that may be a Neil Simon song?  Wait, or is Coming to America?  No, that’s an Eddie Murphy movie but maybe a song also?)
  17. Freedom
  18. Cranberry Sauce (Don’t tell but I do not care for traditional Thanksgiving turkey.  Since I’m not a fan of gravy, I only like traditional Thanksgiving turkey if I can smear it with cranberry sauce.)
  19. The OFF button on the radio, television, computer, and pretty much any other noisy appliance. 
  20. All those noisy appliances I listed above 🙂
  21. Being able to ignore (I hope!) the internal voice saying:  You should be writing all these in complete sentences!
  22. TWO bathrooms in our home (we had only one bathroom and four people for a long time)
  23. A husband who knows how to build and fix things and install a bathroom even if it wasn’t on my timeframe
  24. The knowledge that people out there are googling things like “extra toilet paper storage” or “homemade toilet paper storage”  to arrive at this blog.  If you arrived via “homemade toilet paper”, I’m sorry I have no ideas for you.
  25. Monarch Butterflies
  26. Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea
  27. The sun
  28. The moon
  29. The stars
  30. Scotch tape.  Actually, any and all kinds of tape.
  31. My label maker 🙂
  32. Cookie Butter
  33. Friends who know me well enough to know what I really like
  34. Good surprises
  35. Calendars
  36. Completely Free Friday Nights!
  37. Ice Cream (Have you tried my semi-homemade cake batter ice cream?)
  38. Scented Candles (I live with all boys and 3 cats, do I really need to explain that?)
  39. The conveniences of living in a suburb of a bigger city
  40. Pinterest (Picky family or not, I still like to dream!)
  41. Books
  42. Netflix (I may or may not be addicted to a few BBC shows as well as Fringe thanks to Netflix)
  43. Target
  44. Daylight Savings Time Ending and getting to “fall back” this weekend!
  45. Office supplies
  46. Being in relatively good health
  47. Frozen pizza (It’s what’s for dinner when you spend too much time looking at things your family won’t eat on Pinterest and forget you planned to make a roast in the crock pot for dinner tonight)
  48. A working oven
  49. Parks
  50. A big backyard!
  51. The computer
  52. Fuzzy blankets
  53. Free Museums
  54. Lazy Sunday Afternoons
  55. Trees
  56. Having to decide where to spend Thanksgiving
  57. Dishwashers
  58. Having a car that runs
  59. Imagination
  60. Blue skies
  61. Rainbows
  62. Good eyesight with the help of glasses 🙂
  63. Music
  64. Crock pots (We had BBQ Roast sandwiches for dinner today)
  65. Soup
  66. Winter (although not my favorite, I’m glad for the excuse to skip shaving my legs and wear pants and sweaters!)
  67. Swimming pools
  68. Having lived by myself before I met my husband and got married. 
  69. Change
  70. Flowers especially perennials and wildflowers that aren’t depending on my help for existence (you’ll probably not see a how to maintain houseplants post from me)
  71. Medicine
  72. Common Sense (I hope I am able to share that one with my children!)
  73. A college education (Although having majored in psychology, I may have to strike #72 from the list–haha!)
  74. A full pantry of food
  75. Growing up in the 1980’s.  Yes, I”m THAT old.
  76. A new refrigerator
  77. Food in the new refrigerator
  78. Art
  79. Telephones
  80. Fresh Air
  81. Creativity
  82. Boredom
  83. Calendars
  84. Jars of Spare Change
  85. Challenges
  86. Perseverance
  87. Simple Solutions 
  88. Free Samples
  89. Hot Showers
  90. Fluffy, Clean Towels
  91. A Linen Closet for the fluffy, clean towels
  92. Patience (even if I only have a small amount of the stuff!)
  93. That I finally learned how to send text messages in less than 45 minutes
  94. Generosity
  95. Breakfast
  96. Lightbulbs
  97. Sleep
  98. Swingsets
  99. Rollercoasters
  100. That this is not a 200th post (Yet!) because while I am thankful for many other things, listing them out is time-consuming.  I started this post on Friday and am just now finishing it on Monday morning. 

And if you read all the way to the bottom, again Thank you!  I hope you’ll stick around and read my next 100 posts about my attempts to be organized even though I’m not.  What are you thankful for today?

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9 thoughts on “My 100th Post!

  1. susan

    woo hoo! i love that you’ve stuck with blogging! i can’t believe you’ve made it to 100 posts already. and i love what you did with your 100th post. very cool.
    susan recently posted..Monday MusingsMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Aw, thank you! I’m also thankful I noticed it was about to be my 100th post. Normally, I’d notice something like that at say post #122 LOL.

  2. Catherine

    Congratulations! If I was to make such a list at this moment, I would certainly mention how much I enjoy reading your blog, so I just want to say: thank YOU.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks! I can’t believe I made it that far. I’m determined to not have this be one of those “lost” blogs though…

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