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It is the time of year when the colds and flu and other nasty viruses like to come knocking at our door.  I don’t like being sick.  I don’t like other people especially members of my immediate family to be sick.  I really don’t like that last one because I fall a little short in that compassion for sick people department.   I subscribe to the “if you’re going to be sick, go be sick over there far, FAR away from me” philosophy.  Kudos to the nurses (and doctors) out there because I honestly have no idea how you do it!  Thankfully, we typically do not get sick very often around here.  I do realize we are VERY BLESSED to have our good health.  I think sometimes it is just dumb luck that keeps us healthy but here are some steps I take  to try to keep our dumb luck going and make sure everyone stays healthy:

  • We don’t use the pretty Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Soap.  I love it.  It smells wonderful!  It’s pretty.  However, I remember dragging G to the doctor what seemed like a million times when he was in preschool and this is something she suggested.  She suggested not using antibacterial soap.  We use plain soap.  I read packaging to make sure it does not say antibacterial on it.  I carry Purell hand sanitizer in my purse.  It also does not make any antibacterial claims on the packaging.  Not all bacteria is bad!  

    My soap of choice: Method brand from Target.
  • We all know to wash our hands.   However, here are some other non-standard times I wash my hands with the thought of keeping illness at bay:   ANY time I have been at one of the boys’ schools, the minute I get home from the grocery store, and any time I have been out running errands in numerous retail stores.  I know I *never* have to go shopping when I’m feeling a bit ill or pick something up and put it back down on the shelf after deciding not to buy it.  I’m sure I’ve left my germs behind as have others.  That is why I  make sure to wash my hands after shopping!

  • Of course, if you’ve been following along with the Can I Have a More Organized Home in 4 Weeks series, you know I like to use the wipes on light switches and sometimes spray the door knobs with Lysol.  I also spray or wipe on occasion (I’m a bit better about doing it fairly regularly now that the “season” is upon us) the remote controls, the computer mouse and keyboard, the cloth furniture, the telephones, and this is one you may not have thought about but I spray the outside mailbox and door handle with Lysol  from time to time.  I’m sure our mailman probably like the rest of us at one time or another had to work while feeling under the weather.  I also spray our heater/ac vents periodically.  

    I love the Lysol!
  • I do my best to make sure we all get our rest. Bedtime isn’t set in stone around here and honestly, I’m pretty lenient (or is it lazy?) about making the boys go to bed but we do enforce it and even make them go to bed early if we notice them seeming tired or rundown.  If we’ve had some busy days, then we take it easy for a day or two even if it means maybe missing some fun events around town.  For example, I really wanted to go to the Christmas tree lighting for our town and the Christmas tree on the way to the U.S. Capitol was scheduled to be there as well.  However, our week was  incredibly busy when it happened and I could tell we were all quite worn down so I opted to have us all stay home rather than rush off to one more thing.

  • I push the vitamin C whether it be for me in Emergen-C or for the boys in a glass of juice at breakfast.  If they don’t drink juice with breakfast, they have one in their lunches.  The rest of the times we drink mostly water, milk, or sometimes lemonade which is not to say we never drink soda but *I* rarely buy it.  Mainly because *I* have issues with being unable to control myself near it.  I also refuse to buy any drinks with High Fructose Corn Syrup listed as an ingredient with the exception being soda (although I think Sierra Mist Natural doesn’t contain it). 


I started this post and then because that’s how life works, each one of us at various times over the past couple weeks has been on the verge of being sick.   Of course, we get sick around here but I think the things listed above do help us.   What are your tips for staying healthy when it feels like the sickness has you surrounded?  


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