Busy December Week Menu Plan

December is here and suddenly our weeks are filled with activities again!  Wait, did they stop being filled with activities?  I must have missed it!  Really, the weekends are a bit busier than the weeks in December.  This weekend is my brother in-law’s birthday on Friday, our annual tradition of getting together with my sister to decorate gingerbread houses on Saturday, and ahem my birthday on Sunday!   I know last minute stuff will probably come up during the week though so I’m trying to make our menu super simple this time.  Here’s what I’m planning for this week:


BBQ sandwich made from roast plus French fries (pickles count as a vegtable with this meal as well!)

BBQ sandwiches and french fries.  This will be a super easy one as we have BBQ beef made from leftover roast all ready to go in the freezer.


Spicy Roasted Chicken legs, maybe I’ll be nice and make my husband mashed potatoes to go with them or maybe I won’t, and salad of some sort.  I really want to try this carrot cake salad recipe (it is in the comments)!  I might try to double the chicken legs so we have something in the freezer. 


Breakfast for dinner.  Probably pancakes but I may do waffles for a switch.


ham steak and sweet potato slices


OUT (we’ll be eating pizza soup with my family to celebrate my brother in-law’s birthday).

We basically have an activity every day this weekend!  Whew!  I’m sure we’ll be eating out a bit here and there but I figure if I can make it through the week without it we’ll be doing pretty good.  What do your menu plans look like when you are busy?

I’ve linked this post to Menu Plan Monday over at orgjunkie as well as Menu Monday at Erin Branscom.  Go check them out if you need some menu planning inspiration!

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10 thoughts on “Busy December Week Menu Plan

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks! We had frozen pizza over the weekend so I didn’t want to add that in again. I like crock pot meals as well as long as I remember to turn on the crockpot!


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