Menu Plan After A Week Without One


I didn’t menu plan last week and our meals have been rather well, interesting.   We still eat when I don’t menu plan but I much prefer having some sort of plan.  It makes the dinner hour a bit less hectic.  So, I made sure I had a menu plan on my mind when I did a quick grocery store run this afternoon.  I usually enjoy grocery shopping unless it is January.  I don’t care for January grocery shopping.  The budget is weighing heavy on my mind, all the produce prices seem to skyrocket, and the Christmas cheer of my fellow shoppers is long gone.  Blah.  I managed though and here’s our pretty basic (did you see the budget reference up there?) menu plan for the coming week.  I thought just for fun I’d list what we ate during my unplanned week as well.


Pancakes and Bacon (special request from J)

Last Monday was New Year’s Eve and we ordered pizza!  Sometimes that is just how it goes at year-end. 

Pizza Hut to end our year!

Pizza Hut to end our 2012!


Roast in the crock pot (special request from my husband)

For New Year’s Day we had quite the interesting meal.  I made this black-eyed pea recipe from Paula Deen and served it with tortilla chips.  The plan was to make tacos also but we were out of taco seasoning (and lacking any spices for homemade taco seasoning!) so we resorted to mini-tacos from a box!

Not the best start to 2013!

Not the best start to 2013!

Hopefully, we'll still have a prosperous and lucky year since we ate our black-eyed peas!

Hopefully, we’ll still have a prosperous and lucky year since we ate our black-eyed peas!


Corn Chowder (Time for me to try something new!  We have lots of Progresso soup in the pantry if it turns out to be a bust)

By last Wednesday, I was craving REAL food and we had fried pork chops and baked potatoes along with  scones for dessert.




Pork Chops and baked potatoes (request from G and everyone likes this meal as well so I don’t mind making it again in just under a week)

Last week by Thursday, I was scrambling to come up with ideas.   I’m also scrambling to remember what we ate!  I just can’t remember. 



Last Friday, I made chili but forgot to take a picture.  The weekend was where things got rather interesting with me actually throwing (not literally) the pizza casserole at my poor family again.  I thought perhaps if I made the pasta LOOK like pizza, they’d change their minds on the matter.  They didn’t.  I didn’t either.  I must remember to not make that again.


I’m linking this post up to Meal Plan Monday over at as well as Menu Monday at  What’s on your menu for this week?



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4 thoughts on “Menu Plan After A Week Without One

    1. Jean Post author

      I always try to get them to give me requests before I plan. I usually have to put conditions on my 8 year old though such as do NOT say eat at a McDonald’s–ha.

    1. Jean Post author

      I hope not as well. The price of grapes really caught me by surprise. Hopefully, the prices will drop when spring arrives.

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