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I shared my word of the year yesterday and so today it is finally time to share my resolutions except I have decided to divide them up into categories.  I’ve decided I needed to organize my resolutions!  I have actually been struggling a bit with writing this post not because I don’t have any resolutions or ideas on how to approach them.  The eye-rolling truth is that I’m actually a pretty private person.  I’m a private person with a very public blog.  That makes perfect sense doesn’t it?  Time to take a deep breath and share anyway.   I’ve decided to work on one small goal in my categories each month in 2013.  Oh no, I did not just use that goal word did I? 


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After trying to settle on categories, I decided I needed to take an approach that would make it fun!  This also took some of the work out of it for me–I liked that!  I used the Feng Shui Bagua Map as a spring-board for dividing my resolutions into categories!   The nine categories on the Bagua map are:

  1. Wealth and Prosperity
  2. Fame and Reputation
  3. Love and Relationships
  4. Family and Physical Health
  5. Spiritual Health and Well-Being
  6. Children and Creativity
  7. Knowledge and Wisdom
  8. Career
  9. Travel and Helpful People

Some of these areas and my monthly resolutions overlapped a bit so I grouped them together to make only 5 categories instead of 9.  That seemed a bit less overwhelming to me.  I decided to make 4 resolutions in each category for no particular reason although I”m sure there was a math problem hidden there somewhere. 

Here are my January resolutions listed by the grouped categories:

Category:  Wealth and Prosperity along with Fame and Reputation

  • I will have this blog better organized with tabs for recipes and any series. 
  • I will do one thing out of my comfort zone as it relates promoting this blog.
  • I will add a cover photo to my Facebook page.  This really bothers me more than it should.
  • I will put at least 2 money-saving ideas into action

Category 2:  Love and Relationships along with Family and Physical Health

Category 3:  Spiritual Health and Well-Being along with Children and Creativity

  • I will focus on my word of the year each day
  • I will do one small fun thing each week
  • I will organize the boys’ dressers (this will take some creativity!)
  • I will formulate a plan for kids’ birthday and Christmas gifts this year

Category 4:  Knowledge and Wisdom along with Career

  • I will set aside one day each week to work on family history
  • I will read 4 books.  A library visit may be in order.
  • I will update my resume
  • I will update my Linkedin profile

Category 5:  Travel and Helpful People

  • I will plan one day trip for our family
  • I will start a vacation fund
  • I will help at least one person
  • I will ask at least one person for help

Remember when I told you there was a math problem in it all?   5 categories x 4 resolutions in each =20 things I’m going to be working on in January!  I guess my shorthand for my 2013 resolutions are to be healthy, wealthy (hopefully, you know I’m not just referring to money here), and wise by 2014!  What are your plans for this coming year?




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5 thoughts on “Categories of Change

  1. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    For someone who writes about being “so not organized” you have completely made an unbeliever of me. After reading the above…I am absolutely certain that you are going to have a banner year. No doubt!!!! Me…well…let’s just say I’m a very private person who has a very public blog. Arrrrrgh!
    Diane | An Extraordinary Day recently posted..SunsetMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I can write organizing ideas down. It’s the actual execution of those ideas that slips me up more often than you might think. We will both have great years–I just know it!

  2. Deanna

    I have a great suggestion for a book series for ya 🙂 It’ll get you that four book goal down, and it will be enjoyable – Big Stone Gap by

    I find her to be easy to read, and not too sappy, at least what I’ve read so far. I’m going to be on the third in the series, Milk Moon Glass or Milk Glass Moon.

    Your goals sound gread. I hope you reach them and enjoy the process.

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