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I might look organized and sometimes even act like I am organized but my organization can be hidden in a mess!   I won’t say I never lose things because sometimes I  do.  On the flip side,  I am also the one who can find things.  I’ve always been good at pulling a missing piece of paper out of some obscure location even before I was married and had kids. 

I thought it might be fun to show you one of my pockets of  “hidden organization”.   It looks like a mess but actually contains a system or at the least a tiny snippet of organization.  It is on my “to be organized” mental list but works fairly well  as is (there is always room for improvement in everything we do although if it’s not broken, we don’t want to fix it.  Hey, I could go into politics!  No.).

This is where I store all our household and business bills until they are paid:

We glued a giant magnet on the back of this plastic Walmart desk organizer.

We glued a giant magnet on the back of this plastic Wal-Mart desk organizer.

It is only supposed to hold the bills!   As you can see, other things creep into this all the time.  You would think I have no idea what is in all that mess.  However, I do know and have a system.  I put all our mail in this sorter with the exception of any junk mail which goes straight into file 13 (aka the trash or recycle bin depending on my mood) unless the junk mail is in the form of credit card offers which need to be shredded (you do know to shred that stuff, right??).  Sometimes if I get a coupon in the mail that I don’t want to lose, I’ll throw it in there as well.  We’ve been a little lazy with putting away the homework supplies this week as you can see.  When I sit down to pay the bills, I go through and put all the bills together, file all the business documents in the black accordion file you can barely see in the back there (a new accordion file for each year) and any tax, bank, and insurance related documents in another accordion file.  I usually decide whether I want to keep all the coupons and miscellaneous stuff at that point as well.  I pay most of our bills online so after they are paid, they go into my “to shred” file which I hold for a while just in case.  I also keep track of things in an Excel file. 

Would you ever guess I had any sort of system attached to the mess you see in that photo up above?   Our current bill holder also has a lovely check:  If I let it go too long, it will get too weighted down with papers come crashing to the floor with papers spilling everywhere!  It actually happened shortly after I took this picture.   It makes for a good incentive to stay on top of things.  The system does work although I would not be opposed to one that was a bit prettier. 

Do you have any areas that look like a huge mess but actually have some hidden order to them?




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3 thoughts on “Hidden Organization

  1. OM

    I am one of these people with hidden organization behind the mess… but now, living with another one of these I’m seeing the need for an organized organization: I can keep up with my messy-organization, but not with his, and if we both are allowed to run free… well, bad things happen.
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