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Before I get to this week’s menu plan, shall we “talk turkey” about my plan from last week?   I had planned a Thanksgiving themed dinner around the frozen turkey breast I found in our deep freeze.  Did I mention I didn’t really remember buying it at the grocery store?  I had thought about buying one several times but couldn’t remember actually doing so.  I figured I must have went ahead and bought one and then forgot.  Well, when I pulled it from the freezer to thaw it on Monday evening, I glanced at the tag.  I am almost embarrassed to share the date on it.  I did a little research on frozen turkey.  Did you know (according to that you can keep a turkey frozen indefinitely?   Taste is only guaranteed for a year though.  Technically, I could have thawed my turkey from ahem 2007!! and chanced it.  Sometimes I’m brave but I’m not that brave!  It must have been buried in our deep freeze!  So it was not Thanksgiving again at our house last Tuesday.  We had ham steak and baked sweet potatoes instead.  Hopefully, this week the plan will go a little smoother.  I’m pretty sure there are no more ancient frozen foods lurking in our deep freeze.

After enjoying a wonderfully mild, light jacket, time to go hiking on a trail kind of weekend, winter has returned to us.  I’m still trying to forage around here in the pantry and freezer with the thought of spending a little less at the grocery store so our menu is probably not going to excite many people my own family included.   Here’s what we’ll be eating this week:


Soup’s on!  Progresso soup cans are in excess in my pantry and so I’m going to serve a few cans for dinner tonight.   I’ll be having the tomato basil, J will eat Chicken Noodle, and my husband will have Beef Barley.  My oldest son?  He doesn’t like soup so I’ll like make him some Ramen Noodles.   I’ll serve it with salad and some sort of  bread and probably make a nice dessert to make up for the fact that I’m making them all eat canned soup for dinner.  I am thinking of trying this brownie pie I found while playing on Pinterest or I may do a repeat of the wacky cake similar to this recipe I made a couple of weeks ago that they all loved (and it was super easy!):



My family will have the pleasure of dining on fish sticks from the freezer and homemade potato chips.


Biscuits and Gravy with hashbrowns and fresh fruit on the side.  I don’t care for this dish so the kids and I will be eating sausage and biscuits minus the gravy.   Patty over at Homemakersdaily posted a homemade biscuit recipe that I am planning to try out for the dish.  I’ll probably pick up a can of biscuits somewhere as well simply because my family is super picky and my culinary skills aren’t always the best.


We have a PTA event at the elementary school where they are serving a spaghetti dinner.  However, my oldest son won’t want to go and my husband will likely be hungry before the event starts and I imagine my youngest won’t like the dinner.  Meal-based events elsewhere seldom get me out of menu planning for that day as much as I would like to skip cooking!  Am I the only one that has that frustration?   I’ll probably throw a roast in the crock pot although I might try this recipe from Elizabeth over at Burnt Out Mom for some variety.


Taco Salads.   I  usually make my own tortilla bowls by turning the flour tortillas upside down over oven-safe Pampered Chef bowls.  It works out really well. 


What is on your menu this week?   I’m hoping it doesn’t include 5 year-old turkey! 

I’m linking this post up to Meal Plan Monday over at Orgjunkie as well as Menu Monday over at Erin Branscom.  Be sure to visit both of them for more menu planning inspiration!










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11 thoughts on “Menu for a Cold January Week

    1. Jean Post author

      I love potato chips as well. I’ve made these before and we like them but they aren’t quite the same as those bad for you bags of chips. I can’t wait to try out your biscuit recipe!

    1. Jean Post author

      The chips are really good. I found I did much better with planning my meals once I let go of the idea that I couldn’t change my plan as needed.

  1. Elizabeth

    I grew up on wacky cake! I’ve had the recipe tucked away forever it was one of the things I made sure to copy off my mother’s cabinet (she had stuff like that taped to the inside) before I moved out. I will have to look into that brownie pie! It looks like it’d be tasty though probably would completely ruin my diet LOL
    You’re better than me though if I found a turkey that old I’d probably still cook it up! 🙂

    1. Jean Post author

      I keep some of my favorite recipes taped inside the kitchen cabinet doors as well. I think the brownie pie might be fine on its own but I would like to add ice cream which would probably be the end of any diets. I did consider cooking the turkey but just couldn’t bring myself to subject my family to that adventure.

  2. OM

    That brownie pudding looks so AMAZING. You had to go and share it now that there’s a diet going on at my house, didn’t you? 😉 I’ll save the recipe for trying it up at a later time, thank you for sharing!
    OM recently posted..My January planMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Well, chocolate is loaded with antioxidants you know 😉 Oh, I bet it would be great made with dark chocolate as well.

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