President’s Day Menu Plan

Happy President’s Day!  I know quite a few people still have work and school today but we’re all here so I decided to make us a special dinner for the occasion.  Thankfully, the Presidential recipes I found were quite frugal since I’m aiming to have a low-budget grocery week around here.  I found both recipes pictured below at The History Kitchen.  If you have a minute, go check it out because it is such a fun site!  Hopefully, they don’t vote me out of the kitchen around here with the recipes I’ve chosen.  Although, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad because then someone else would have to cook!  I’ve also decided to try to add one meatless meal a week into our rotation but while I like the sound of “Meatless Mondays” that would not be the day to throw new and exciting meat-free dishes at my family.  I’ve opted to aim for meat-free Tuesdays instead.   I also don’t exactly anticipate my husband being on board with the whole meat-free idea so I’m going to ease us into it by our dishes not being completely meat-free to start, just having less meat in them.  Here’s our menu for the week:

Monday, Happy President’s Day!


Thomas Jefferson White Bean Soup, Ham, and Apple Bread Pudding (a Mary-Todd Lincoln recipe).   I love cherries just like George Washington but they aren’t in season and didn’t fit well with our menu so…maybe I’ll just give the kids each a dollar and call it a holiday 😉  I am definitely going to try to remember this preserved cherries recipe this summer though!



I wasn’t sure what “artisan bread” meant in the bean soup recipe for today so I just picked up a huge loaf of crusty Italian bread for the toasted bread part of the recipe.  Since I’m going to have extra bread, I’m hoping to finally try out these grilled mozzarella sandwiches.  I’ve had them on the menu a few times now and something always seems to happen on their designated day.  I imagine my husband will eat a ham sandwich instead of a grilled cheese.



 Roast (special request from my husband)


French toast, strawberries, and bacon (I plan to make a double batch of the French toast so I have some in the freezer for busy mornings and evenings)


Chicken strips, french fries, and salad


What’s on your menu this week?   I’m linking this post up to both Menu Plan Monday and Menu Monday.  I’ll be checking both those sites out on my quest for vegetarian meals (have I mentioned that my husband doesn’t like egg dishes?) that will satisfy my picky crew.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions.  






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7 thoughts on “President’s Day Menu Plan

  1. Elizabeth

    Your husband sounds a lot like mine when it comes to meat. My husband says if there isn’t meat then it’s a side item. About the only time I get away with it is Tuesdays when I do grilled cheese sandwiches sometimes. And he should just be happy there is food cooked before I go out the door to class LOL.
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    1. Jean Post author

      Yes, you have described my husband except he doesn’t like grilled cheese sandwiches either! He is being a pretty good sport about the bean soup on tonight’s menu but then again we haven’t sat down to eat yet.

        1. Jean Post author

          Actually, I’m not too much of a fan of beans either although I will eat them in a few things. I can’t imagine chili without beans!

    1. Jean Post author

      It really is a fun site! I first found it through Pinterest with the Rosa Parks peanut butter pancakes recipe which are really good.

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