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It was still snowing when I snapped this picture!

It was still snowing when I snapped this picture!

Apparently one snow storm just wasn’t enough last week and another one is coming our way!  I spent part of  yesterday trying to convince my family to move south but to no avail.  Maybe if I squint I can pretend all this white stuff is sand and that the ocean is out there somewhere along with warmer weather!  I did buy all the stuff to have s’mores for dessert one day this week since we are supposedly getting s’more snow!  Last week’s dessert from our President’s day menu was a big hit but the white bean soup was compared to prison food.  Frankly, I have no experience with prison food but imagine it is better than that soup!  It needed a bit more flavor for us.   The apple bread pudding, however, won the popular vote and will be remain on the menu.  I’m still sticking to my plan of trying to add-on one meatless meal each week.  Here’s what we’ll be eating this last week  of February.  



Let's pretend this is simply a footprint err pawprint in the white sand...

Let’s pretend this is simply a footprint err pawprint in the white sand…

Fried Roundsteak, potatoes, and honey roasted parsnips , s’mores for dessert

I bought parsnips for the soup last week and need to use the rest up before they go bad.  I’d never even tasted a parsnip prior to making that soup!  While I didn’t like the soup, I did like the taste of the parsnips before I put them in the soup.  The honey roasted parsnips are listed as a main dish but I”m going to cut the recipe in half and serve it as a side.



 Vegetable Roasted Lasagna

(I bought a couple frozen pizzas just in case it doesn’t get a good reception)



The mighty sea creature that made the footprint in the sand.  See it can't be snow because cats don't like snow, do they?

The mighty sea creature that made the footprint in the sand. See it can’t be snow because cats don’t like snow, do they?


BLT’s and french fries


These beach bums just need a little chili!

These beach bums just need a little chili!



Gluten-Free Tamale Pie, salad



I’m hoping the tamale pie is well-received as it seems like it would be a great freezer meal option.  I”m trying to get a few meals in the freezer again in preparation for the busier Spring and Summer nights that I hope are right around the corner.   After all, I did send my youngest son to school with money for spring picture day which happens today (I’d like to research how to donate a calendar to the picture people!) and am going to hurry and turn my older son’s soccer sign-up form into the offices before the second blizzard hits.

What’s on your menu this week?  Are you preparing for yet another snowstorm or are you lucky enough to be where the weather is sunny and warm? 

I’m linking this post to Meal Plan Monday at as well as Menu Monday at Erin Branscom.  Go check them out for lots of great meal planning inspiration!

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14 thoughts on “Menu for More Snow

    1. Jean Post author

      I keep hoping they are wrong about it but outside has that eery calm before the storm feeling. Maybe we will both at least get less snow than they are predicting.

  1. Ann-Marie

    Your meals look delicious! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my meal plan and leaving a comment! I am so glad you did, I always love discovering new blogs!

    1. Jean Post author

      I would have said it was a lot of snow before yesterday and day before as well. Actually, we’ve decided she is part artic cat or something since I have trouble getting her inside!

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