Wonder if it Works Wednesday: Make-Up Matters

Another late Wonder if it Works Wednesday post around here.  It’s been a long and busy week!   I spent 4 out of the last 5 days at J’s elementary school for PTA related events (meeting, pancake supper and election…my time in office as President is winding down, and helping with a book fair).  My husband finished a long job and was home most of the second-half of the week as well.  My 6th grader was also home sick for 3 days.  Am I the only one who finds it hard to clean and organize around extra people who are not normally in the house during the week?   I have lots of organizing projects I’d like to do but I really need time, space, and solitude to tackle them.  Here’s an update on a small project I completed back in January.

I organized my small stash of make-up.  You can read about it in this post.  Here are my before and after photos from the post:


I actually took this picture after I threw away to rather dated tubes of mascara that were also in the cabinet.


My make up is all organized and in order of use from right to left which just seemed to make more sense to me for this cabinet.

Here are my photos of how the same area looks this morning:

Still looks pretty good.  Seems like there is less in there though?

Still looks pretty good. Seems like there is less in there though?

That's because someone has a problem with putting their things away (the toothpaste is from the 8 year old child--anybody see the lid?!)

That’s because someone has a problem with putting their things away


This project worked better than I expected and has definitely simplified (even though it wasn’t complicated to start) the time I spend getting ready for the day.   I am hoping that this will stay functional if I ever decide to add a bit more make-up to my collection.  What organizing projects are working (or not working) at your house?


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2 thoughts on “Wonder if it Works Wednesday: Make-Up Matters

  1. Kristy

    How do you feel about your PTA president time winding down? Happy? Relieved? Sad? I’m impressed at all that you get done – even including projects that don’t get completely done. I have two more steps left in organizing and streamlining menu planning and they are stalled. 🙂 But I still gain the benefit of the steps that I have done.

  2. Jean

    I feel all those things about my run ending but I am VERY glad to be letting go of the responsibility. Um, I don’t get that much done or even half-done so I wouldn’t be too impressed 🙂 Good luck finishing organizing your menu planning. My menu planning for this week stalled a bit but do you know they still expect to eat around here? LOL.
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