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Since I’ve read two or three blog posts of the “I’ve been busy and away but I am still here” variety,  I almost feel as if I’m joining in a parade with today’s post.  A late afternoon parade of I’ve been busy and away from my blog type posts.  Sorry,  I don’t have any candy to throw at you.  I do have some warm brownies but I’m not sure how well they’d hold up if I tossed them.  They are rather gooey.   This has simply been one of those kind of weeks of little “blog-worthy” accomplishments (I didn’t really get much done in the non-blog worthy world either unless you want to hear about my newest Facebook game addiction–Candy Crush Saga.  I was warned but  checked it out anyway and now I’m playing and cannot stop!).   I thought I’d share a glimpse of a few posts I have “in progress” or maybe it is “in process”.  Brace yourselves.  Here is what has been happening and rattling around in my brain so far this week:

My Menu Plan Monday post:  Oh, that didn’t happen at all did it?  I had big plans for a tropical type menu this week but our budget and the first part of our week craziness called for quick, cheap, and easy meals!   I also spent pretty much all of  my Monday morning at the school sitting around waiting to open the book fair due to a bit of miscommunication on testing times (they lock the library while the kids do their computer testing).   Our meals this week have been basic and boring.  Tonight we are having pancakes if you need an idea. 

Aldis Again:  Speaking of needing a budget menu week, I decided to venture back into our local Aldis on Tuesday for the first time in probably 5-6 years.   I plan to let you know my thoughts in an upcoming post.   Their pineapple was definitely cheap and yummy! 

X-Box Rules:  I don’t mean that like X-Box Rules, Dude!  I’m still struggling with this one but I need to do it and if I find any answers I’ll share them.  I also need to figure out how to get this mess under better control:

Sadly, this is just part of our gaming stash

Sadly, this is just part of our gaming stash

My boys started their spring break yesterday.  On Sunday, our cute sweet little kitten, Chelsey started something else.  I suddenly understand more about the phrase “like a cat in heat” than I really need to know.  We were a little behind on the kitty care aspect of it all.  You know that B-word again.  SIGH.  Thankfully, I put in a bit of research and found a place that offered low-cost options for us.  It was a small drive for me yesterday morning and again yesterday afternoon but the kittens (who were growing up much too fast!) are all fixed up now.  

Chelsey with her "cone of shame"

Chelsey with her “cone of shame”

Chelsey looks a bit out of it in the picture but she’s doing much better today.  Thankfully, my husband was home so I only had to herd kittens around town.   Today, we’ve had pretty much another lazy day although the weather is wonderful!  I did manage to get them (and myself) unplugged long enough to go outside and do this:

I decorated our tree with sidewalk chalk to give it a spring/Easter feel.

I decorated our tree with sidewalk chalk to give it a spring/Easter feel.

Hopefully, next week when my boys are back in school, I’ll have some posts perfected and published for you all.  






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10 thoughts on “Posts in Progress

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks! It really wasn’t very hard although I wouldn’t want to do the project on a super windy day as it does make a bit of chalk dust.

  1. OM

    That tree looks great!

    This past week has been hectic around here, but (somehow) I’ve managed to keep the blog running… not so much my non-blog life, though. So, I guess, it’s better that you are full-on in your “real” life than if, like me, escape to blogland while the living room is a complete mess and the clothes have been on clothesline for 5 days. Extra dry, those clothes, I tell you.
    OM recently posted..“A” is for…My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I worked fairly hard on our tree. I think it would look better on a smaller tree (I actually saw the idea somewhere on Pinterest on a smaller tree). Hey, if your clothes are clean and dry, you get extra double bonus points 🙂 I spent most of today getting caught up on all our laundry.

  2. susan

    Given that I’ve published a menu plan that included “something with chicken” AND “something with ground beef” listed, I am not going to make fun of pancakes. 🙂

    Have a great spring break. The blog world will wait.
    susan recently posted..If you decide to garden…My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I’ve had those types of menu plans before. We did enjoy our spring break and are now completely ready for summer to get here!

  3. Elizabeth

    LOL Is that all the gaming stuff? Since my husband is totally addicted to games and I like games and the girls like games we have 2 DVD racks about 3′ tall a piece, an entire entertainment center filled and 4 wicker baskets filled with gaming accessories LOL. So it could be worse needless to say cleaning up all those cords is a bit more than a pain!
    I had wondered what happened to you though glad to see it was just business and nothing ultra super wrong 🙂
    Elizabeth recently posted..Go Fly A KiteMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh my, NO that is not all the gaming stuff. We have an entire cart in our hall closet full of games and controllers. Nope, nothing super wrong thank goodness! 🙂

  4. Deanna

    I think it’s just that time of year really, where we’re all done with winter but not feeling the strength to gather up energy to face Spring 😉

    I’ve been doing much of the lounging, and now apparently ALSO Candy whatever LOL Addicting, YES!

    I can’t wait to read your Aldi’s post. I was there a short time before Christmas, and a time just before that as well. It’s definitely not as gross as it used to be, though I admit I have a hard time seeing brand names I never saw before.

    Chelsey is cute with her cone. Love the tree! Fun idea!

    1. Jean Post author

      Did I lead you to the Candy game? I’m sooo sorry! It is terribly addicting but fun. I do like that once your lives are gone, you can’t play for a while–motivates me to get up and do something else to waste my time 😉 I’m hoping to get my Aldi’s post up sometime tomorrow. The chalk on the tree somewhat held up in the rain but I can see where it will wash off with our first true hard rain.

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