Separating Spaghetti For Picky Eaters Menu Plan


Our dinner last night exemplified the peak of living with a picky family.  We had spaghetti for dinner.  Should have been simple, right?  Wrong!  My husband wanted spaghetti with meat sauce and don’t add a drop of butter to the noodles either.  The boys wanted spaghetti with meatballs like we usually eat.  I wanted spaghetti with a light garlic butter sauce, tomatoes and basil.  Yes, I did fix spaghetti three different ways at the same time last night.  I started to fix the spaghetti two different ways and then decided that I should not put my choice last so I made my spaghetti as well.  My way was the best one although none of the picky people around here would even look at it.  It made me try to think of what other dishes I can tweak around here to be something I would enjoy more while staying on track with what brings cheers from the picky parade.  Any ideas?

Last week, we were all plagued by illness so I didn’t bother to menu plan as I wasn’t really capable of cooking for the first part of the week anyway.  Somehow, our standby choices of pork chops and tacos made it onto the menu last week.  This week I’m feeling better (oh, that is such a glorious moment after being sick to suddenly realize that you no longer feel like crawling under a rock!) and craving a healthy but simple menu.   Here’s what I’m going to attempt this week:


BLT sandwiches for them, This Chicken BLT Salad for me and whoever else might want to try it.


Pizza of some sort. (special request)  I am thinking homemade but I think the requester was thinking of the Baron.

  frozen pizza.

frozen pizza.


Grilled Fish Tacos for me and fish sticks for them.  I might try this recipe for the fish tacos instead.


Roast in the crock pot (special request)

basicblogpics1012 013

Roast, carrots, and potatoes


Tomato Basil Chicken probably with a salad instead of the spaghetti though and leftovers or plain grilled chicken for the parade of picky people in the kitchen.


What dinners can you think of that would be easy to separate out for people who prefer everything “plain”?  I’m looking for ideas.  I’m also joining in and linking this post to Menu Plan Monday over at Orgjunkie and plan to spend time over there getting lots of great ideas and menu planning ideas as well.  Go check it out!








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7 thoughts on “Separating Spaghetti For Picky Eaters Menu Plan

  1. Annette W {This Simple Mom}

    My kids are very picky eaters, but other than more or less sauce or “How many meatballs do you want?” I don’t cater to them. They just need to try everything.

    That being said, unless it is a sauce added to pasta or meat, I can’t really think how you could easily have one meal with one cooked main ingredient easily adaptable. I bet a chef could help you better!

    1. Jean Post author

      That’s what I need is a chef, a personal chef would be nice wouldn’t it? 😉

  2. Wanda Smart

    It is reassuring to know I’m not the only person who has to deal with a picky eater. I like to do things like having soup and grilled cheese. Hubby loves grilled cheese but hates soup. I like them together though.

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh, I think we are far from in the minority with our picky eaters. In some ways, I think it might be unfair to refer to people as picky eaters since we all have different tastes. I mean it’s not like we go around calling everyone else “anything eaters”

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