Back to School Week Plans

mondaystartbutton This really seemed to help me stay (sort of) on track last week so I’m linking up to Starting Successful on Mondays over at Felicia’s Red Door Life again this week.   I managed most of the items on my to-do list although our stay-cation ended up being only one short day and I still have to clean G’s room (caution tape might be easier).  I did get my coffee date scheduled and J’s room is clean.  If you like to write out your plans for the week, go check it out.  I started this post on Sunday but am finishing it on this very, rainy Monday morning.

Scripture of the Week: 

Proverbs 4:25

Let your eyes look straight ahead;
fix your gaze directly before you.

The scripture of the week caught my eye on Pinterest and I pinned it but I can no longer get my pins to show up in my blog posts without jumping through several hoops and I’m apparently not jumping quite high enough to clear them at present.  It caught my eye because:

I resigned from one of my commitments last week.  While it was with good reason, I’m still fighting the did I do the right thing or should I have stuck it out thoughts.

It  has been a bit of a bummer of a summer around here but I need to put that aside and stop dwelling on it and look ahead to making it a great school year.

My neighbor with the incoming kindergartener keeps dwelling on how her son isn’t going to be home with her anymore (I do get it.  I promise I cried a lot when both my boys started school) but it is time to move forward.  It’s also time for me to look ahead as my boys are clearly getting older now.

Focus of the Week:

Back To School!   There is no more floating on the river of “deNial” for us.  Tonight is meet the teacher night.  Wednesday is the first day of school and the open house at the middle school (I’m trying to be kind about the timing of an event on the very first day of school but we aren’t exactly enthused with that idea over here).  I need to get some sort of organization going for homework that will likely happen.  I need to make sure we have some options for breakfast around here besides Lucky Charms.

The Weather This Week:

Bizarre!  Low 80s.  It is August and we have NOT had our air conditioning on the past few days.  We actually ate outside on our deck tonight.


Listening to 3 boys (G has a friend spending the night) plow through the groceries having snacks (I cannot believe I forgot to buy popcorn at the store earlier!) while watching a Redbox rental of The Smurfs.  Trying to decide whether to finish this post now at 10:45p.m. or go to bed (watch television until the boys are asleep) and finish it up in the morning.  My husband is already asleep.   I opted to go to bed.

To Do List:

  1. Get my PTA stuff together to hand off  to the new PTA president at our coffee date on Tuesday.  She already has most of it but I made a flash drive that I need to find and deliver.

  2. Is it pathetic if I have to put laundry on my laundry list of things to do?  However, I MUST do some laundry this week as it is on the verge of getting out of hand again.

  3. Go get the car inspected and the tags renewed.

  4. Clean the house!  It is in serious need of just a basic, turn on some music, and get it clean kind of attention.

What I am Reading This Week:

Since the tablet my husband surprised me with last Sunday has a Kindle app, I’m going to be catching up on the free e-books I downloaded to the PC kindle app and then never read.   Last week instead of looking at my magazines all that much, I started several e-books at the same time.   Then, I actually sat down and finished How to Make Money Blogging by Bob Lotich and Flight of the Butterflies by Roberta Edwards.  The blogging book helped with understanding some more of the technical side of blogging for me and the other one was a children’s book about Monarchs with amazing pictures!  This week I plan to finish reading Attack Your Day Before It Attacks You by Mark Woods and Trapper Woods which was one of the books I started along with every other book I have ever downloaded.

In the Craft Corner:

Um, this area is going to be a constant challenge since I do not have a craft corner with good reason 😉   I do want to make portable homework stations but I’m thinking it would be a stretch to call that a craft.

From The Camera:

Not much here since I didn’t have the camera most of the week and Monday was the only day we managed to do anything semi-different in the stay-cation category.  We went to the Johnson County (KS) history museum.

I picked it because I remembered how much the boys had enjoyed the Kidscape exhibit a couple of years ago.  Turns out it was actually four years ago when they were barely 8 and 4 years old.   The only part that held them now was the Wii baseball.  We did tour the All Electric House which they were a bit too young for last time.

The front entrance to the Johnson County History Museum.

The front entrance to the Johnson County History Museum.

J's favorite exhibit.

J’s favorite exhibit.

Video games played away from home do not count.

Video games played away from home do not count.

My flashback photo.  I guess they were a little younger last time we went there.

My flashback photo. I guess they were a little younger last time we went there.

Working On The Blog:

I came very close to meeting my goal of increasing my page views each day from the views that day of the previous week with the exceptions of Saturday and Sunday.  I was on the computer less those days myself so I think I made great progress.

Work on the page layout especially the sidebar which is starting to feel cluttered to me.

Posts in progress about portable Lego storage and organization (maybe) as well as easy comfort and convenience meals.

Add at least 1-2 drafts to my ideas for the 31 days series which I plan to participate in this October.


What things are on your agenda for the week?





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17 thoughts on “Back to School Week Plans

  1. Kristy

    “Video games played away from home do not count.” I follow that school of thought myself. When we are vacationing with extended family, I count it all as quality family time even though they spend more time in front of screens. They also spend more time strengthening relationships and going on major outings, so…
    Kristy recently posted..A Thought on PerfectionMy Profile

  2. Karen

    Wow! I found your website through homemakersdaily. It’s so nice to know I’m not alone! I too live in a household of boys, mine a little older 10 & 13. Worrying about not having a spectacular enough summer, wanting to have an organized house like in the magazines, and having more failures than successes in the kitchen. Although my 13yo just mumbled, “mmmm delicious” over leftovers from last night. Wishing you a great back to school transition.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks for commenting. You are very much not alone! I hope you have a great back to school time as well!

  3. Felicia

    Thanks for linking up again! And just so you know the craft corner is totally optiona. 🙂

    I like that verse, it’s so right, we do need to look ahead and not behind. I needed that reminder because facing down this first day (ever) of school thing with my littlest is going to be hard.

    If I don’t put cleaning the house on my list chances are it doesn’t get done. Seriously…sad right.

    We’ve had bizarre weather this week so far too. It was cool (and not humid!) enough to go walk 3 miles with the dog here in NE Louisiana without feeling like a wet sponge afterwards.
    Felicia recently posted..Starting Successful on Mondays: Early SchmearlyMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I do think I’ll have to switch out that craft corner for something else. There is something about the first day of Kindergarten that is just harder all the way around. It seems to get a bit easier after that (well, so far).

  4. Elizabeth

    You’re always so more organized than me especially with your blogs!
    Plans for the week? Work and if it dries out mow… um fold laundry. I think that about covers it until my little ones bday party Sunday.
    Kids in school already here as you know so schedule isn’t going to have much fun associated with it. 🙂
    Elizabeth recently posted..Friday Night Success?My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks although I don’t feel that way at all. I just mowed our lawn last Thursday or maybe Friday and it already could use it again. A birthday party sounds fun!

  5. Kristy

    Been trying to reply to your comments on my blog but I can’t figure it out for some reason today. I don’t see a place for the comments. Feeling brilliant. 😉 Anyway, I thought you would understand the battling sticks picture. 🙂
    Kristy recently posted..A Thought on PerfectionMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Don’t worry. I barely have this blogging stuff figured out myself. Any mom of two boys over the age of um, 2 would understand that picture, I think 😉

      1. Kristy

        Oh yes, and maybe moms of two boys over the age of 1! My cousin has twins who are just two years old and we watched them play at a family reunion. One is a boy and one is a girl. They are both adorable…guess which one was picking up and dragging around sticks? haha
        Kristy recently posted..A Thought on PerfectionMy Profile

        1. Jean Post author

          Ha! Although I’ve seen some little girls hang in pretty tough with the boys on that sort of thing.

    1. Jean Post author

      Ha! I’ve tried those tactics over here and not had any success either. I’m sure we’ll be ready for the weekend to arrive. Thanks.

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