Did Not Expect to Be this Busy

What do you mean you have something to print?  I was here first!

What do you mean you have something to print? I was here first!

I knew this week was going to be a little bit busy but somehow a little bit busy has become very busy!   I was hoping to get a proper post published yesterday and again today but that does not seem likely at this point so here’s a picture of one of Chelsey instead.

Shortly, after I snapped this photo, my husband insisted she get down and away from all the computer stuff.  Something about cat hair getting into it and ruining things.  This was from the man who I get after on a daily basis for having a glass of juice or soda sitting back here.  Ah, the married life is good!  I do admit though that I have a hang up with not allowing our cats on the kitchen table or counters.

If you have a cat (or cats or dogs), do they have free run of your home or do you have areas that completely off-limits to them?  At least, when you are there to supervise.  Who knows what they do while we’re gone, huh?

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15 thoughts on “Did Not Expect to Be this Busy

  1. Christine Mikel

    We try hard to keep the cats off the kitchen counter. They do have full run of the rest of the house though. They love to help me shower and get ready in the morning and will use the tub to potty instead of their litter box…. But they make it all worth it when I am home. I get such joy from watching them run around like nuts!
    Christine Mikel recently posted..No Longer a Foster MomMy Profile

  2. Elizabeth

    The cat has run of the house for the most part but she’s fat so. Counters are pretty much safe. The dog isn’t suppose to be on the furniture though a few times I’ve come home from work to find him curled up on clean clothes on the couch which is why I try not to leave clothes there.
    Things do tend to get busy when you least expect them to.
    Elizabeth recently posted..Monday Wrap-UpMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I wonder why animals like so much to sleep in our piles of clean clothes? I mean I never look at a big laundry pile and think, wow, that’s the PERFECT place to nap. Yes, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a much quieter week next week.

  3. Sarah

    I am reminded of the woman who lived down the street from us when I was a child. She was funny and bright – a lawyer when a woman being a lawyer was unusual.

    When asked if she let her cats up on the same table she and her husband ate from, she raised one elegant eyebrow and said they never ate off the table. They used plates.

    We wipe counters before putting food on them (and after putting food on them) and usually use cutting boards anyway.

    A cousin sat her diapered child on a counter here once. I got the bleach out for that. Shudder.

    1. Jean Post author

      Ha! I love that…although sometimes I am tempted to just dump the food on the table for my boys. I think my little cat knew I was talking about her today because she dared to jump on the table right as I was cooking dinner tonight (we did wipe it down quite well before setting it). Oh my, what a strange place to change a diaper seems a bit unsafe on top of being unsanitary.

  4. Andrea @ thedistractedhousewife.com

    We have outside cats(kittens)and they are NOT allowed inside( I love em, but I’m allergic). Our dogs are allowed in but not allowed on the furniture. Our dogs used to have free reign of the house but after we moved and got new furniture we kicked em off. Although I have gotten up in the middle of the night and found them on the couch before.
    Andrea @ thedistractedhousewife.com recently posted..Taking Laundry Day for a Test Drive.My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Aw, that must be hard to have cute little kittens around and be allergic to them. Those dogs just want a soft place to sleep 😉

  5. Kristy

    Still can’t figure out my comments. 🙁 So I’ll respond on your blog; hope that’s okay. About the chore system, I said they would be able to earn a little bit more than they normally got from allowance only it would be pay they earned chore by chore. No more “free allowance.” When Xander’s about a year older, I’m going to increase the amount per chore so that the amount he can earn in a year equals the amount we would normally spend on gifts for his friends, *extra* educational materials, clothes, toys, and treats. Then he’ll be in charge of buying all those things for himself – the budgeting part, too. So it’s more money than he’s used to having on hand, but he’s got a whole year of clothes to buy for himself, too…etc. I got some of this idea from Three Steps to a Strong Family by Richard and Linda Eyre. They also hold Saturday Job Auctions for extra jobs on Saturdays. They go around the family and bid on a chore for how much they’d like to earn, and the lowest bidder gets the job. So far, so good for us (we haven’t tried Saturday Auction yet). The kids are semi-cheerfully doing a lot more work around the house. It’s only really three chores or so per day, but they also have to do their morning and evening hygiene tasks and straightening up, which used to be like pulling teeth. 🙂
    Kristy recently posted..EarningMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      It’s fine with me if you respond over here. I hope you get your comments figured out though because I know how frustrating that stuff can be. I’ve done something on here where my post link titles are super long and I can’t figure out what I did to get that. Oh my gosh, a Saturday Job Auction is such a fun (for me 😉 idea! I may have to try that out. I’m glad this system is working so well for you. We really do need to do something here sometime soon.

    1. Jean Post author

      Ha! I like it. Does door slamming go in the self expression category as well? It’s been a rough afternoon over here although nothing too serious-just typical tweenage angst stuff.

    1. Jean Post author

      I wish I knew! I also wish I knew why pet hair couldn’t blend in a bit better with the decor.

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