Hot and Quiet Week Menu Plan

mpm-chalkboard I just looked at my calendar and saying it very softly, we do not have any evening activities this week!  There are places I could go but I don’t have to be anywhere but here.  If I thought I could do a cart-wheel in my kitchen without seriously injuring myself or bumping into something, I would have done one!  There might be hope for getting us all back into some sort of routine after all.  Since I’m still trying to get us back into a routine and it is back to HOT weather around here, I’m still keeping the menu basic and choosing easy foods that will be more or less eaten without complaint.  Here’s the basic plan for this week:


Hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill with onion rings.  I keep waiting for the Vidalia onions to disappear from the store but they are still around so I’m taking advantage.


Ham steak and sweet potatoes (carry over from last week)


BLT’s and french fries

THURSDAY (our 15 year wedding anniversary)

Chicken or pork chops (we’re celebrating on Friday or Saturday but I may make a chocolate pie for dessert this night.  If you are super nice to me, I might share the recipe that was handwritten in a cookbook I inherited from one of my aunts).    I’ll probably just grill the chicken or pork chops unless I find some inspiration out in Internet-land or down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest.


Chicken, pork chops, or OUT

I’m trying something new this week (see #5 on my to-do list in this post) so while the rest of the family will be eating the items listed above at dinner time, I’m going to be eating a simpler dinner myself while making lunch my big meal of the day.  I’m realizing that means I may have to plan out my lunches since a ham sandwich every day isn’t going to do it for me.  I did buy the stuff to make guacamole at the store last night so that along with a taco salad (leftovers from this weekend) will be my lunch today.   Since I know I’m going to need a little inspiration in the lunch department, please let me know what is your favorite lunch?

As usual, I’m linking up to Menu Plan Monday over at I’m An Organizing Junkie.  Go check it out for an amazing amount of menu planning ideas and inspiration!

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4 thoughts on “Hot and Quiet Week Menu Plan

  1. Kristy

    Congratulations on your anniversary! I hope you get to go out and so something really great for you guys! I’ll be interested to see how your experiment goes with eating the way you ate when you were single.
    Kristy recently posted..EarningMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks! I’m curious to see if this will work as well. Of course, I can’t completely recreate the way things were when I was single since I no longer spend my time in an office environment and I really did drink quite a bit of Diet Coke back then which I will not go back to doing. I’m going to have to replace the Diet Cokes I used to drink with water or maybe an Emergen-C drink here and there (I need the fizzy kick sometimes).

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