The End of a Duck Dynasty

No,  not the end of the popular television show that everyone in the world seems to be watching except us.  It is the end of a different type of duck dynasty around here.

Tomorrow marks our 15th wedding anniversary and back then, we did what quite a few couples do when getting married and registered for dishes.  We found our dishes at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (They used to have a much larger selection!).  I searched for it online to show you but came up short since I could not remember the name of the it.  They were beautiful, heavy, dishes with a green trim embellished with yellow flowers.  My husband hated those dishes!  He hated them so much that every time we had dinner out would come the duck plates that were from his single days instead.  I have no idea what happened to the dishes I had in my single days so can only guess that somehow the duck plates were better than those.

Eventually, I gave up and gave away our wedding dishes.  He hated them, they were too heavy for the kids to use, they didn’t fit in the dishwasher right (kind of important around here), and so away they went except for one large bowl.  I used the large bowl to set out fruit on the table or sometimes bread on spaghetti nights but for regular dining we used the duck plates.

Correlle Duck pattern

Correlle Duck pattern

Occasionally over the past 15 years, the duck plates and my having to get rid of the wedding dishes I loved have been an issue for us.  Stupid?  Maybe but what’s a marriage without a few stupid arguments here and there.  These arguments usually ended with him saying:  You can go get whatever different dishes you want but they MUST BE Correlle.  (He should seriously be their spokesperson).  I would look and rarely find any dishes I loved that were Correlle.  Usually if I did happen to find Correlle dishes I liked, he hated them.   Other pressing issues that were more important financially than new dishes would usually arise before we would ever agree on any dishes.

About 3 weeks ago, my one final link to our wedding dishes, my beloved bowl broke.  It started to crack right down the middle and we could no longer use it.  I sighed and let it go.  Then, 2 weeks ago, out of the blue, my husband announced that we could go pick out some new dishes but that (say it with me) they MUST BE Correlle.  I mentioned that I had recently noticed some dishes I liked on an end-cap in Target and that they were even Correlle.  He agreed to go look at them even though they happened to be square.  A short time later after entering Target and Wal-Mart in our city and then driving to visit a different Wal-Mart and Target in another city, we purchased these not-square dishes which I do love especially since I no longer have to stare at a duck every time we sit down to dinner.

Our new Corelle Dishes

Our new Corelle Dishes

See what is missing from that plate?  Hooray for white space!

See what is missing from that plate? Hooray for white space!

The two sets of dishes (we determined with 4 of us we would need two sets) even came with coffee cups.  I am so excited to have an entire set of MATCHING coffee cups!  Want to come over for coffee (or tea) sometime?

One of our new 8 coffee cups.  Sadly, unless we have company I get these all to myself.

One of our new 8 coffee cups. Sadly, unless we have company I get these all to myself.

One of the most exciting things about our new dishes was that they were on sale!  So our 2 boxes cost the same as one of the boxes of the square dishes I initially liked.  By the way, I really do like these better than the square ones I noticed first.  They are more suited to our family and decorating tastes.   I washed all our new dishes and my husband removed the duck plates so I could put them away (except we’ve never had so many coffee cups before so they are just sitting on the counter by the coffee maker–I’m open to ideas for storing them).

I was hoping to get to say Opa! while breaking the duck plates and share the pictures of the shattered plates on this blog post.  Of course, if you own any Correlle dishes, you know that they really are very durable and short of throwing them on concrete they wouldn’t break that easily so I would have been okay with ending the story by saying we donated the plates somewhere. What I was not expecting was to open a kitchen cabinet later and find this:

Up in that top left corner, the duck plates continue to linger in our house.

Up in that top left corner, the duck plates continue to live in our house tucked neatly under a stack of paper plates.

Maybe in another 15 years, my husband will finally release the duck plates and let them fly away and be free.   I do need to find a small plate size in our new Garden Sketch Band dishes as one benefit of the dreaded duck plates was that they had 2 sizes of plates with a smaller size that was much better suited to the boys at dinner time.

How do you feel about your dinner dishes?   Do you love them or loathe them?

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14 thoughts on “The End of a Duck Dynasty

  1. Elizabeth

    I don’t mind them though one set my grandmother gave me when I went off to college so we’re a couple. Plates short (one large, one small) and then I have a plain set I bought. At the dollar store over 10 years ago just plain black hard to go wrong with that. The only bothersome plates are the 2… count them…. 2 white plates with this blue & white checkered plaid whatever edging… god aweful. I can’t ever convience myself to. Get new stuff though if the old performs its function. I actually really like the look of the square plates and think it’d help control portions because the more times we have to stand up for food the less we actually eat. Maybe one day I’ll update my plates. As for the mugs no clue but let us know if you figure it out. I collect coffee cups from places we visit so I have WAY too many LOL
    Elizabeth recently posted..Wrap it up TuesdayMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I think that is part of the reason why it took so long to replace the duck plates as there is not anything wrong with them other than they aren’t my taste. What a fun thing to collect! I guess I’m going to look into coffee mug trees but I’m not sure you can buy those without buying more coffee cups. Maybe I’ll think of a better solution when I start sorting and de-cluttering my kitchen (needs to be done!).

  2. Kristy

    I love the plates we use now! They are not a wedding set; they are various mismatched pieces that have similar colors (light green, blue, white…) that I got from Goodwill or the dollar store at different times. We also have “water goblets” from the dollar store. I get to feel nice and matching (in color scheme) and fancy with heavy-duty dishes that won’t have anybody too upset if they break. The one thing that keeps bothering me way back in the back of my mind is wondering if any of them are made of toxic materials. I don’t even know what danger I should be looking out for but I once read an anecdote about a whole family feeling gradually more weak and sickly until they figured out they had been using dishes with lead in them? Or something? Maybe it was an urban legend. Maybe it was fiction. I can’t remember. On my husband’s tastes, he wants me to buy some medium-sized, probably plastic, cups that our kids can drink out of with less danger of spilling. I’m of the camp that they learn to drink and not spill things by trying and learning how to hold these things and be careful with them. But I guess he finds our tall plastic cups too annoyingly easy to spill and our water goblets too scary to watch the kids using. Also, he doesn’t like my organization of cups and glasses. I have them in a few different spots just due to space issues. These preferences of his mostly crack me up because he doesn’t get in the kitchen and prepare meals very often, so why care? I guess he cares because of the times he is in charge of the meals or drinks. Why is this an issue between us at all? I guess I should look for some cups that would make him happy. 🙂
    Kristy recently posted..Sandy’s Adventures to the CastleMy Profile

    1. Elizabeth

      It very well could have happened to a family if they were using self fired pottery/ceramics… things that look hand made because the brighter, prettier glazes tend to be lead based and eating off of things that have lead based paint even water pitchers that aren’t getting chipped can lead to lead poisoning. One of the first things I learned in. Pottery class was to not to ever purchase pottery that was not marked lead free if I planned to eat on it and to always mark my own items.
      Anything clearly commerical you should be alright with.
      Elizabeth recently posted..Wrap it up TuesdayMy Profile

    2. Jean Post author

      I’m glad Elizabeth knew the answer to lead/toxic thing because I had no idea. I love the water goblet idea and it probably saved you from the problem I’m facing over here with I really SHOULD get rid of the Batman, Buzz Lightyear, and other random little kid glasses but they are there so I keep using them for the kids. They seem to be the perfect size juice glasses. We have regular glass water glasses and a few juice glasses (some probably broke over the years) but really what the boys and I use on a daily basis is a collection of plastic cups from Eskimo Joe’s that their aunt sent them. We used to have the most amazing blue glass water goblets that sort of a cobalt blue color and again HEAVY that we picked out with our wedding dishes but I’ll give you 3 guesses who didn’t like those either 😉

        1. Jean Post author

          Oh, it’s not that big of deal. I loved them but honestly, they were better suited to that life I thought I was going to have where I was going to wear high heels and ballgowns while hosting dinner parties. Then, I figured out I couldn’t stand wearing heels and was more of a t-shirts and shorts kind of person. 🙂

          1. Kristy

            Haha, I can relate. That kind of lifestyle sounded great to me, too, but I have finally decided for sure that I will not wear high heels. Maybe once every five years. Why make life harder? Plus, people persist in NOT inviting me to black tie events. And I persist in being too embarrassed to host “real” dinner parties.
            Kristy recently posted..Sandy’s Adventures to the CastleMy Profile

  3. Andrea @

    We have Fiesta Ware, and we LOVE it. When we registered for our wedding a sales woman demonstrated how awesome the dishes are by throwing one on the ground and it didn’t break. Needless do say, we registered for them right away.

    I love your new plates though I can imagine you are happy to see the duck plates go. Husbands hold on to the weirdest things from their single days, don’t they?
    Andrea @ recently posted..Goals for the Week of 8/26My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I’ve always thought Fiesta Ware was pretty. I think it is pretty heavy as well isn’t it? Of course, I’d be out there throwing plates on the ground all the time for people if we had that. See, it doesn’t break! Yes, the things my husband insists on keeping around here are so strange to me at times. Of course, I’m sure I have a collection of stuff he’d like to see go as well.

    1. Jean Post author

      I can’t say I miss the design although I do miss the smaller size plates that came with them. The duck dishes had plates that were a bit smaller and worked good for the boys (and me). Mix and match dishes would be fun!

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