Follow Through Friday, August 30

FollowThroughFriday1 I can not believe it is already the end of August and time for another Follow Through Friday!  I am excited for a holiday weekend.  Anyone doing anything exciting?  We are shipping our sons off t have an overnight with their cousin Saturday evening so we can celebrate our 15th anniversary as a couple instead of as parents like we did last night.   I made my husband a chocolate pie and he was nice and shared it with his sons who could barely let him in the door from work before asking when he was going to cut into it.   Then, we all went out to Famous Dave’s to eat dinner but it was fairly sub par.  Maybe we’ve been watching too much Masterchef but none of us were impressed with our dinners.  At least no dishes to wash, right?  Speaking of washing, that brings me to the first item on my list today.

  1. Finish the laundry!  It really isn’t that bad (yet) as I did quite a bit of it earlier in the week but it is on the verge of spiraling out of control if  I don’t get a handle on it right now.  I think I’m looking at about 4 loads of clothes including the two sitting in the washer and dryer that I ignored yesterday.  I also need to wash the bath mat which has been waiting patiently in the basement for its return to the bathroom and the steam-mop pads since they really do need to be their own load.  I guess that means I’m looking at completing 6 loads of laundry today.  Believe me when I say it could be a lot worse.

  2. Shred a few documents.  Actually, that should read shred a lot of documents.  I have a whole exploding file folder full of bills paid on-line, credit card offers, and other miscellaneous documents that I need to tackle.  It’s been in the back of my mind for some time but now it’s making my desk drawer look like this whenever we open it.

    so many papers that they won't fit nicely in their folder anymore

    so many papers that they won’t fit nicely in their folder anymore

    The pile of papers that need to be shredded.  Anyone need some confetti?

    The pile of papers that need to be shredded. Anyone need some confetti?

  3. Sort out the table top file.  I found this idea over on Organize365 awhile back and loved it.  I also loved the tote and may break one day and get one but it was a bit out of my budget at that time.  When I hosted a Thirty One party with a friend near the end of last spring, I opted to get a square cube(?) that would hold hanging file folders.

    Our messy file box on the kitchen table.

    Our messy file box on the kitchen table.

    My intent was to replace this rather messy system I used for stuff plus the keep the calendar pocket from constantly spilling.  We actually ended up using a calendar without a pocket.  I’m still working on making this new idea work and not overly fond of the cube being on the table (and the file folders do not fit perfectly which sort of bugs me) but I’m also leery of the “out of sight, out of mind” that could happen if this is placed somewhere else.

    See how the hanging folder slipped off the edge?  That bugs me even though it is easy to put it back.

    See how the hanging folder slipped off the edge? That bugs me even though it is easy to put it back.

    I also wanted it to be accessible to the boys so they could use it but I’ve not made it far enough with the new system myself to show them.  I’ve sort of been cramming random papers in the folders (not the intended use) so I need to sort the coupons, recycle a few papers, and see if I can make this manageable.  I still think if I can get used to the idea, it will be a great way to manage all those school papers (and keep homework packets from getting lost).

Sounds as if I’ll be spending a good portion of my day at home but I do have a few errands that may take me out for a bit.   There is a garden store I’ve been wanting to visit because they always have the best geraniums (Did you know they are mosquito repelling plants?) and I may add an unofficial number 4 to my list and run out there to see if they still have any or if they’ve changed over to mums like all the other places in town.  Do you have any great ideas for natural mosquito repellents?  We can’t step out back without the nasty things thinking their Thanksgiving feast is served!

I feel like my list is a little boring today.  So I’d love to hear what things are on your list for today?  Maybe something fun?  Remember following through on fun stuff is also important!

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6 thoughts on “Follow Through Friday, August 30

  1. Elizabeth

    LOL I got tired just reading your list…. Weren’t we promised less paper when computers went on the market? I feel jipped! Good luck tackling your day 🙂

    My list:
    1. Make it through the rest of my day @ work (munches lunch right now)
    2. Drop off house key to house sitter
    3. Pick up cardboard being held for me as we prep for making Halloween costumes (My 2 girls & husband want minecraft costumes)
    4. Clean out van/vacuum/wash
    5. Get kids/make dinner all that jazz
    6. Scrub kitchen floor
    7. Pack suit cases while hubby & oldest go to game
    8. Take youngest swimming as promised
    9. Make sure dishes/trash/ect are done & get a good nights rest.

    LOL TMI I know but yup my list for the day 🙂

    Have a. Great Friday hun!
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    1. Jean Post author

      Good luck on your list (even though I’m a bit late wishing it)! My youngest would love a Minecraft Halloween costume. I’m still tackling paper over here although our shredder had an attitude problem today. I guess the home office shredder aren’t meant to be used with a massive stack of papers.

  2. Kristy

    Oh, boy. My to-do list included getting to the post office to mail a book we sold, and getting the kids to the library for an extra-long “field trip” there. The idea was they could browse and be read to to their little hearts’ content. And I could check out a bunch of cool books I had my eye on.

    Got to the post office. Success. Got to the library and checked out a bunch of cool books. Xander browsed. Success. Did NOT read aloud to anyone, because the younger boy was busy carrying around/crying about/yelling over an oversized Cookie Monster they had put in their puppet show area. The older boy was busy running around the children’s section with children of similar age, carrying similar oversized stuffed items like Cookie Monster and playing pretend loudly. After the third or fourth or fifth crying/yelling jag over Cookie Monster, I said we had to go and carried the youngest out. It was nice of him not to scream and cry on the way out through the adult section, I have to say. I couldn’t control myself, though. I lectured the boys while walking them out of the building.
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    1. Jean Post author

      Well, partial success still counts, right? I’ve had experiences like that and I feel for you because they are no fun. I always knew that Cookie Monster was a trouble maker 😉 Some days, huh? I hope today is wonderful (and relaxing!) day for you.

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