Mid-Week Menu Plan

mpm-chalkboard It’s Wednesday but I’m still going to make my menu plan for the rest of this week.  When I don’t have a menu plan, I tend to spend all day thinking about what on Earth are we going to eat for dinner tonight?  That makes me hungry all day long.  That isn’t good.  Neither is eating out at McDonald’s because you have nothing planned, it’s 5p.m. and you are supposed to be somewhere at 6p.m.  So even though it’s a bit late into the week, here is our menu plan for the rest of it.  The main plan will be to try to eat out of the pantry and freezer which are getting a bit full:



We ate BBQ sandwiches (leftover meat pulled from the freezer) and french fries


McDonald’s (After spending most the day at the DMV and coming home to a school event in an hour, it really was the best I could do yesterday)


My family prefers this to homemade (I LIKE my homemade lasagna) so another easy dinner night.

My family prefers this to homemade (I LIKE my homemade lasagna) so another easy dinner night.

 Lasagna, garlic bread, and salad (it’s Masterchef night so dinner must be easy so I can concentrate on watching other people cook-ha!)


grilled chicken, fried okra/maybe onion rings plus a salad and perhaps baked potatoes


Leftovers or tacos (actually we have leftover taco meat in the freezer so it will be leftovers either way)


I admit our menu is pretty lazy this week.  That is what happens when the week gets off to a slow start.  Lazy or not it is still a plan.  I’m linking up my plan to Menu Plan Monday (yes, I know it is Wednesday).  Go check it out if your late making a meal plan this week or simply need some ideas for dinner tonight!   What are you eating this week?

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10 thoughts on “Mid-Week Menu Plan

  1. Kristy

    Yeah, tomorrow’s grocery shopping day so we may be having sandwiches for dinner tonight. We had chips-cheese-salsa and leftover baked chocolate doughnuts for lunch. Fit for kings.
    Kristy recently posted..Artist StudyMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I think your lunch sounded perfect and there is certainly nothing wrong with sandwiches for dinner. I’d do that more often if they didn’t take sandwiches in their lunches for school all the time.

  2. Elizabeth

    Yeah I don’t have a menu this week with us having got back from vacation Monday and I came home sick yesterday so I had one of those banquet chicken/gravy/biscuit meals in a box things so did that. Hubby came home for lunch today and he told me he’d buy me hamburger so I can make hamburger helper tonight since I’m so sick and it sounded easy to him…. No easy would be if HE was planning to cook instead of me needing to prep for constantly washing my hands between blowing my nose and heaving out my chest. *sighs* Men…
    Looks like a nice easy meal plan we all need those sometimes!
    Elizabeth recently posted..Labor Day Vacation – Part 3My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh no! I hope you are feeling much better today and that your husband came to his senses and cooked dinner for you (or at least brought home take-out).

    1. Jean Post author

      That lasagna seems to be pretty popular.

      I figured you’d thought of sending the ponies “to sea” but thought I’d mention it just in case. Some days are just rough, huh? That give them a choice (I’d ask my kids blue or red and they’d say green!) stuff and warning stuff simply doesn’t work all of the time. If only. On the other hand, something to be said for raising strong, independent, stand their own ground thinkers, right?

  3. CraftyHope

    Sounds delicious, all of it!
    I’ll admit that I love the Stouffer’s stuff too. It’s totally one of those things I gravitate toward when I don’t want to cook either and am out of ideas. I love their Chicken Cordon Bleu pasta and often take the mac-and-cheese to pot lucks (as requested by the younger crowd specifically). Here’s hoping the week’s not any more crazy than it sounded like Tuesday was! eek.
    CraftyHope recently posted..Menu, Recipe Review, and a New Recipe (Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Mushrooms)My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I have to check out that pasta. It would be nice to have something different in the “box” rotation. It’s just been one of those weeks but I’ve made it to Thursday so not too much longer to go.

    1. Jean Post author

      Hooray for another Masterchef fan! Now, I have to know who you are cheering for to take the title?

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