The Many Lessons of Masterchef

Somehow this summer, Masterchef became the television show we watched as a family.  I’ll let that the irony sink in a minute for those of you that know our family.  Our very picky family watched (and loved) a cooking competition show where they prepared things that none of us would eat probably (I would have tried a few of the dishes!).  The boys didn’t religiously watch every episode and a certain 12-year-old would complain about getting booted off the x-box so we could watch but would then end up watching it right along with us.  While I didn’t learn to cook any better (I present my burned to a crisp chicken as exhibit A) while watching the show, I was surprised about how many character lessons I found myself sharing with the boys as we watched (and I learned a few lessons as well).

  • Always give others the benefit of the doubt:   When we began watching, there was a particular contestant that I simply could not stand.  Oh, she was so mean and nasty and annoying!  I was quite vocal about it stating I would never ever watch the show again if she won.   However, my boys started asking me stuff like:  Do you hate her mom?  Do you hope she loses?    Even though I still didn’t care for the contestant, I found myself trying to find positive things to say about her and pointing out that television shows are edited.  She might not be that mean in real life.  Perhaps they are simply showing all her worst moments.  She seems very nice when she’s smiling and happy, I wish she would do that more.

  • If you do not like the way someone is behaving, it does not give you the right to say mean things about them:  The other contestants didn’t seem to like this other contestant either.  They would often talk about her behind her back saying very mean things (and ultimately through the magic of television, have a confrontation with the other contestant).  I found myself constantly pointing out to my boys how that made them look as mean as the woman they were putting down and that they were certainly not doing the right thing.

  • Be Respectful:   Oh dear, this one bothered me during the entire season.  Rolling your eyes is not a positive personality trait and is extremely disrespectful.  You don’t have to like someone (I don’t like everyone…but I do like you my dear readers!) but you may have to work with them at some time in your life.  You’ll work so much better together if you are respectful of each other.

  • Don’t give up, give it your all, and be willing to change your plan if necessary I saw this in many of the contestants (even the ones I wasn’t particularly cheering on).  They’d encounter obstacles such as hurting themselves, grabbing the wrong ingredients, or just being thrown into the absolute unknown and simply hang in there by doing the best that they possible could do.  I hope my boys will do the same as they encounter difficulties.

  • No matter what you do, do it with integrity:   One contestant was always willing to help the others and insisted on maintaining his integrity even when it might have meant an early exit from the contest.  Fame and fortune last 15 minutes, the knowledge that you acted with integrity lasts a lifetime.  I hope my boys remember that.

On a lighter note, we also learned that oh my, you can certainly still tell what they are saying behind those beeps of the bad words!   I learned that panna cotta is an Italian custard which I’m tempted to attempt as my baking skills are just slightly better than my cooking skills.  Oh, and my husband learned that asking your wife why you don’t cook like the stay at home mom on that show might earn you a frozen pizza dinner the next night 😉

Did you watch Masterchef this season?  Were you cheering last night like we were during the finale?  Interestingly, my pick to win it all actually came in second place and I was glad because I ended up liking the winner much better.  Have you ever found yourself finding life lessons from an unlikely source?



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6 thoughts on “The Many Lessons of Masterchef

  1. Elizabeth

    I can’t say we watch that show or any show as a family right now (that will change once Dr. Who is back) though lessons can come from unlikely places. Right now I’ve been watching She-ra (anyone else get 80’s flash backs and the urge for spandex LOL) and we are going over lessons from that. The biggest one being everyone can make a mistake but even though mistakes are made things can still turn out okay.
    Elizabeth recently posted..Make It From Scratch Challenge: Pumpkin Bread (Day 1)My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh, that’s a good one! We still need to catch up on season 7 with Dr. Who around here but the boys and I like to watch that together as well.

  2. Kristy

    I’m sure we’ve learned lessons from an unorthodox place before, but I can’t think of a good example right now. I learned with Wipeout that males (in this family, at least) bond over and love falling-over-hitting-things humor. Although I will watch and exclaim and laugh, too, at its essence I don’t get the fascination.
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    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks! Are you planning to watch Masterchef junior this fall? I’m curious to see how it will work with the younger kids.

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