Follow Through Friday, September 20th

FollowThroughFriday1 Can you believe it is already time for Follow Through Friday again?  I’m not sure why but this week went by in a flash over here.  I’ve been diligently(mostly) working on my to-do list all week but today is when I switch things up and focus on projects that have fallen into the procrastination abyss.   As usual, I’m keeping my list narrowed to 3 items so I can have a glimmer of hope that they might all get finished once and for all.  Here are the three items that made the cut for today:

  1. Clearing out my e-mail!  I find it easier to let all my e-mail come to the same address and let the “deal” ones say from things such as My points pile up in there.  I usually have no problem going back through and clearing it all out once in a while and prior to yahoo making “improvements”, I could see at a glance when e-mail from my contacts arrived.  I do not know if it is user error or they took it away but this no longer happens.  I am admittedly a bit frustrated with the “new and improved” e-mail and so have been ignoring it a bit and so this happened:

    I have 973 unread e-mails!  That is about 900 too many, I think.

    I have 973 unread e-mails! That is about 900 too many, I think.

    I plan to spend some time today sorting all these unread e-mails (I don’t think I’ve missed anything important but I need to make sure.  I also plan to look for a tutorial on how this “new” e-mail works or decide once and for all to just switch all my personal stuff over to Gmail which I have started but I never did…wait for it…follow through!

  2. Clearing off the desktop (the one the computer is sitting on, not the computer desktop), my dresser, and the kitchen table.  I may do more surfaces as well but I’m picking those three for today.  I do not believe there is even one flat surface in our home that is not covered with some sort of clutter.  Mostly paper clutter which means I may find a “wealth” of future Follow Through Friday projects as I work on this task.  I certainly hope this is not the case.  Hopefully, I’ll only find quick “do it now” things which just “accidentally” turned into “do it later” piles.

    I have been letting this desktop mess multiply and it is starting to take over.

    I have been letting this desktop mess multiply and it is starting to take over.

    How sad is it that I do not even know what is in the plastic bag?

    How sad is it that I do not even know what is in the plastic bag?

  3.  Paperwork and filing.  Yuck.  Just Yuck.  However, my husband is home working on this stuff this morning and so by default, guess who else is working on it all?  I need to do some filing so that next time I can find these numbers he keeps asking me about a little quicker.  The “do it now” personality does not mix well with the “can I please finish what I’m doing first” personality.  It may be a very long morning indeed around here.

So it looks like an at-home and clean up the “office” kind of day is on the agenda over here.  What is on your agenda for the day?  I’d love to hear about it!  Leave me a comment or if you are a blogger, link up below with what you’ll be doing today.

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6 thoughts on “Follow Through Friday, September 20th

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  2. Elizabeth

    At work if I can follow through on finding motivation I’d like to continue filing around my office as I’ve had so many projects hit I’ve got stacks of various kinds of blue prints scattered about.
    Otherwise I need to catch up @ home. A/C has been broken in my office so 83 degrees & no air curculation I’ve done nothing all week but go home and take naps.
    I think the only other pressing thing which I can’t really follow through with is waiting on fundraiser info a friend of ours walked into the ER yesterday, collapsed and is now sadly no longer with us so the gaming community is putting together several fundraisers this weekend to help the family. It’s amazing just how fast life can change and how fast it be gone so enjoy every minute you can!
    Elizabeth recently posted..Fall CleaningMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I hope they get that a/c in your office fixed soon. A thunderstorm moved through these parts last night and it’s actually a bit chilly this morning. I am so very sorry to hear about the sudden loss of your friend.

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