Finally a Fall Menu Plan

mpm-chalkboard Do you know what happens when an unorganized person goes to the store and they are having a one day sale on bags of potatoes with a limit of 2?   The very unorganized person pushes the knowledge that they have half a bag of the potatoes at home out of their brain and buys 2 bags!

Just a few potatoes and I had more in the fridge!

Just a few potatoes and I had more in the fridge!

What on Earth am I going to do with all these potatoes?  A quick internet search confirmed what I already knew which is that for the most part potatoes do not freeze all that well.  Thankfully, the bags will keep for a bit but still I am going to have to make an effort to use this giant pile of potatoes in a timely manner!   I did a search yesterday on Pinterest and found a few ideas to test out on my “lucky” family but I also want to make sure we don’t eat potatoes every single night this week!  This has been a rather strange fall for us so far as we are simply not busy in the evenings like in past years (I was busy today helping at the elementary school thus the late post).  It is nice to have time to prepare dinner and play around with potato recipes.  It is also nice not to have to rush through dinner.  Here’s what we’ll be eating this week:

MONDAY:  No potatoes today!  We had spaghetti and meatballs (per request)

TUESDAY:  Pork Roast in the crock pot (changing things up a bit!) which we’ll turn into BBQ sandwiches for the kids but I’ll serve it with mashed potatoes for my husband

WEDNESDAY:  Hamburgers and Hot Dogs on the grill with these homemade potato chips

THURSDAY:   Indonesian Ginger Chicken (I bought fresh ginger just for this recipe!)

FRIDAY:   This pie with potatoes and ham which has me incredibly intrigued.  Leftovers are my backup plan in the event this is not a hit with everyone.

We had baked potatoes for lunch on Sunday.

We had baked potatoes for lunch on Sunday.

I added mini-peporoni and cheese to mine.  How do you top your baked potato?

I added mini-peperoni and cheese to mine. How do you top your baked potato?

G and I had twice baked potatoes for lunch on Sunday and then I used more baked potato insides to try out this idea at dinner.  I didn’t dress them up though as we were out of bacon and I didn’t add any cheese.   I’m thinking potato rounds turned into mini-pizzas might make a lunchtime appearance for this coming weekend.  I know I could make potato soup but I’m the only one that would be touching it.  So what would you make if you suddenly found yourself with a surplus of potatoes?

I’m linking up to Menu Plan Monday over at I’m an Organizing Junkie.  If you are still trying to plan your menu (and a late plan is always better than no plan at all!), go check it out for lots of ideas and inspiration!




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8 thoughts on “Finally a Fall Menu Plan

    1. Elizabeth

      And I feel your pain my husband won’t touch soups either. I got him to finally eat a little potato soup after fussing at him for like 10 years with the argument of “It’s butter, flour, potatoes, milk and bacon! I dare you to tell me which of those items you don’t like and I won’t cook with it any more!” *chuckles*
      Elizabeth recently posted..Busy Monday Edition, September 23My Profile

      1. Jean Post author

        My husband will eat soup just probably not potato soup (too milk based for him). My oldest son though will NOT touch soup of any kind.

    2. Jean Post author

      Potato soup is my favorite but only the kind from Panera (not that I’m picky or anything…). Well, 20 lbs for a crowd wouldn’t be so bad.

  1. Kristy

    I just made this recipe two days ago because I had lots of chicken and potatoes:

    It was really good and both my kids liked it – whew!

    By the way, they are sitting on the couch right now watching a cooking show, which was totally their idea, so I’m hoping that one of these years I will be cooking fewer meals for the family. They can take over! Actually, I really like cooking, but I wouldn’t mind a meal or two off and I would feel happy knowing they had that skill. 🙂
    Kristy recently posted..Follow Through Friday: Organizing (Again)My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Wow, that recipe sounds yummy! I actually have quite a bit of chicken in the freezer as well. I keep telling my youngest he should be a judge on a cooking show as much as he likes to critique my cooking-ha! I’d be okay with having a chef in the family.

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh, all those sound really good! I like bacon bits on my baked potatoes as well. I’m glad I have some time on the potatoes because this is turning out to be a busier week than I expected.

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