Random Mid-Week Rundown

Did I mention in my menu planning post that I wasn’t that busy any more?  Um, never EVER make those types of statements.  This week has turned out to be a bit busy!  Since I don’t have time to really put a proper post together, I decided to share a bit of randomness for today.   I love to read the Random Monday posts from Hannah over at Supermommy!…or not so decided to do one of my own to fill you all in on my week.

Here’s what I’ve been doing so far and plan to do the rest of the week.  I’m hoping my blogging for the week won’t fall completely by the wayside but I can make no promises.

What's a random post without a random Lego picture?

What’s a random post without a random picture?  This is the Lego Fall Scene J made on Sunday (I was allowed to make ONE tree, the tiny one in the back that you can barely see.)

  • I’ve been helping Count money for our elementary school walkathon fundraiser bright and early at 9a.m. each morning!  One of the volunteers fell ill and so I’ve stepped in to help out.  One nice thing about being less involved this year (i.e., NOT the president) is that I actually want to help out and don’t feel as if I HAVE to go help out.    The event is Friday morning so I’ll get my mornings back next week.

  • I counted money this morning, have come home for lunch, and will go back after lunch to attend volunteer training and pick when/what I want to do to volunteer at the elementary school this year.

  • I was able to hear J announce that he made his AR goal (reading) during the morning announcements since I was there.

  • With more than a few e-mails and phone calls and lots of help from a teacher, I managed to get him a spot on a newly formed Junior Robotics Club team.  I am way out of my element but he is excited!

  • He had 2 neighborhood friends over yesterday.  One child stayed until 7:30p.m.  (I thought it was going to be 6p.m.  Clearly messages were mixed up somehow.)

  • There is nothing better than being the one to phone someone and having to say “Can you hold on just minute?” as soon as they answer so you can tell a group of kids to “Take THREE steps back from the television right now.  You are all too close!”

  • G was not happy that the house was over-run with younger kids as he didn’t get his video game time in last night since the younger crew spent most the time playing Minecraft.

  • G seems to have a seventh grade “So what?” attitude.  So, I do not like it.  I do not like it at all.

  • I’m craving oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and may make some later so I can hear everyone around here say how much they prefer PLAIN chocolate chip cookies.

  • I thought about applying for a job I saw on Craigslist yesterday but I really wasn’t sure what they meant by a “CLARK”  so opted to hold out for a better spelling employer and one WHO DOES NOT YELL.

  • I have to attend a baby shower for my niece this Saturday.  Her due date is my birthday!  We’re supposed to give a signed book in lieu of a card.  I cannot decide what book to get for the baby.  I’m thinking she may be getting more than one book from us.  I should probably go shopping for a gift (and the books) very soon!

  • We have a groundhog hanging out in our neighborhood in the afternoons.   It startled me yesterday when I was going to get our empty trash can from the curb.  It had been hanging out on our driveway.  It ran off but I still think it was strange for the creature to be that close to our house.

  • My husband said that was not normal behavior and I should kill it.  What?  You didn’t know I was a trained groundhog assassin?  Neither did I.  Calling animal control seems to make more sense as a first step.

  • The neighbor’s cat chased it but our cats tend to hide from it.  I’m glad they are scared little kittens who can’t manage to catch anything bigger than a cicada although they do stalk squirrels occasionally.  They also seem to have both caught fleas.  AGAIN.

  • I felt like I was forgetting something so I just looked at the calendar and I scheduled a charity donation truck pickup (they called us) for tomorrow.  I have 2 things gathered.

  • I have to stop this post now so I can go on a mad dash to collect clutter to send away!

The really sad thing is I could keep going with the random ramblings of this post for another 2 weeks.  Lucky for you, my readers, I went and looked at the calendar!  I’m probably going to sneak in a couple of loads of laundry and an episode of either House or Fringe today as well.  Did I mention that I’m also viewing way too much television every night since it’s premiere week?   How is your week going?

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6 thoughts on “Random Mid-Week Rundown

  1. Elizabeth

    Okay I suppose for how my week is going. Kids are back in testing AGAIN plus back to back school projects plus a billion other things. Seems there are never enough hours in the day. Most down time I have is @ work how sad is that. Hope you find some non-crazy time to catch a breather.
    Elizabeth recently posted..Fall Cleaning Challenge: W1/D3My Profile

  2. Andrea @ thedistractedhousewife.com

    Whew you are busy. I know a little bit about groundhogs since I answer after hour calls for a nuisance animal removal company. First thing you are going to want to check is the foundations of all your buildings. If you see any holes around the foundation be sure to get someone (or your husband)out to trap it. Not only does it destroy your yard but it also can cause your foundation to shift which is bad. If you don’t see anything you should be ok until next year but be aware for awhile. They are social animals, so one family can hole up somewhere and be quite happy until the area they are in is too populated to support them. Then they will find somewhere else…. possibly your yard. Just a suggustion. Other than that I wouldn’t worry about the cats the ground hogs won’t fight back unless cornered/confronted.
    Andrea @ thedistractedhousewife.com recently posted..Weekly Cleaning Plan UpdateMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I meant to thank you for this information earlier in the week but then our Internet kept going out (the guy was out here yesterday and it is STILL doing the same thing a bit but we can at least, connect again). The groundhog was in our backyard Tuesday afternoon but then we were trying to get a picture of him and he ran further back into the neighbor’s backyard. We followed that up with having a backyard full of kids playing soccer and I haven’t seen the poor thing since that time. I’m scared of all those kids as well! LOL. I think he must have made his way back down toward the open area/lake at the end of the block.

  3. Patty@homemakersdaily.com

    I didn’t think it was a good idea when you said you weren’t very busy. That’s an invitation for busyness. And it looks like your invitation was accepted! Wow! You have a lot going on.

    I wish I was watching a lot of tv on this premier week but we moved in with the kids while we look for a house and they don’t have cable. Bummed. Going to see what’s available on-line.
    Patty@homemakersdaily.com recently posted..Hello, Lollie!My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I really should have known better. Hopefully, this coming week will be a bit better (whispering that very softly). We don’t have cable either so I’m talking about regular network television over here. I watch my cable stuff on Netflix or online if I can’t wait (mainly just The Walking Dead and we’re way behind now on Dr. Who episodes).


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