Saturday Success Stories, September 28

SaturdaySuccesspic1 Wait, what happened to Follow Through Friday?  Well, it did not happen.  I (sigh) did not follow through with putting up a Follow Through Friday post yesterday.  I had a fairly good reason though.  We didn’t get our Internet service back until about 4p.m.  I didn’t really have a post written and ready to go so opted to skip it.  It was sort of nice to have a Friday “off” from the concept.   I did manage to follow through on a few tasks despite not having any 3 tasks specifically chosen and written down.   I think I can call it an unofficial success.

I spent my morning at the elementary school for the walkathon which was a great success!  We had wonderful weather and came just a couple of hairs (err, dollars) short of the goal!  I was even able to walk with my 3rd grader and take the time to relax and watch the lucky drawing winners throw pies at the principal (she’s a good sport!).   Then, since I had no Internet, I came home and cleaned my entire  house from top to bottom.  It is now spotless.  ran home to grab some lunch before spending the rest of the afternoon out running errands.   So, my follow through might be connected to my errands!

The first thing was something that has been in the back of my mind for a bit.  I ran by the bank where we keep our savings account and added to it.  I’ve needed to do this for quite a while but since the bank is in the opposite direction than I normally travel for errands, I tend to procrastinate on the task.  It works that the savings bank is far away because it takes a special trip but it means I have to really be motivated (or have time) to make that trip.  I need to get going there worked into a routine of some sort.

Then, I went straight from saving money to spending money.  That is how it is supposed to work, right?  Ha!  I finally (good thing since the baby shower is today!) went and picked out a baby shower gift for my niece.   This took me forever because she’s having a girl.  Sending a mom of 2 boys to buy girl baby clothes might be a dangerous adventure.   I had a horrible time making up my mind.   Want to see what I picked?  I’ll go ahead and show you since I’m fairly certain my niece doesn’t read this blog (and probably has much better things to do today even if she does!):

Carters is a great brand for baby clothes!

Carters is a great brand for baby clothes!

Because I went a little haywire being the aunt who didn’t need to be practical, I had no choice but to be a bit more mindful with my book in lieu of a card selection.  Do I really want to share I spent an HOUR in Barnes and Noble deliberating on the selection?   I picked up The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Pajama Time, Goodnight Moon, and Pat the Bunny.  What if she gets two of those?  I want to give a unique book.   SIGH.  I put them all down.  I picked up a big board book copy of The Snowy Day.  Wait, it costs what??!  In the end, I picked a totally random board book that I thought looked cute from the sale risers and decided I’ll pay attention to the books this afternoon.  The baby is due pretty close to Christmas so I’ll give one of my favorites as a Christmas gift.  Here’s the book that is my card for today:

There is a fun texture feel to the bluebird that appears on all the pages.

There is a fun texture feel to the bluebird that appears on all the pages.

My final follow through item was making chocolate chip cookies for my poor neglected son.  I had made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies earlier in the week (and they were great!) but he doesn’t like oatmeal (still) so had been rather disappointed and quite vocal about it.   I had planned to make him chocolate chip cookies all week but just kept running out of time, energy, and motivation.   J also had the idea that we should try making chocolate chip cookie “muffins” so we did that as well.  The “muffins” are quite good although they’d be perfect with a fancy dollop of frosting on top.

Chocolate chip cookies and "muffins"

Chocolate chip cookies and “muffins”

I’m really glad I did all my running around yesterday as it is supposed to rain all day.  It is already pouring outside.   I’m sure glad this guy followed through with his metamorphosis  yesterday and flew away before the rain came rolling in.

I was so happy to see a healthy butterfly since the chrysalis had fallen a time or two while we were waiting.

I was so happy to see a healthy butterfly since the chrysalis had taken a tumble at one point.

Did you set some Follow Through Friday goals?  How did you do?  Also, am I the only one who would take an hour (or more…I HAD to leave to be home before school let out) to pick out a book like that?

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Success Stories, September 28

  1. Elizabeth

    Follow through… what’s that? My husband stayed home with our kids and a friends kid since he has more vacation and I went into work early, then did paperwork, signed the kids up for swimming, did more paperwork with a person over some loan stuff (welcome to the Bank of Elizabeth), came home to a horrifically wrecked house where things that were suppose to go into the garage sale Saturday were dragged across the house so there’s stuff that just didn’t make it out into the sale. Spent my night setting up for the garage sale and pricing stuff and LOTS of wine. Yeah…. Mommy is going to go psychotic here after a while 😉
    Sometimes it’s good to unplug from the computer data community 😉
    Elizabeth recently posted..Fall Cleaning Challenge: W1/D5My Profile

    1. Elizabeth

      And very cute baby stuff quit showing those pictures my husband and I have the baby itch right now. Everytime it gets bad I pull up the bank statement and we mumble something about needing to steal one LOL
      Girls have such CUTE stuff I love shopping for girls.
      Elizabeth recently posted..Fall Cleaning Challenge: W1/D5My Profile

      1. Jean Post author

        That baby itch can be tough. I just remind myself that my boys are at EASY stages right now and how much money we are saving by NOT buying diapers all the time 😉 It was fun shopping for girl clothes for a change.

    2. Jean Post author

      I hope your garage sale went well! It is nice to take a break once in a while but I sure feel a bit behind this morning.

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