Mega Monday Planning

mondaystartbutton The grocery stores have “Mega” sales all the time so I figured I can have a Mega Monday Planning post, right?   And in typical fashion, my post is going up a bit late.  I’m linking up to Felicia’s Red Door Life again today.  Go check it out as the Monday weekly planning does help!    I’m also going to include my menu plan in this post (if you are here just for that, go ahead and scroll down as it is near the bottom) and link up to Menu Plan Monday.

Scripture of the Week:

He has made everything beautiful in its time.  (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

Our beautiful butterfly flew up toward the maple tree.

Our beautiful butterfly flew up toward the maple tree.

I’m still marveling over our chrysalis turning into a butterfly despite the container blowing into the yard during a storm and the fact that it fell off the stick where it was hanging twice.  I was so thrilled to see a beautiful healthy butterfly descend up into the sky!

Focus of the Week:

Here’s a shocker.  I’m going to be focusing on my blogging quite a bit since tomorrow starts the 31 days series over at The Nester and I’m participating this year.

The Weather This Week:

Fall is here which means cool mornings and hot afternoons mostly.  It was chilly this morning but not so cold that I felt guilty about both boys leaving for school in shorts and t-shirts and without any jackets.  I think some rain is supposed to move in toward the end of the week.


I have some laundry in progress and am trying to push the thoughts about my disaster of a kitchen out of my mind.  I sort of cleaned the pantry this morning so I could send in extra Box Tops for J since his class is having a collection contest.  That means I have about half a dozen soup cans with small squares cut out of the labels sitting on the kitchen table.  If I start dumpster diving for Box Top labels, please intervene at once.

To Do List:

  1. Finish the laundry

  2. Clean the kitchen

  3. Go to the grocery store

  4. Add dates to the October calendar (and e-mail concert ones to family)

  5. Plan week and menu (in progress)

  6. Write opening post for 31 days series.  The rough draft is in my head but should be on paper/the computer.

  7. Bring tub of fall decor up from the basement

  8. Trim Rosebush in front yard and possibly plant some tulip bulbs

  9. Go to Target

  10. Find the fall clothes!

What I am Reading This Week:

I’m still plugging away at reading 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life by Crystal Paine.  E-books are great unless you are trying to read them at home with no internet service.  I’m close to finishing it though and want to look for another fiction book that a mom at the junior robotics club suggested I might like called Into the Forrest.

In the Craft Corner: On the shopping list:

FOOD.  They sure eat lots of it around here.  More specifically, we need lunch food items like deli meat, bread, chips, and a locking safe for the chips.  We also need milk.  I’ve been drinking black coffee since last Friday and it is just not the same.  Also on the list, shampoo, conditioner, and cat litter.   I would also like to find some time to maybe buy myself another dress.  It occurred to me that I have worn the exact same brown dress (read only dress I own that fits) to a wedding, a job interview, and a funeral.  Clearly, I made a very versatile purchase but I think it might be nice to have a choice for the next (hopefully happy) occasion.

mpm-chalkboard I wouldn’t DARE say this week is not busy like I made the mistake of doing last week especially since I do have a few evening things happening…

MONDAY:  Pumpkin Pancakes (from a Trader Joe’s mix) and bacon.

TUESDAY:  Fish Sticks and Baked Potatoes (regular fish fillets cooked in some non-exciting way for us)

WEDNESDAY (youth parent meeting at church):  Hamburgers and hotdogs or roast in the crock pot depending on my mood

THURSDAY:  Indonesian Ginger Chicken (Carried over from last week)

FRIDAY (J has a junior robotics meeting and G has a church event):  I know J and I are eating pizza at the club meeting.  I’m thinking my husband and G get to fend for themselves.

From The Camera:

Saturdaysuccessclutter928 020

Ready to pounce!

Our easy-going blue-eyed guy.

Our easy-going blue-eyed guy.

Everyone toasts marshmallows in their backyard, right?

Everyone toasts marshmallows in their backyard, right?

On the blog:

I’m taking the plunge and joining in the 31 days series so I’ll be challenging myself to post every single day in October on my topic.  I made a button yesterday afternoon.  Want to see?

31 I really liked that button!  Unfortunately, my skills are limited and when I sized it small enough to fit in the link up, it was not readable.  It is barely readable this size.  Then, I discovered that I had already created a button earlier and had forgotten. SIGH.  This is the topic button I’ll be using:  31days It shrinks quite nicely.  It also matches the blog colors a bit better.  I’ll probably go back and edit it again to add the blog’s name to it.  Do I need to do that?  Blogging  friends, what do you think?

In addition, I am also planning on linking up over (It is just link ’em up Monday ’round here) at The Distracted Housewife for Andrea’s monthly clutter run since I did dispose of a small bit of clutter last week and have a bit of a funny story to tell about it.   Wednesday is also the first Wednesday of the month so I’ll try (no promises!) to get my usual Wonder if it Works Wednesday post published as I swim through the 31 days challenge.

What mega or mini plans do you have this week?



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8 thoughts on “Mega Monday Planning

    1. Jean Post author

      Nope, no falling off the edge around here although my husband was home this morning and so that threw my timing of everything off especially when we went out to lunch and both ended up with hurting tummies (and not from eating too much) this afternoon.

  1. Felicia

    Mega is right! Sheesh. 😉 I am glad in all this planning and linking up you remembered little ole’ me. Yay for the butterfly hatching safely, that would have been so neat to see.

    I had to snicker at the lock safe for the chips, we need one of those around here also. I swear we can’t keep a bag of chips or a box of nailla wafers more than a couple of days.

    The 31 day challenge sounds like fun, I’ll have to go check it out and see what the guidelines are.
    Felicia recently posted..Guest Posters NeededMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Of course, I remembered you. You inspired me to start all this planning the week stuff in the first place! We’ve hatched monarch butterflies for 3 or 4 summers now. It is fun to do. I think I may enjoy it more than the boys even.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks! They are good little cats although I wish our little girl cat would quit waking me up 5 minutes prior to the alarm.

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