Day 1 Bonus Post: Meet the Family

Because I’m pathetic, I feel like I need to post something TODAY to play fair in the challenge to post every single day in October.  Since I published both my intro post and my first day post in my 31 days series yesterday so I could link up last night (by the way, I think you still have time to jump in if you were on the fence about the whole blogging for 31 days thing),  I’m calling this a Day 1 bonus post.  I don’t think I’ve ever posted a proper introduction to my immediate family except in my short (really needs a revision!) about me page.

A couple of things to know:

  1. I won’t post straight on pictures of my family’s faces.  It is really too bad because J’s school pictures came out so good this year!  I will post side and back view pictures and sometimes older photos from when they were younger.  I’m not opposed to posting a picture of myself if I ever lose that 60 lbs or take a picture where I don’t look like I weigh 600 lbs (I don’t weigh THAT much I swear but every photo seems to show me as if I do).

    Walking back from the snack area.

  2. I call them G and J because I’m paranoid.  Not so much that someone is going to read this and come find us (Do you think Zombies can read?) as that G is getting to the age where he probably won’t want his friends finding his name in some stupid blog post his mother wrote.  I honestly find myself on the fence about this one quite often but decided to just play it safe.  I also refer to my husband as…wait for it…”my husband”  Wow!  I’m a creative genius.  My husband is just paranoid in general so that’s why you can’t know his name.  I promise they all have nice names and that I don’t go around calling my family by initials and pronouns during our everyday life.

  3. I am happy to share pictures of our one year old cats though.  You can even know their names.

    This is Chase.

    This is Chase.

    This is Chelsey.

    This is Chelsey.


So, would you like to meet the rest of the family?

My boys:  J and G.

These are my boys: J and G.


G is 12 years old and a 7th grader this year.  He’s a sweet kid who likes video games a bit too much. If you picture the Mike Teavee character from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, that’s pretty much how my life with this child feels more often than not lately.   He also likes soccer (although he’s not playing this season) and basketball.  He’s got his own thing going lately where he’s created a YouTube channel and is making videos (mainly of himself playing video games).  I think he has more subscribers to that than I do on this blog.  He is also taking band in middle school and playing the clarinet.  If only he would practice!  He’s an amazingly loyal friend and for the most part has a fairly easy-going personality.  His room is a disaster zone.  I see so much of myself in him in regards to the school subjects he favors that it is scary.  He loves reading, does well at science, and despises social studies.   Math is his favorite subject but not his best one.

J is 8 years old, very soon to be 9 and a 3rd grader this year.  He is also a sweet kid although a bit more demanding than his brother.   He is just about too smart for his own good.  He likes Minecraft, Legos, trying to set limits on his older brother (We have had more than a few “you are not your brother’s keeper” conversations lately), and asking us random questions like the following:  What is the largest animal on Earth?  (It is some type of whale.  Thank you, Mr. Google).  If it takes 5 twenty-dollar bills to make $100, then it would take 50 twenty-dollar bills to make $1000, right?  (Um, I’m driving down the road….doing the math in my head….yes, that’s correct).  He likes his room relatively neat and it does bother him if it gets too messy.  In case you couldn’t guess, he likes science and math a lot.  Medical school is out though because he doesn’t like blood at all (comes by that not liking blood part honestly!).

My husband is hard-working guy who was born and raised mostly in Oklahoma before his family moved to this area.  We met when I tripped over his foot in a bar (I was a bit younger then and no, I was not drinking THAT much when I tripped.  I’m actually, just not that graceful.).   He’s self-employed and works a lot and long hours sometimes.  Then sometimes, he’s here a lot as well.  I don’t always care for his boss all that much.  He loves to go deer hunting in the fall.  It’s his thing.  Not so much mine but I don’t mind being alone (or home with just the kids) every now and then.   He’s not the most romantic guy in the world as he tends to be more practical but that’s okay with me.  I once told my best friend that I’d rather have a guy who planted me a rose-bush than gave me a dozen roses.  I kind of knew my husband was the one when he gave me some flower bulbs when we were dating (I actually knew long before that but it was nice confirmation.).

Whew!  I’m done rambling for a while.  If you aren’t bored to tears, come back tomorrow for the official day 2 Putting My Family First post in the series.  I’ll try not to ramble on so much on Wednesday!



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6 thoughts on “Day 1 Bonus Post: Meet the Family

  1. Hannah @Supermommy!...Or Not

    Nice to “meet” your family! 🙂 I’m a little paranoid too so I don’t use real names on my blog either. I used to not show faces in pictures, but I just couldn’t handle not sharing the cuteness that emanates from my babies so I caved although I’m sure my kids will hate me for it later. I do second guess my decision frequently, but I just don’t think I can go back to not sharing pictures now.
    Hannah @Supermommy!…Or Not recently posted..Random Monday – September 30, 2013My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks! I think there are more than a few of us out here who are a bit more practical than romantic.

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