Follow Through Friday, October 4

FollowThroughFriday1 How on Earth did it get to be Friday so fast?  Anyone else have one of those weeks that feels like it just started yesterday?  I’ll be adding my next post in my 31 Days series a bit later.  However, I wanted to make sure I put up a Follow Through Friday post because I know doing this really helps me and I hope it helps you as well.   Today is the day where I pick 3 tasks that have been taking up space in my procrastination pile (mountain) and follow through to make sure I finish them.  I am going to try to keep my list rather simple today since I think I have a pulled muscle in my side (according to Dr. Google) and helping my husband move a water heat into the house yesterday was not a suggested treatment.  Here are my 3 items for today:

  1. Call Hy-Vee and get my gas card discount transferred to my new card.  We lost our Hy-Vee gas discount card a few weeks ago but since they could look it up by phone number at the register, I simply kept adding to it that way.  Then, I finally admitted it was not going to reappear (I still think my husband lost it but he insists he gave it back to me when I was sitting right here at the computer.) and humbly wandered over to customer service where they handed me a new card.  I was supposed to call the 800 customer service number to have everything transferred over since they couldn’t do it there.  So, that may have been about 3 weeks or more ago…TODAY, I am calling the number and getting the rest of our discount put on my card.  I wonder if the car needs gas.

    Why can't I take the 5 minutes to make the call to fix this card?

    Why can’t I take the 5 minutes to make the call to fix this card?

  2. Update the about me page on this blog.  I keep saying how it needs a revision instead of you know actually revising it.  That should be an easy thing (I hope.).

  3. Pass along a few pictures.   I managed to get my prints ordered from Snapfish during the penny prints sale but I didn’t get them passed on to every person on my list.  I also need to mail the boys’ school pictures (and first day of school pictures) to an out-of-town relative.

    Isn't this Snapfish envelope pretty?  I should share the pictures inside it!

    Isn’t this Snapfish envelope pretty? I should share the pictures inside it!

I’m glad I picked easy tasks since the phone rang while I was writing this post.  I answered and ended up spending most of the morning talking with a friend.  Oops!  Tell me I’m not the only one who does that.  Phone conversations are much lovelier than writing to-do lists though.  Maybe I should just add have a long phone conversation with a friend to the list and then I can already cross something off?  What do you need to follow through on today?

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3 thoughts on “Follow Through Friday, October 4

  1. Elizabeth

    Dishes! Saying to your child, “Here’s a cup for cereal” shows the craziness.
    About cross off following through surviving work actually got a lot of important emails out woot.
    Picking up cardboard I’ve got 2 different places to go.
    Wait… I’m suppose to do my cleaning challenge too grrrr why did I want a clean home again?
    4-H tonight too.
    Oh and I’ve got a craft update post I want to get done and I thought of more crafts and and… Oh god someone stop me!
    Elizabeth recently posted..Fall Cleaning Challenge: W2/D5My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Hope you didn’t go too crazy with trying to accomplish your list. They sell “cups” of cereal at the store so I think you’re good there 😉

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