Saturday Success Stories, October 5

SaturdaySuccesspic1 I’m a little slow on sharing my success story today.  There really isn’t all that much to share although yesterday wasn’t a complete failure in the follow through department.   I am glad I kept the list simple because I don’t think I would have managed any complicated tasks yesterday.  It was just one of those days.  Really, it’s just been one of those weeks.  Here is how I did on my 3 Follow Through Items:

  1. I managed to pick up the phone and call out the Hy-Vee customer service!  I now have all my discounts on one card.  It did take a few minutes of searching on-line to determine the Fuel Saver customer service phone number.  During that time, I discovered that I have the ability to upload photos and start a blog on my very own Hy-Vee account page.  I’ll keep you posted if I venture into creating a blog over there.  I think I spent more time on hold waiting for the representative than anything else.  Perhaps a total of 3 maybe 4 minutes.
  2. About that about me page, it is still not revised or updated.  Between phone calls and trying to follow through on posting for my 31 Days topic, I had to push that one back to a “get it done this weekend” status.
  3. I did while at the grocery store, buy a card to put the pictures inside.
    I just need to take the card out and fill it with pictures (and sign it).

    I just need to take the card out and fill it with pictures (and sign it).

    Now, I have to make sure I fill out the card, stick a stamp on it, and send it on its way.  I also separated out some other pictures that will go to a friend.  I need to make a phone call so that can happen.  I guess we’d call that a start on the project?

So, yesterday was mostly a start on projects as opposed to a successful completion of projects but if getting started is the hardest part of the job, then I should be able to finish these tasks somewhat easily today.   Did you finish or start on any postponed tasks yesterday?

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Success Stories, October 5

  1. Sarah

    Take your HyVee Card out of your wallet. Turn it over. Look at the bottom of the block of teeney tiny print on the back of the card. There’s your phone number for customer service.

    That’s true of nearly every card-sized piece of plastic you own, credit card or loyalty card. No internet connection needed.

    Knowing that one fact has contributed to my well-being repeatedly, including saving two different vacations.

    1. Jean Post author

      I will have to remember that. I looked at the paper that came with the new card but I never looked at the back of the actual card (until I was talking to the customer service rep). Thanks for the tip!

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