A Season for Family

As I sit typing this while still wearing my pajamas at almost 2p.m. on a Saturday afternoon, I’d really like to be somewhere else. I would really like to be sitting on the beach of a warm, tropical island staring at the ocean but that is a dream. However, there is another more realistic and even could have been possible place I’d like to be.

It’s a cool, breezy, sunny October day just perfect for the soccer fields. Yet, neither of the boys are playing soccer this season. I love watching their soccer games and cheering the teams on with the other parents. Soccer season gives purpose to our Saturdays. It gets us up, dressed, and out of the house. It alleviates me of some of that “it’s almost 2p.m. and they’ve been watching television all morning” guilt (Tell me you have that guilt as well?). Sharing my thoughts on this sad, soccer-free day has become the next post in my 31 Days of Putting My Family First Series.

This is the first fall soccer season since my older son was 4 years old that we haven’t spent on the soccer fields somewhere.  It was not my choice and I’m a bit sad about it.  In the past, we have at various times signed the boys up for things “anyway” but they are now to the ages where I must respect their choices even if they aren’t the same as mine.  My choice is for us all to be having family time out on those soccer fields every Saturday between mid-September and early November.

When we found out that G’s coach was not coaching his age group, G opted to take a break this season and try out for the school basketball team.  I still had hope that J would play soccer except he only wants to play baseball and not in the fall.   Soccer is not his thing.  He’s not bad at it but he simply would rather do other things.  I could have signed them up anyway and have done so in the past.  However, it would have been more for me than for them.

It requires an effort to think of things to do on a Saturday.  I do better when my Saturday has a small bit of structure.  At the very least, I do not find myself sitting in my pajamas at 2p.m. in the afternoon!  The rest of my family, however, prefers the freedom.  They don’t mind seeing what unknowns each Saturday will bring.

Today, J and I made cut-out sugar cookies and then, we all snuggled in and watched the movie, Epic.

Cutting out our sugar cookies.

Cutting out our sugar cookies.

We made "cotton candy" cats

We made “cotton candy” cats

This is the worst stuff ever.  We ended up throwing the cookies in the trash along with the can of frosting.

This is the worst stuff ever. We ended up throwing the cookies in the trash along with the can of frosting I planned to use on the them.  Both items tasted that bad.

It was still a fun day although the cookies did not turn out (The mix was just yucky) and I still suffered a few sad little pangs every time I saw friends’ Facebook statuses about soccer things.

My family requested this soccer-free season and I’m doing my best to embrace it as well as not plan out every minute of our Saturdays simply for my own sake.  How does your family spend Saturdays?


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