Overcoming Overwhelm

Right now, I am overwhelmed by piles of laundry, wondering what we’re going to have for lunch and dinner (yes, I do meal plan every Monday but still Sundays are a struggle), the mess that constantly reappears on the kitchen table, trying to decide if I want to go to the grocery store this afternoon or tonight or wait, thinking about something I needed to do for PTA, and just trying to get this post in my 31 Days of Putting My Family First series set from draft to published.

Got laundry?

Got laundry?

Not as bad as it could be...

Not as bad as it could be…

My family often does not see the overwhelm.  The boys especially are not burdened by piles of laundry or the messy kitchen table.  They can remain joyful and having fun despite these things.  Rarely, I can push aside the overwhelm and enjoy my family but more often the overwhelm explodes out of me stealing their joy.  Somehow, it is their fault that the laundry basket is overflowing (I mean why can’t they just make do without clean socks and underwear?) and the kitchen table is a mess (No comment on the owner of most of the table contents in that photo) and I get irritable because I don’t feel like I can get it all done.  Instead of simply asking for help, I get frustrated and aggravated.  I don’t deal well with innocent interruptions when I start in on one of the tasks (It just happened as I was writing this post.  However, I do wish they would figure out that mom is not in charge of their gaming passwords–they are responsible for remembering those on their own.)

If I’m going to put my family first, then I must overcome the overwhelm.  Being organized would help with some of it.  Asking for help would certainly help as well–the laundry is piled up like that because I’m too stubborn to admit that hauling it up and down the stairs hurts my pulled muscle.  Yet, I know my husband would take it down there for me as well as bring up the clean clothes if I would only ask.  The boys would help as well although I don’t want them hauling huge laundry baskets up and down the basement steps (We all have our own paranoid mom moments…don’t judge).   If I would not have put off grocery shopping all last week, figuring out today’s meals would not be an issue at all.  I put procrastination in front of my family and now we are all paying the price.   Fingers crossed for me when I go freezer foraging later.

I think it is time to start taking notice of the tasks that are causing the overwhelm and seeing what I can do to tackle them so I can enjoy my family more.  How do you deal with it on days when the overwhelm seems to be well, overwhelming?



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