Starting Successful After Supper

mondaystartbutton This morning did not go as planned.  I planned to get up, get the boys sent off to school, and then write this post and my meal plan post, followed by my 31 Days post.  Instead, I woke up, discovered that my oldest son didn’t look quite above the weather and decided he could stay home.  I still had hope at that point for getting my posts written.  Then, my husband called and needed me to bring him some work items he had left at home.  After making that trip, I was scrambling simply to get my 31 Days post put out there.  Now, I find myself trying to simply salvage my successful start post with some after supper planning.

Scripture of the Week:

This is the day which the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.  (Psalm 118:24)

I confess I saw this on a friend’s Facebook status but it is perfect when I think about the weather forecast this week.

Focus of the Week:

Family.  I’m writing an entire blog series about Putting my Family First so I might as well make them the focus of my week.

The Weather this Week:

Highs in the 70’s all week-long and sunny.  Perfect weather to plant a few fall bulbs.


Keeping an eye on The Voice, wondering if I can get this post finished before the bedtime arguments routines begin in about 5 or 10 minutes, and trying to ignore the pain in my side/back.

To Do List:

I’m keeping it short this week even though I did get 7/10 completed from last week (everything but cleaning the kitchen, finding the fall clothes–they may not have any, and trimming the rosebush/buying bulbs) because of my side/back hurting.  I should go ahead and be realistic.

  1. Buy children’s medicine since we are now completely out.  Good thing G feels better.
  2. Quit consulting Dr. Google and consult a real doctor if this side and back pain doesn’t go away by Wednesday evening.
  3. Get an estimate on homeowner’s insurance from our auto insurance company.
  4. Change the cat litter boxes (yes, I realize it is sad that I actually have to put this on my to-do list)
  5. Buy a birthday present plus 1 early Christmas present

What I Am Reading This Week:

I will probably just stick to magazines this week.  I had big plans to join in another blogging challenge while reading the book on discipline but I had to let something slide last week and that was lowest on the priority list.

On the Shopping List:

candle lighters, a birthday present, children’s ibuprofen, and tulip bulbs.

mpm-chalkboard My husband ended up putting most of this menu plan together on Sunday afternoon right before I ran to the store.

Monday:  We ate hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill

Tuesday:  They’re having a frozen pizza night while I go to a PTA meeting followed by a mom’s night out with a few friends.

Wednesday:  Roast in the crock-pot

Thursday:  Either leftovers or mom’s pantry picks.

Friday:  OUT with family

From the Camera:

I’ve got nothing except some photos from our cookie baking adventure on Saturday.  I posted about those already over here.  I’ll have to be more mindful about taking photos this week.  Now mentally adding “take more photos” to that to-do list up there.

On the Blog:

I’m just hoping to get my 31 Days posts written each day but will still do Follow Through Friday posts because I need them!  I do hope they help others out as well though.

I am also going to try to do my 31 Days posts for Saturday and Sunday ahead of time since those are the days I struggle to get any post written and published.


I’m linking this post up to Starting Successful on Mondays over at Felicia’s Red Door Life.  Go check her post out and join in (preferably on Monday but Tuesday works) to put some power into your weekly planning.   Also linking up to Menu Plan Monday over at I’m an Organizing Junkie, the perfect place to visit for menu planning and organizing inspiration.

How do you turn things around when your week doesn’t start out like you anticipated?

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