Follow Through Friday, October 11

FollowThroughFriday1 I really wish I could bottle up the weather out there and share it today.   It’s not that chilly fall make you think of chili, coffee, and snuggling on the couch stuff but rather the kind of weather that makes you want to go on a hike to take in the fall colors and just be outside in it.  However, I’m going to be a busy bee today and my items will take place inside.  Maybe after I finish my list, I’ll go on that hike.  Maybe if the weather holds, I’ll torture the family and make that be our Saturday morning adventure.  However, in the “do it now and get it done” department that I like to avoid, here’s my list of items that are dire need of some follow through:

  1. Write 3 (Yikes!) posts for the 31 Days of Putting My Family First Series.  I should have, of course, done this earlier in the week but now I have to do this today because with family in town and things going on over the weekend, I don’t see myself sitting here at the computer all that much.  I’ve been sort of letting the previous day dictate my writing (like my post for today…coming later) so it will be a bit of a challenge to write the posts for Saturday and Sunday ahead of schedule.  Oh, that reminds me, it will also be one of those scheduled post challenges as well.  I’m always afraid I’ll hit the wrong button and publish everything all at once.

  2. Fill in the phone numbers on the dry erase board for it.

    Maybe the numbers are just written in invisible ink?

    Maybe the numbers are just written in invisible ink?

    It is really sad how long this has been hanging on our fridge waiting for some phone numbers.  Let’s just say it was prior to us having a middle school student in the house and leave it at that.  However, now that the boys can be on their own for short bursts of time, it might be helpful to us all.  It would probably help my husband when I’m not here as well.  I can find the phone numbers of our neighbors and friends’ of the boys somewhat readily but I doubt he could do the same.  My system is a bit unique.  Ahem.

  3. Clean off the kitchen table and finish my fall centerpiece decorating.

    The pencil sharpener is not part of my decorating project.

    The pencil sharpener is not part of my decorating project.

    I should probably have considered the state of the kitchen table before I got all excited about making a fall centerpiece area.   However, I was really inspired by this post that Erin wrote over at My Mommy World and thought it went so well with the whole theme of my 31 days series that I just had to do at least this part of it all.    I’m hoping that the clean kitchen table will be enough of a catalyst to inspire me to keep going and clean the entire house.

  4. Wait, don’t I usually stick to 3 items on Fridays?  Yes, but the la-la-laundry (sing it like the Chia pet song) is all over the bed and in need of folding.

    Fun Folding Party at my house!

    Fun Folding Party at my house!

    I’ve fallen a bit behind on it this week with my back hurting.  It’s not the laundry avoiding excuse I’d like to have either.  Thankfully, my husband was doing a fair bit of it but not bringing it up and folding it.  This is just one of those things where we differ.  To me, doing the laundry means, washing, drying, and bringing it upstairs for folding.  For him, it means doing it and leaving it in the baskets downstairs but it is all clean.  Still, I am very grateful for the clean laundry all over the bed this morning since going naked is not in style here in the Midwest.

What will be keeping you busy today?

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7 thoughts on “Follow Through Friday, October 11

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks! Your post really did inspire me. I’m not much of a decorator though so we’ll see how this goes…

  1. Deanna

    Hoping your back is better by now 🙁 Hurt backs really make things difficult.

    I had a cat that had a super negative reaction to the distemper shot, and so she proceeded to puke no less than 10 times, closer to 15, and so my job yesterday was scrubbing the lower level entry way with tile cleaner, and cleaning the rugs. The vet also thinks she (the cat) may be stressed out over the condition of the house (clutter, people stressed and screaming), and so something needs to be done about all that.

    We’ve had gorgeous weather here for the past few days, until this morning when I woke up and it was raining. I love rain as well, but since it’s leaking into our house (family room), not so much at this point in my home ownership.

    I’m a laundry doer, folder, but not putter awayer. Never have been. Can’t handle the stress of disorganized drawers, so other people put the laundry away 😉

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks, I actually have an appointment Wednesday to see what is going on. It is frustrating because I’ll feel okay and then over-do things, I guess? Sorry to hear about your cat having issues and ick on all that scrubbing! Leaky roofs are no good.

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