Giving with Grumpiness

Why Do They Want Dinner Every Single Night ~ Clever Quotes


Do you ever feel like that woman in the photo?  I know I do and then, I get grouchy about it.  Instead of making dinner with love, I make it loud by banging pots and pans and feeling very unappreciated.  I mean why don’t they ever make me dinner?  Why do I always have to ask for help around here?  Why can’t they just see that I need it and chip in?   I don’t feel good.  How come I can’t just not feel good?  How dare someone else have a headache when I am supposed to be the one not feeling well?  Grump. Grump. Grump.   I’m still going to make their dinner, clean their clothes, and (maybe) keep a clean house but not because I want to do it for them.  I do it because I feel like I have to do it.  I’m simply expected to do it.  When I do these chores with this attitude of contempt in my heart, am I really putting my family first?

It’s not as if I’m going to let them starve, go naked (I’d say wear dirty clothes but sometimes…), or let the house get to a health hazard point (I kind of hope it’s not already there).  Yet, I don’t always do these things with a cheerful heart.  I stumbled across this bible verse about 2 weeks ago and it really gave me pause to stop and think:

Do Everything without complaining and arguing

(Philippians 2:14)

I can be fairly cheerful about pitching in and doing the not so fun work when it comes to some volunteer organization but at home, oh boy, I grumble and get grumpy.  Oops.  It certainly doesn’t enhance the family’s mood.  Even when they need a wake-up call to help out, there is probably a better approach than griping at them.  Sometimes I fantasize forget that I am surrounded by all men (boys) around here.  I need to just state things rather than wait for them to figure it all out.  I also should realize by now that if I can just do things cheerfully, our days are always nicer.  

Interestingly, when I was contemplating this post earlier this morning, this verse appeared on my Daily Strength Lite app on the tablet (and no, I have no idea why it is “Lite”…maybe because it’s free?):

And when the people complained, it displeased the Lord

(Numbers 11:1)

Looks like I have something to work on around here in my quest to put my family first.  That should probably say some THINGS.  Am I the only one who can get a little gripe-y while I’m doing stuff for my family?

(This post is part of my 31 Days of Putting My Family First Series.  You can read about it and check out the rest of the posts by clicking here)

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2 thoughts on “Giving with Grumpiness

  1. Deanna

    Of course you’re not. I’m grumpy all the time doing stuff around here, so it’s just not getting done. I would say we are at Hazard around here 🙁 It’s pretty bad. I threw a hissy fit a couple of weeks ago regarding WHY we’re still living in this house, this FIVE YEAR house, some 12 years later. I cleared out the kitchen cabinets and drawers of anything that makes me happy and feel well geared up in the kitchen. It’s still all over the house, on the floor, in boxes, etc. I’ve got MY dreams of things I wanted to provide for my family, and with the space constraints, and still the mentally challenged neighbor, it’s just not happening. I feel like I’m the one having to give up my dreams, and it’s not fair. But I do suppose it’s not fair everyone else having to live with my failed dreams either. So I’m working on having a sale, and just getting rid of my stuff, that way I can just clean up everyone else’s stuff, and get a job outside of the home. Since we’ll be eating heat and eat items for meals, the kitchen stuff won’t be all that necessary any longer anyway. Harumph LOL

    1. Jean Post author

      Aw, I’m so sorry things aren’t going like you’d hoped. Are you sure getting rid of things that bring YOU happiness is the answer? Praying things improve over there!

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