Detail Duty

Both kids were feeling a bit under the weather tonight and we were out of cold medicine.   I knew we were running low on cold medicine for the kids but I hadn’t made an effort to restock our medicine cabinet.  Uh-oh, shall we just go ahead and say procrastination?   I ended up running to CVS at 8:30p.m. tonight (so much for not going anywhere today) to replenish our supply.   I went ahead and picked up Children’s Advil while I was these as well since we were also completely out of that despite only one child running a fever and not enough of one to warrant fever reducer (yet).   I was also a bit annoyed that I couldn’t find the cold medicine in the brand I normally buy but found something similar enough.

While paying,  I noticed the peanut butter M&M’s at the counter and remembered that they were my husband’s newest fascination.  Yeah, I don’t know where he’s been either since peanut butter M&M’s have been out for some time.  It was a small detail and even though I had left the house in not such a happy mood, I decided to buy some using my “extra bucks” for him.  I also bought a package for G as he likes them very well also.  J does not care for them, however, so I picked out Pretzel M&M’s for him.   I’ll probably send the boys’ snacks in their lunches tomorrow or save them for an after school snack.

Sometimes it’s important to remember the small details like favorite snacks (or dislikes!) as part of taking care of the family.  It’s also important to take care of the bigger details like remembering to restock the medicine cabinet once in a while as well.

This post is part of the series, 31 Days of Putting My Family First, you can read any missed posts here.



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2 thoughts on “Detail Duty

  1. Deanna

    I’m the run out and get medicine when I need it, and absolutely need it, and not a moment before. I feel like when it’s waiting there in the cabinet, it’s just waiting to be used 😉

    Nice picking up some treats for your ‘boys’. I like doing those little things for my family, too.

    Hope everyone is feeling much better today.

    1. Jean Post author

      They are home from school today but I think one of them could have probably made it through the day. I don’t really care as it is kind of nice to have them around (I say at the midpoint of the day…we’ll see if I feel like repeating that phrase at around 4p.m.)

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