Benefit of the Doubt

Both boys stayed home from school sick today.  One child was running a mild fever Saturday night into Sunday and woke up sounding the same.  The other woke up looking fine but said he had been coughing very hard.   I knew one child would likely be staying home today but I had my doubts about how sick the other, older child really felt.   However, I think it is important to give the boys the benefit of the doubt.  I don’t like it when I say I don’t feel well and get ignored.

I knew that he was not feeling all that bad and probably could have pushed through the day.  Honestly, they both could have probably pushed through the day and there are days when I’ve made them do just that.   I didn’t get much done today with them home although we did spend that 15 minutes cleaning in each bedroom!  However,  I thought it was important that they knew I believed them when they said they didn’t feel good.  Don’t worry I also let them know that I knew they could have made it through the day as well!

I think they both just needed a break today and so I wanted to make sure I met that need for them.  We’ll be back to our normal schedule tomorrow and hopefully, I’ll get just a tiny bit more accomplished and perhaps a prettier post in this series put together (you know one with actual photos of some sort).  On a side note, I did not appreciate my youngest son telling his dad that I did “nothing” all day today.  I didn’t do much today but it was certainly a little more than nothing.

I suppose I’m a bit of a pushover when it comes to sick days but I have fond memories of convincing my parents to let me take the occasional sick day (silly me, I thought I was getting away with it but now I’m realizing they probably knew I could have made it through the day).   I think I turned out okay despite missing a few school days when I probably could have pushed through it all.

I think it is important to let my kids know I believe them when they say they don’t feel well even if I know what they are saying is they simply need a break.

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8 thoughts on “Benefit of the Doubt

  1. Sarah

    I wasn’t given the benefit of the doubt when I was a child. I never said I didn’t feel good unless I didn’t, but I was sent off to school anyway, feeling sick, and feeling like nobody trusted me.

    “Pushing through” is not something people should do when they’re sick anyway. It’s just spreading germs around. A cold passed on is not a cold halved it’s a cold squared. Or worse. When people get sick, they should stay home. Whatever you got, nobody else wants it.

    1. Jean Post author

      I’m sorry that you weren’t believed and had to go to school sick. Yes, I don’t like when people show up place sick and it’s obvious they should be at home.

  2. Sarah

    What I meant to include up there, was good for you believing your kids. You might not get all your goals done this week, but you are following through on your larger goal, of doing a good job raising your kids.

    Good for you.

  3. Andrea @

    I think you did the right thing. My Daughter had a slight fever and was pretty out of it yesterday morning but by the end of the day she was fine. Today I am positive she could have handled school. But you know what, why risk it? Plus it’s kind of a nice break for me not to have to struggle to get a very busy toddler and preschooler out the door and to school on time first thing in the morning. I’m sorry your son said that I know how frustrating that can be. I always feel incredibly guilty when I do nothing all day. I bet it made it more frustrating having it announced.
    Andrea @ recently posted..31 Days of Cleaning with Young Children: Lead by ExampleMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I’m glad your daughter is feeling better! The first preschool year can be a rough one for sickness sometimes. Oh, I wasn’t too worried about my son saying that. He’d have said that if I scoured the house top to bottom that day as well. It is frustrating though when they say it and you haven’t done much all day.

    1. Jean Post author

      Ha! Well, it is a good thing he confessed to you later at least. I’ve accidentally dialed 911 over here once. I have great confidence that the system works–nothing like having a swat team show up in your backyard! Okay maybe not an entire swat team but I was sure surprised to see the police arrive at the door and others checking out the yard. It was right after the area code change took over and I was calling my friend who lives in Kansas. I didn’t even think it went through as I had immediately hung up and re-dialed her number so I was on the phone with her wondering what was going on when the police came knocking at my door to see what was wrong.

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