Be the Mom, Not the Martyr

I haven’t been feeling great lately and just not in regards to my side and back hurting although that certainly doesn’t help things.   I’ve been feeling down in the frumps.  Ever feel like that?  If I feel like that, then I am generally not a very cheerful person to be around nor do I take very good care of my family.  I think as a mom taking care of a family that sometimes when I start to feel that way, I tend to ignore it.  Okay, not sometimes but rather a lot of the times.  I think I need to take care of everybody else and don’t have time to take care of poor me.  Sure, I have time to play candy crush saga, pine over Pinterest pins, flip through the pages of a magazine, and watch way too many episodes of the latest, greatest Netflix show I’ve discovered but I don’t have time to take care of myself because I’m too busy taking care of my family.  Ahem.

Sometimes, I am too busy doing things for the family that I don’t stop to take care of myself though.  I’m not a big world (or domestic) traveler but I’ve watched enough television and movies to know that you are supposed to put on your own oxygen mask before helping everyone else.  It’s the standard cliché but why is it so hard to do that?  Is it just me?   This past week I did spend a little time taking care of myself.  I went to a doctor’s appointment so they could (hopefully) diagnose and  fix my side and back pain.

Since I won the pot at Bunco on Tuesday evening (I’m so glad I decided to go ahead and go even though I wasn’t feeling 100%…80% was good enough for a win!), I decided to use part of it to bring some new fall clothing that had a bit more form than my standard t-shirt look.  I used the other half of my winnings for a doctor’s copay so it seemed fair to do something fun with the rest.  I use the term fun loosely as I’m not much of a shopper.  I’m even less of a try it on kind of person although I have learned that is the smart thing to do.  Three stores (I went to four but Hallmark was for birthday cards not clothes) later, I had some new additions to my wardrobe.

Dear cat, that is not your long-lost mama, get off my shirt!

Dear cat, that is not your long-lost mama, get off my shirt!

Sometimes putting my family first means taking care of myself.   Part of taking care of myself would mean making sure I feel good on the inside and the outside.  Anyone else need to join me on my mission to find freedom from feeling frumpy?

*This post is part of my 31 Days of Putting My Family First Series.




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    1. Jean Post author

      A vacation sounds nice! I think sometimes it is hard to shake those frumpy feelings but it can be done.

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