Follow Through Friday, October 18

FollowThroughFriday1 I had to look twice to make sure today really was October 18.  Already?  Wow.  I sort of stalled out on my blogging this week.  I have a half-written post on my menu plan for the week, not  much point in posting that now, and one for my 31 Days Series floating around.  I’m trying to think what kept me away from the computer so much this week.   I think I was just in and out of the house a fair enough amount that sitting here blogging didn’t fit into my schedule.  I’m here now though with my 3 things for Follow-Through Friday!  Are you going to join me in getting some postponed items into the done category?   It is always more fun to work with a friend than alone.  I’m baking cookies for the first thing on my list today…so what’s more fun than that?

  1. Bake Heath Toffee Chip cookies to send with my husband on his hunting trip.   The boys aren’t big fans of these cookies but I know my husband likes them and I haven’t made them for him in quite a while.

    Cookie baking time!

    Cookie baking time!

  2. Catch up on writing posts for my 31 Days blogging series.  I’m starting to grasp the “challenge” part of it all.  I slipped this week but I’m not going to give up on it.  I have ideas for posts so I just need to get them written and posted.

  3. Purge some paper!  Every surface in the house seems to be covered in random papers that we don’t really need.

    This is my nightstand.  I was going to sit in bed and clip coupons?

    This is my nightstand. I was going to sit in bed and clip coupons?

    So much for that table decor with the candles.  It is on there along with the random papers.  Don't worry, I won't light it until the table is clear.

    So much for that table decor with the candles. It is on there along with the random papers. Don’t worry, I won’t light it until the table is clear.

    Forget slipcovers for your sofa--random papers are the cheaper alternative!

    Forget slip covers for your sofa–random papers are the cheaper alternative!

    I think it’s time to collect them and relocate them to a new lovely home in the recycle bin.  I’m also hoping to find a few papers I do need while doing this as well.  They aren’t exactly lost (yet) but I need to get some dates off one paper to send to family (and because I need to know what time that band concert starts also).

Not too much on the list today although if I wanted to bore you (if I haven’t already) I could add clean out the fridge, pay the bills, clean the bathrooms, and do some laundry to the list.  Oh, and upload a few photos to Facebook plus watch a couple of episodes of House.   It’s a dreary (looks like rain) stay home kind of day so I’m glad I did all my running around earlier this week.  What is on your agenda for the day?

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4 thoughts on “Follow Through Friday, October 18

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    1. Jean

      You can do it! You’re doing great with your series! I think we should not worry about being behind but just go ahead and move forward from today. We’re a little more than halfway through the challenge so not too much more to go.
      Jean recently posted..Be the Mom, Not the MartyrMy Profile

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